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@ajamafalous: These games already have a tutorial, its just bad! The game already have resources to help that a ton of people use and that game sites publish, it just isn't in the game. I'm arguing to combine the two for people who opt in to see it. You are arguing this is a slippery slope when I literally explain the extent of the changes I would advise and I explicitly say that you can opt out. What is the problem? Is making the entry point a little lower for new players that offensive to you? You would never feel the impact of the changes that I suggested.

The tutorial was good enough for me and many others to properly beat the game and mess with other builds without a FAQ. It's not the tutorial that sucks so much as it is certain players that can't grasp it.

This reminds me a lot of when Dan was complaining about how confusing Monster Hunter 4 was and having the others claiming 3 was more confusing. I have Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on New 3DS and didn't find that confusing at all and found it a ton of fun. All I did was two things that newcomers simply have to learn the hard way - be observant and pay attention. It's actually kind of depressing how many people I see locally around me play games and are completely unable to do either of these things.

My love for the souls series is that it demands your attention or it will punish you for not being alert at any tidbit of information that is either shown or hinted at via the messages, environment, item descriptions or the enemies themselves through their tells. Once you decide to comply with how the game plays, the starting offline messages and community online messages tell you all you need to know and more about how the game works. It's up to the player to use their mind and determine truth from lie, then learn from it all.

Even if your hypothetical tutorial is completely optional, you inherently divide the community up to a hardcore purist demographic and casual spoon-fed demographic that may lose the minutia of how to actually play the game as originally intended. Sure a straight up tutorial that gets made to tell you how to attack, parry, dodge, skill up etc may seem great to bring in new guys, but then that solidifies an expectation as to how the mechanics should work. In the reality of the souls series, a static tutorial can never prepare someone how to read frames, explore builds naturally, make decisions on a whim without worrying about making a specific build the first time through. This will very likely ruin (or at least degrade) the dark souls community as it currently is, which is a tight-knit community of people learning and discovering every nook and cranny of each game through their wits alone and/or the collective wit of the online community as a whole.

I think a great example of why your suggestions will do a disservice is with my just recent experience with Dark Souls 2. I'm at a part where I was told via a message not to kill a guy with a torch. Turned out he was friendly and thought 'Neat. The guy can illuminate my path for me as I get through this dark crypt of sorts'. However as I approached a new area, several messages appear, warning me that I should not use a torch. Then a person's voice warned me not to bring the light here. Then I knew that I was almost setup by the previous messages and killed the torch-wielder. I met a new npc guarded by guards that would have tried to kill me if I brightened that area with a torch. There are many types of scenarios in the souls series where you are baited into doing the wrong thing but in no way is it going to ruin your game if you make either choice. However you will make the right choice if you stay alert and heed all hints that you can find. No amount of tutorials will prepare any newcomer or veteran for events like this unless you straight up tell them in a tutorial that it will happen. If I was told through a tutorial that I may experience stuff like this ahead of time, the mystery and discovery is gone. I don't have to guess anything because the game told me this is how it is and the magic of the game is lessened because you had to make sure some beginner without a clue could also make the right choice. The game will be lesser for it I guarantee you.

I completely see where you are coming from when thinking 'how can this awesome game be made next time so even more people can have fun with it' but honestly that's an impossible task for this particular franchise without diluting the reputation it gained from being what it currently is now. This kind of advice would be better served on a brand new series that isn't trying to exactly copy the Souls series, but provide an easier alternative to those that basically want to be told how to play a game and not be given the free will to try things out themselves, with no other driving force but their own curiosity. I am not saying here that I find the latter kind of gamer to be inferior in any way (that would be a dick move), but that the kind of gamer you want to facilitate with these suggestions probably aren't meant to play this particular series in the first place. The good thing about games in this day and age is there's surely going to be another game that takes inspiration from the Souls series, but does basically what you are looking for.

Opinions yo! The Souls series is fine as it is aside from some hitboxes and technical issues that I wish From Software could get better at. Also get off my lawn!! :P

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Ranger X on Mega Drive, it's such an amazing side scrolling shooter hybrid that i feel people don't really know much about. Also i think Jeff would love it!

