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The Scotchcast Episode 29 - Shippin’ Up to Boston

After a good break where this pesky thing called "life" prevented us from getting together, we finally get to talk about some games. The gang discusses an RPG from years ago, an RPG that perhaps *should* have come out a few years ago, internet hospitals, goats, and space. Also, PAX East is approaching!

Music:"Narumi Detective Agency" by ATLUSxP5

Featured Members: @thurbleton, @shinboy630, @squiddel, & @dourin

Run time: 02:00:02


  • SBNation did a great longform article about the Portland Timbers/Seattle Sounders rivalry
  • If you manage to run into us at PAX East, say hi!
  • Read a map!
  • Music Plugs
    • Listen to Tyr and get your folk metal on
    • Century Child is the best Nightwish album


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Age: 21

Gender: Male

College: Computer Engineering Major, Stevens Institute of Technology

Atheist here. Oddly enough, I think I contribute my lack of belief to attending Catholic School my whole life up to college. Being exposed to religion every day realize that I kind of thought it was all bullshit. Also, Impeach God.

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@bollard: it might not be the same crew you recall, but there are a group of us that hang out every night (US night). Also, the mumble info has changed slightly so either check out the guild thread or in-game message of the day for the new port.

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@bollard said:

@shinboy630: Did you ever get round to this? I logged in just in case, but hadn't been kicked yet. In fact, I wanted to know who still plays. I'd love to jump on for a few hours and chat with those that have been keeping up with it all. When I logged in there was some crazy cutscene that made no sense. I wonder if my OOB glitch still works...

I did some of it. Anet then announced that "last login" was coming on the 15th with the Feature Pack, so I put it off until then. There is still a small core of us that play all the time and always chill on mumble, so you still have people to play with.

@krullban said:

@shinboy630: Is the guild always almost at cap? I only play casually, so I got kicked, but I don't see the purpose of these purges.

The point is that a roster with almost 300 people (most of who are inactive) makes the guild roster screen a pain in the ass to use for those who are active. If you still log in now and again just hit me up in-game and I will re-add you.

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A lot of stuff from Týr is in not-english, if you want to get your folk metal on (and I know you do).

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So now that we are finally getting "Last Login" info, I will re-do this in a few weeks. Fair warning to those who haven't logged in in a while!

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@shinboy630 said:

Pretty bummed I didn't get an order in on time, but I look forward to seeing people wearing these walking around at PAX. Great work @fobwashed

If you're going to PAX East, tweet me at the show. I printed a few extras to sell on location =]

I am and will do. Thanks for the heads up!

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Pretty bummed I didn't get an order in on time, but I look forward to seeing people wearing these walking around at PAX. Great work @fobwashed

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Got the email that it shipped like a week ago. The UPS tracking still has "Order Processed: Ready for UPS". Anyone else in this same boat?