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Meh, I could take it or leave it.

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I'd like to revisit Burnout Paradise.

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@Devil240Z said:
" @tallTuck94 said:
" What i mean is why are they seen as an evil threat when they want their word back? Vekta was a Helgast colony before the ISA kicked them onto the shit heap that is Helghan, so really their just grabbing whats rightfuly theirs "
They invaded the ISA homeworld in Killzone 1. They pearl harbored the ISA first.  "

They owned that planet before Killzone 1 took place. They invaded it because they wanted it back.
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I think KZ2 was such a drag because the first game was so character-focused, what with the past between Templar and Lugar and then the conflict between Hakha (which I can't remember how to spell) and Rico. I'm also thinking that maybe Rico was more tollerable in the first game because he had Hakha to keep him in check. I like Sev, but he certainly never does anything to balance the stupid of Rico.
I do have hopes that Sev will be more fleshed out this time around, because I think he had potential. The two new Helghast leaders look interesting as well. I've always really liked the universe that Killzone takes place in, so here's hoping the story in KZ3 will be worthy of the potential.

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Nice but I still hope they release the original on PS3 some day.

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mia - jordana brewster

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this news made my week

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Jeez, I still need to play God of War III.