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Be aware that the xbox one list has all their digital title offerings while sony's list is only games that'll have retail releases

Sony's list is "bigger" but for some reason they're not surfacing that information

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When they said "20 first party games with 12 of those being original IP" i was sold

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This is good news

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@Fireburst you know it went on sale like 3 weekend ago for only 2 dollars more than it is right now?

I wanted witcher 2 dammit. I hope those come back
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No vita version?

God dammit

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If you're that concerned about the cash that you're picking up the crappy loot, just sell 1 blue instead of scrapping it. They're worth like 150 and that's way more than you'll ever get from selling a bag full of non magic gear

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@Marz said:

@CL60 said:

Is there really this much more interest in Empire over Republic or are you guys just inviting everybody(Meaning non-GB members)? Right now on the Republic guild, got like 120 members, 9 online. And the Empire guild has 311 with 34 online.

well most of those members are alts but yeah i think more people like the option of just being an asshole and killing dudes during dialogue scenes.

like they were saying on the podcast, aesthetics are a big reason too. My 14 bounty hunter looks WAY Cooler than my 34 Jedi Knight

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He still calls himself Icefrog? He has a job now. Someone needs to punch him in the mouth.

Suda51 should do it IMO
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I'm gonna wait on getting the soundtrack until I play the game first but if I like this as much as I think I will, day (something) purchase

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Wait, isn't part of having a promotion like this the exclusivity, limited or permanant? Other than the free game, if you spend $60 mind you, and the "dlc" what is the point to buy 3rd strike on PSN? The dlc is just a character you can unlock by playing the game.

If you're PSN+ I guess the 20% off may be enough to get the PSN version though.

For microsoft part of it is the exclusivity

But for sony it seems like a way to get titles in the spotlight AND run a little promotion to boost sales. Different philosophy I guess

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