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Just tried some MP and actually enjoyed it a fair bit. Although, is there any way to turn off your mic in-game? I usually chat with people on mumble while playing PC games, and obviously don't want the people in my game to hear me just talking to what would seem like nobody in particular.

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Jeff said GB will have a presence at PAX South, so hopefully that means they will still do PAX East. I know a bunch of devs are already pulling out of PAX East because it overlaps with GDC, so I'm not sure what this means for the PAX Rumble.

Out of curiosity, what devs have said they are pulling out of East? Not that I doubt you or anything (because timing wise it does make sense), just I have not been following it that closely.

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Opening up at like 5/6pm on Thanksgiving is just gross

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I really hope FC4 is better than this.

At this point after FC3, Watch Dogs, and AC:U I think I've just gonna go out on a limb and say set expectations low.

Oh, and as for The Division that was a tech demo they made it up and won't ever be released but we'll get a poor imitation of said tech demo that won't work upon launch.

FC3 was fine as far as I recall

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Bought a Friday and Sunday pass because fuck it, pax is amazing

question for people though, how likely is it there will be scalpers for Saturday Passes, and how much would scalpers be charging for a Saturday pass? because if im spending this much on hotel/travel/Event tickets, might as well spend a bit more to get the saturday pass.

People will almost definitely have extra passes. I know some people that got extra passes for people that may or may not actually end up needing them, and I imagine there are a lot of similar situations out there.

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New Ne Obliviscaris album is streaming on some metal sites and you all need to listen to it.

A lot of Sabaton who I didn't know existed about a month ago, now I'm going to see them in December.

I've seen them twice this year as openers. They are a ton of fun live and just bring so much energy. You will have a great time.

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I follow all the "major" pro sports here in the US outside of basketball. My teams are all over the place though as I root for the Yankees (MLB), Lions (NFL), Sharks (NHL), and Timbers (MLS). I live in NJ so the yankees are really the only local team on that list. Baseball is my jam overall though and the only one that I have bothered to pay full price for the "watch every game in the league" package.

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I feel like this question should be, "Are you a horror movie fan or an action movie fan?".

I'm an action movie fan who generally does not like horror, and Alien is by far the better film.

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@habster3: As much as I love most of Devin's stuff, I can't seem to get into Casualties of Cool. Still super looking forward to Z2 in a few weeks though.