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@jslack: Did that, I guess we shall see next live stream.

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So this is a quick one. My avatar (which you obviously can see next to this post) works fine on the forums, on my profile, etc. However, it does not work in chat for live stuff and whenever I post in chat I just see the default avatar that new users get. If any other info is needed or if anyone knows anything, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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@ejc93: I don't think @nightriff implying that it be, as you put it, "fellow straight white dudes" only. I think they were only saying that they would like to hear from two members of the bomb crew who normally do not discuss such topics. I don't really think making that leap was necessary.

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This is a cool thing and you are a cool duder for doing this. I would love a key!

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I think there have been enough of these games that Bloodborne will be reviewed fairly, at least as fairly as one can expect. However, if it reviews poorly, be on the lookout for tons of people claiming reviewers "don't get it" even though they themselves will have not played it yet.

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@orange_pork: @cadius: Invites should be sent. Sorry about the delay, I was up at PAX this weekend!

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I got to play both the PvE and PvP demo at PAX, so I will probably do some form of write-up this week.

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I am skipping the GB panel to go to a Guild Wars 2 thing, and also because of the reasons you mentioned. It is also my 3rd PAX East and the lines are starting to wear on me. My advice is to do something elsewhere, as it sounds like you are in the same mindset as me.

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Not going to lie, when I first saw the collision detection stuff, I shed a small tear of joy.

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@miniexadoor: Went to go invite and got a "this person has reached the maximum number of guild memberships" message. You are not in 5 guilds already by chance, are you?