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Not going to lie, when I first saw the collision detection stuff, I shed a small tear of joy.

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@miniexadoor: Went to go invite and got a "this person has reached the maximum number of guild memberships" message. You are not in 5 guilds already by chance, are you?

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The Revenant seems really neat. I look forward to messing with it at PAX!

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@lethalki11ler: What gamespot thing is that? I don't think I have heard of such a policy.

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@pcorb: SLI can cause issues with certain games (and just in general at times) so I find it hard to recommend, especially for someone who stated in the OP that this is maybe not something they are super experienced with. If you want the best performance without having to deal with any (read: no more than PC components normally bring) hassle, the 980 is the way to go.

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MLB: Yankees (but I follow baseball as a whole super closely so there are a bunch of other mostly NL teams that I like to see do well/own gear from)


NHL: Sharks (I root for the Devils as well because they are local and I go to a bunch of games)

Soccer: The mighty #PTFC (Portland Timbers)

For the record I live in central NJ so really I am all over the place with my teams.

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@duncankeller: If I read the OP correctly, I do not think their concern is that such youtubers exist, but rather that viewers are not taking advantage of the many different channels that have different takes on different things. I think what they are expressing concern over is that people may just follow one personality, and therefor potentially not make fully informed decisions.

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Yup, I am running right to Anet at the start of PAX (keynote be damned!), so hopefully I will get to play a decent chunk of what they have.

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I am curious to see a 5e game being played. I have yet to actually play it myself or really see it in action, although I have heard really good things. Plus I can only imagine what kind of character Dan makes (my money is on a fighter re-skinned to be Macho Man).

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@dalerax: Invite sent. Welcome aboard and feel free to hop on mumble to chat and ask any questions you may have!