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If I had the money available right now, I'd pre-order it in a heartbeat. I'm looking forward to the system very much. Excited to see what the system can offer in terms of unique gameplay, and even if not, Pikmin 3 is enough to sell me on it!

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I ended up having to just delete them from my "Manage Accounts" section, then just re-add them and they showed up. Thank you all for the help, it's greatly appreciated!

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If anyone knows, would you please send me a pm or post here. Thank you very much!

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My bad. What I meant was, under achievements where you have "Manage Accounts" and can add WoW toons to your achievements list, it keeps telling me the character(s) doesn't exist. When I go to claim the character(s) and follow the procedure of replacing my main hand with a fishing pole and logging out, it still doesn't claim them.

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Not sure what's happening here, but I follow the instructions to the letter and yet they still aren't claiming for me. Is there something I'm missing or a post somewhere that explains it better? I tried forum searching, but came up with nothing. Thanks in advance!

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I absolutely love strategy games, but as for pvp in strategy games, I suck terribly. I usually just play for the solo and vs friends.

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Played a little CLOP. Seems to play a little easier than QWOP.

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I usually branch off of artists I like on my LastFM page and see what other people are listening too from not only that genre, but other genres as well.