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@frescomannen: Enter in for the feed URL/

Tthen go down to advance settings and enter your username and password under "Feed Authentication"

This worked like a charm for me and was the first result on a Google search, so thanks! The only thing I ran into is that it requires you to use your "actual" Giant Bomb username (e.g. shieldb in my case), which is different from the username I use to sign in to Giant Bomb (e.g.

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Definitely going to be picking this one up, but perhaps six months after release as it is a Bethesda game. By that time hopefully the dead end quests, crash to desktop, scaling bugs, etc should be worked out. I really enjoyed Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout, and New Vegas, but there were so many launch/polish/etc issues I can't see picking up any game from Bethesda near release.