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I'm gonna be so bummed out if I have no other avenue of playing El Shaddai due to this. That game has flaws but is a visual masterpiece in my opinion.

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The languages are indeed interesting at varying degrees. What in the holiest of FUCKS does the Golden Globes have to do with it!?

Oh you silly spammer you...

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Holy shit was not expecting to see Alex in AGDQ! God this is going to be awesome.

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Get rid of facebook logins for your game and more people will think about it. Otherwise just go full on and make it a facebook game and get people there to play it internally to facebook if you insist on keeping that as a requirement.

Good luck on your learning endeavours with those frameworks anyway!

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I see three questions to answer in your post. I'll just say words and stuff and see if it makes sense at all. It's gotta make some sense I hope hehehe.

1. Should an artist be able to earn money for their artwork? Yes. This is the question most responders react to and answers here with no further thought. Not much to discuss here.

2. Is it ethical to change free content (art or otherwise) into paid content? I got this question out of the fact that nowhere in your post did you clarify that the artist in question had either made new works at a different site so he could charge it (leaving existing free content free), or if the artist literally moved all works (including past free works) to said site to make money. If it's the former then this question doesn't apply as much here, but I'll keep it here as it may bring more discussion value here.

Also note that since we're talking DeviantArt here, I'm assuming this artist's works are all digital, so there isn't a big material costs impact that the artist is suffering here aside from the costs of his tools and IT components to turn his free activity into a paying one. I'm contextualising my answer mainly for digital works. Depending on the work it's likely those costs won't necessarily be significantly large compared to regular necessary IT hardware to create those works (could be wrong of course).

Now to the question - No it really isn't (in my opinion) as it always comes off as a bad gesture to consumers of the content. It gives people a good reason to no longer appreciate the content anymore. This does not correlate in any way with someone's ability to perform this act, however the consequences of doing so are fairly straightforward to see and almost always happens. This also is still unethical even if in the long term, an artists manages to make good later on in some fashion to regain reputation after doing such a thing. The unethical nature still exists regardless of an individuals ability to ignore it for the sake of enjoying an artist and their work.

This move should be avoided if one can help it through pre-planning or leaving free content as free, whilst making new content paid. That generally minimises damage to your reputation amongst the consuming public. There are of course times when this move is the only move to make as an artist. However even if your audience understands the artist's necessity to do this, it does not negate the bad taste of taking away free content people used enjoy. This holds especially true if the content is in a digital format where people likely saved said free work and don't expect to now pay for it for any reason, which is completely understandable. Never a good publicity move in my opinion.

3. Are you right in expecting artists to make creative works for free at all times if they began making content for free? Unfortunately no you're not. Artists at their own discretion have the right to change their stances in the value of their abilities for making content, however they should handle such transitions with care. They basically become the artist, businessman and sales rep of their own work once they request compensation for their talents, and they should analyse carefully who they are selling to and how they handle audience reactions to their transitions.

Overall, this just looks like another example of how digital content and the rate that content is being churned out can really mess with people's value expectations. I feel this kind of issue will get even worse for a while before it gets any better.

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Don't worry about it and just go in and have fun. If you find a story bit that you feel is confusing because they are implying you played an earlier game to understand it, decide for yourself if you should google it up and get that piece of info. The Steam overlay is pretty useful to open up a quick browser session to get a little info without alt-tabbing if you need it.

Here's hoping MGS V has some sort of back-story section to cater specifically for those that just want to dive right in. Would make a lot of sense if they plan to release a fifth game in the main series to the PC and (for the time being) do not consider porting the earlier titles in the near future (wishful thinking at the moment but I'd buy it in a heartbeat should they announce and release them with reasonable quality).

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God I loved Dexter's Laboratory so much. RIP Christine. Thanks for being a part of my childhood memories.

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I want to say Avengers, but to be honest Star Wars has the most to lose here so almost everybody with even an inkling of nostalgia of the classics will simply have to see this movie day 1, just to know if it soars or burns at the box office.

Next year will be a very interesting year for both movies and video games it seems. Can't wait!

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At the moment I'm on the Hyper Light Drifter train. Absolutely loved the playable preview and am convinced enough that the final game (whatever it may be when it's feature-complete) will be something I'll play again and again for a long while.

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Liking my current job as a developer for an international company. Ain't exactly doing work that will wow people but the work is interesting to me and the team around me is awesome.