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Future Cop: L.A.P.D.

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New Dante just so people can get pissed off again.

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This is the first I've seen of this series of polls, so I'd just like to ask if, at some point during these discussions, Remember Me was brought up.

Because goddamn if it isn't one of the coolest video game soundtracks I've heard in the past few years.

Rest assured that it did. I and maybe a couple other guys brought it up. Unfortunately almost everyone will not remember this beautiful soundtrack.

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This won't get voted by anyone, but I recently played and enjoyed Remember Me and its soundtrack is absolutely sublime to me. Just making an honorable mention of this game's excellent original soundtrack.

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I love the Portal games so much, but Dark Souls provided me with much more memorable experiences than probably any other game this generation. So a vote to Dark Souls from me all the way.

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You monsters. Braid has its nice points, but Fez is an amazing indie game that represents the boom of indies this generation. So much of the game is emblematic of where we are in gaming today, and I cannot imagine this last generation without Fez.


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I voted FEZ and will be so bummed if this surely loses to Braid. I'll be even more bummed if the majority vote's reasoning on voting has nothing to do with the quality of either game, but simply because they dislike Phil Fish (which based on how the internet generally is, is totally a possibility).

As a side note, I must be completely blind to the 'pretentiousness' of both Braid and FEZ, as I just simply played both of them and loved them both for what they did and how they played without feeling like an asshole and getting mentally hurt at the mere action of playing them. I guess someone needs to explain to me how they both come off as pretentious without ever mentioning the creators or their intentions for their games. I played them how they likely wanted me to play them; Just as they are without thinking of anything outside of them.

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This poll is to early in my opinion. We should all just sit back and wait until we see some physical hardware and potential capabilities of all these announced elements coming together before anyone can even begin to make a subjective decision on this.

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If nothing else, music games pumping rythmic waves through my thumbs as I control the game will probably be the best thing ever with this controller.

Also I'm a sucker for crazy new tech so this is right up my alley. Very curious to see if it controls well based on new attempts to improve on technology that has previously given people grief like trackpads.

You'd think people would be just a little more open-minded to new tech and wait for the release and reviews to get a stronger subjective opinion rather than spit out speculation masquerading as fact, but once again history will repeat itself in regards to public reaction it seems.