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yo thanks!

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I'd like to join with my friends but they don't have a GB account is this a problem?

Anyway here are our names if its not!
Jackdaw (me)

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I enjoy the idea of retro game streams. But they have like 4 tubs of games yet always end up grabbing mortal combat, street fighter and battle tetris gaiden. I would like to see them grab lesser known games.
If they want to play a bunch of fighting game they could just make a "hey lets fight!" stream, this way they can get their fighting game itch out of them, we get to see them beat the shit out of each other! and on retro streams we get to see some cool games ( hopefully some more psx and ps2 era stuff soon!)

also Dan is totally digging the tricaster was funny to see him keep requesting the transitions!

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I knew the junction system could break the game.
but I didn't know it could break it this fast and easily thats pretty crazy!

you also seem to be way smarter then me at that card game i would always try to convert every card and end up losing to dumb moves.

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aww sorry man! thanks for letting me know too

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Alright cool guys.

Maybe i'll see you guys in game at some point!

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@soulcake was nice enough to provide me with a key, so I will give out the keys I have gotten in my inbox.

Here's a video!

And here are the keys and a link to Instructions:

  2. YV8D-JZ36-S9FR-X3XJ
  5. Y2KL7ZY83J3SQX8A
  6. YZHRV537FZK4T44K


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yeah that launcher is well hidden on their website >_>

also second code was taken.
tried the first one for funsies and it grabbed?

eitherway both should be taken now, thanks!

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The other code is prob gone by now but i spend the last 10 minutes looking where to put said keys..
Am i missing something obvious?

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I had a 60 Mbit connection ( upgrades to 90 Mbit next month for free) I payed 50 euros for a month.
I switched literally today to a 20 Mbit connection ( 30 advertised but I have old phone lines) for 20 euro a month.

Living in the Netherlands is not bad if you like internet =D