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More people need to know about this game. I played this as a kid and am damn surprised how unknown this is despite how well it plays even now to be honest. Also the soundtrack is simply kickass!

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Of course I've played Final Fantasy 13 :P

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I'm just going to place a couple honourable mentions here as I tend to favour soundtracks that not only complement their respective games really well by properly fitting with the game's vision, but stand on their own bringing nothing but imagination. Music is more than catchy tunes or glorified mixtapes (not saying I don't like them as I love most soundtracks people mention in these threads, but I tend to favour more complicated and/or original works in higher regard personally).

Shadow of the Colossus

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El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

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And lastly, Intelligent Qube

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Yo try to find a better soundtrack fitting for a guy fighting puzzle cubes. I BET YOU CAN'T DO IT!! :P

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@shiftymagician: Oh, really? That sucks, especially since they sell another game that has the exact content that Hotline 2 was banned for (Phantasmagoria).

Weird. That game was banned here too way back when I would have thought.

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If you're in Australia you can still buy it on Humble and GOG.

I got it just now through Humble. The GOG site gave me a 404 for the game. Here's hoping Humble does not screw us over by not unlocking the game for us on release day. I kind of expect them to to be honest, but I hope I'm wrong.

Also the GOG reasoning they gave in their news article on this sounds really stupid when you read it carefully. Makes it sound like our ban affects everyone globally somehow and they had to make some high-road call to sacrifice the few for the many. Looks like nonsense.

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I'm taking a wait-and-see approach to Steam Machines myself. They gotta show the benefits of using the Vulkan API to make their offerings vastly superior to a console and display what else you can do with Steam Machines to justify the current prices. I'm keen on their lower end if they can promise good gaming quality at 1080p 60fps as they are trying to claim, but I'll wait for reviews when they come out to know for sure if the reality is grim or glowing.

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@oldguy said:

Why would I want to be locked into only Steam (coming soon, Half-Life 3 only on Steam OS - Does Valve become evil then)?

Not sure what you mean by "only Steam"...some of these are shipping with Windows 8.1, and they're just PCs, so even if they end up shipping only with Steam OS, there is nothing preventing you from installing Windows on it as your OS. You aren't limited to anything, they are just small form factor PCs.

Also to note about the hypothetical example where Valve or some other developer starts to make games for SteamOS exclusively for some reason. Technically you wouldn't be locked to SteamOS. SteamOS is just a fork of Debian for the most part to convince other devs to aim for just their distro to ease Linux development. Valve (or anothe dev) would have to do a lot of work to make a game only work for one particular flavour of Linux and not others. Wouldn't be worth their time and would hurt their reputation and cause for wanting to not rely on Windows anymore (provided that's still one of their main reasons for doing this in the first place, which is a fair goal). You could pick any high-profile Linux distro you want and ideally be able to run any 'SteamOS' game on it as those games would have been written for Linux in general by doing so. Valve is effectively sneaking Linux into the homes of potentially millions of people should these things sell like hotcakes, which would really shake up the Linux world significantly with a lot more people getting involved in it.

However this does raise the following question - Do you want to eventually make the move from gaming in Windows to gaming in Linux (via a Steam Machine or any other PC with Linux instead of Windows)? That's a question that Valve will have the toughest time asking of anyone (gamers, developers and publishers). I personally hope they succeed as I would love to have more options to buy PCs that were built with Linux in mind (eg. Better linux drivers, possibly a wider audience to reach even if it's at first a game-centric one). Even if the main distro being aimed at is SteamOS, the work done from that distro can potentially be ported over to all other distros, which could be huge in the long run for Linux users and developers.

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I'm gonna be so bummed out if I have no other avenue of playing El Shaddai due to this. That game has flaws but is a visual masterpiece in my opinion.

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The languages are indeed interesting at varying degrees. What in the holiest of FUCKS does the Golden Globes have to do with it!?

Oh you silly spammer you...

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Holy shit was not expecting to see Alex in AGDQ! God this is going to be awesome.