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This is the best Giantbomb app I've ever used.

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I just got Cam Newton on my Carolina Panthers fantasy team. This is going to be the best year!

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This seems like a good idea. I'm a little hesitant about solo videos too, but I'm willing to try them out and see how it goes. I already watch all of the jar videos so I'm sure it'll be fine.

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Do they not know how these new policies will change their previous plans? His responses to your questions were quite vague. Also, I'm confused as to why a day-one update is such a necessity to what they are doing. Does anyone know?

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Steam name: Shibboleth

Location: US East

Bracket: High

Number of wins: 173

Favorite role and hero: Support, Windrunner

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I run Windows 8. For the most part I haven't used Metro, but lately I've been trying to use the Netflix app and it's fine. Excluding Metro, Windows 8 is superior to my Windows 7 experience in every way. I would have constant issues with my computer waking up from sleep in Windows 7 at random intervals but with 8 I haven't had that issue once. Also boot times are a lot faster, and file management is smoother.

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Here is an example for Jeff that could go on his page:

DateShowEpisodeTime of Appearance
2013, Apr. 4SPOILED GAMES! by Rev3GamesBioShock Infinite SPOILED GAMES! Adam Sessler with Jeff Gerstmann and Kevin VanOrdFull (0:00 - 30:18)
2013, Apr. 11SPOILED GAMES! by Rev3GamesBioShock Infinite SPOILED GAMES Pt 2! Luteces, Elizabeth, & More with Jeff Gerstmann & Kevin VanOrdFull (0:00 - 24:18)
2012, Mar. 11Bonus Round by GameTrailersGDC 2012Partial (15:00 - 27:15)
2012, Apr. 13Up At Noon by IGNExtended Jeff Gerstmann Interview - Up At Noon

Full (0:00 - 15:19)

This would ideally be put in chronological order, but again it's just an example.

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Well I think a good start would be placing their appearances on their individual person pages. I'm not sure where a combined one would go. Any recommendations for a format? I was thinking about:

Day of Appearance - Publication - Episode/Segment Title - Time of Appearance

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Brad appears on Tested, Rev3Games, and Idle Thumbs from time to time. And Jeff was on Gamespot's Gameplay. Is there an area of the site that keeps track of all of their appearances on other sites? I searched the site for ten minutes but couldn't find it.

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