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I feel like this question should be, "Are you a horror movie fan or an action movie fan?".

I'm an action movie fan who generally does not like horror, and Alien is by far the better film.

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@habster3: As much as I love most of Devin's stuff, I can't seem to get into Casualties of Cool. Still super looking forward to Z2 in a few weeks though.

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In terms of resolution and whatnot I am gameplay over graphics for console games. Framerate can improve (or worsen if it is bad) a gameplay experience though, so that has to be there. Hence why I play what I can on PC.

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I just bought FF13 on steam after selling my PS3 copy years ago, if that counts

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@fattony12000: Not having any idea at all what I said on a podcast is one of my favorite parts of podcasting! Also, you could always just upload that outtake on its own and we can listen to it in all of its out-of-context glory

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I posted the Extra Life themed podcast some of us duders recorded this weekend over here if anyone wants to listen how the GB community came to be involved, tips for running an entertaining stream, etc.

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Extra Life 2014: A Scotchcast Special

Extra Life 2014 is fast approaching and our panel of "experts" is here to get you ready for the big day! We have assembled a crew of both regular hosts as well as some guests to discuss past Extra Life and GB Community Endurance Runs. We also give some helpful hints to prepare those of you that may be newcomers for this year, running the gamut from how to market yourself to how to get donations to even what games you should and maybe should not play. For the kids!

Music: "Narumi Detective Agency" by ALTUSxP5

Run Time: 49:33

Featured Members: @thurbleton, @bollard, @fattony12000, @matt, & @shinboy630



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You can leave feedback or follow us on @thelincolncast on twitter and Rate us on iTunes!

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Oh man, I plan on going to Pax East again and would be all over one of these. Great work as always!

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I picked a hell of a time to get into F1/watch my first race, didn't I? Following all of this and learning all the rules/procedures for a crash like this has been fascinating to me, if not terrifying. All the best to Bianchi.