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Took about 20 tries and co-op with 2 additional hunters to kill the first boss. Finally downed him, lit the lamp, then immediately got killed by the very next enemy.


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Updated the guild Message of the Day in-game last night to say that we will be raiding 7pm Eastern Friday night. We do not yet have a full 10 if anyone wants to give it a go with us.

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@mikelemmer: You should be able to participate in all of our weekly missions (8pm Eastern on Saturday) outside of the WvW ones without issue as far as I know.

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@chrystolis: sent! make sure to represent and say hi in chat and discord!

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Ok, now that HoT has been out for a week or so, we should set up a night to do guild missions again. What day(s) would everyone want to do this?

@legion_ai invite should be sent

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@deathtrap: well if we ever decide to switch the upgrades carry over, so there is not at least

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@deathtrap: Nah, the group of us that talk everyday all discussed it and decided to get Gilded Hollow.

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@jack_lafayette: Ok so real talk: that poll (and I assume most of the votes) were done before we had a ton of information on the halls themselves. This includes layout/more screenshots/etc. I know personally my opinion has changed simply because it seems Gilded Hollow is more compact in layout. Not to discount that thread, but perhaps once we get the ball rolling post launch we can just sort of straw poll the active players and see if we get the same result.

Edit: forgot to add this link, which is a pretty cool comparison write-up

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@fishstickz: @parathorn: Invites sent! Don't forget to hit "Represent Guild" to show your Giant Bomb dot com pride!