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Been thinking of doing something similar to this as well, but you beat me to it ;-) At least there's still much more information in my spreadsheet, so it's not completely obsolete. :-P Some of that could be integrated in that website I'm sure.

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@Neon25: One of the best posts ever on this site.

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Air-hockey in Beyond Good & Evil.....

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Just updated the index with links to HD, High and Low videos, Filenames, as well as the following for HD videos: Filesize (in Mb and Byte), resolution, average bitrate and framerate.

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@Prestige: That list is real good. I'll definitely try to incorporate some of that into the index! :-)

@Snail: I'm not sure what you mean. There is statistics for number of appearances of each staff member both in the first sheet and on the bottom of the quick look list if that's what you want.

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I just finished filling in the participation grid! Still some work left on the "driver" and "platform" fields but the difficult part is done!

Expect another huge update over the weekend with some new columns.

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@Mijati: I believe I have found a solution to this issue. I'll get back to you!

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@Shaunage: @Shaunage: Platforms used in the quick looks is a great idea. I'll add that as a separate column. Listing evey platform the game is on is definitely possible, but might be difficult to sort by or get any real use out of. If you guys want a column for that as well though. It could be just comma separated. "360, PS3, PC", or as you said, done in a similar way to the participation grid.

@Mijati: I don't have the actual file names yet, since they don't seem to be hard coded. Instead it appears they are named based on the link you use to download them. For instance, if you use the HD link to download an older video like a Persona 4 episode, it will say "_3500" at the end of the file even though the file is actually a "high" file at around 1500 Kbps. Because of that, the API doesn't actually contain any file names so the only way to get a complete list is to download every single file. Also, I'm not sure the best way to handle the variable parts of the file names. Do we exclude those bits? so "vf_eurotrucksimulator2_ql_3500.mp4" becomes "eurotrucksimulator2_ql"?

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@Baillie: Yea I don't think that's accurate enough. If I'm gonna add any info to the spreadsheet I want it to be certain it's correct. Too many variables with different bitrates for video and sound, some in HD and some not... I'll find some way though.

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you can use the spreadsheet for that. Use a download manager and copy the download links from the Endurance Run tab.