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@truthtellah: oh hey I was sitting right behind that guy!

Happy Birthday Jeff!

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I'd be down for this. My vote is for the new Barcade in Chelsea partly because I heard they have a 6man xmen machine (plus the barcade in jersey city is nice and I want to check this one out).

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Portland vs Seattle on tonight. The only major sport where we can keep the I-5/ OregonWashington rivalry alive! The fans just do. not. like each other at all! Battle for the northwest! Go Timbers!



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Akira is another classic that is the poster child of "anime for people who don't like anime."

I second Akira. It blew my mind when I saw it.

I don't really like anime and watched Akira last night for the first time. It was rad.

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@wsgexe: on a slightly serious note, the twitter app sent me a notification the other day about a bunch of (giant bomb) people now following him, so that might be a clue

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I am in a 13th Age game right now and it is pretty dope. I lot of the skills stuff is very well streamlined and the way the RP stuff and gameplay mechanics blend is something I enjoy.

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The Scotchcast Episode 33 - The Super E3 Bros. Super Show

E3 2014 was a few weeks ago, and the crew has finally swept away enough tears and collected enough thoughts to discuss it all. We go down the whole list of games that we cared about at the show in rapid fire succession, giving a few minutes to each game. Hear what we had to say!

Music:"Narumi Detective Agency" by ATLUSxP5 "Best of Times" by Terry Devine-King and Adam Drake "Neon Dreams" by Gareth JohnsonRun time: 03:24:28Featured Members: Squiddel, Dourin, SelfConfessedCynic, Thurbleton, & Shinboy630Plugs!


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Invites *should* be up to date. Mumble info changed so check the guild message of the day in-game! I will also probably (maybe) make a new guild thread this weekend so I can keep the info up to date myself.

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Surprised to hear/see just how many people really like the strike. To me, that type of content is always the main draw of any of these game and I thought the one in the alpha was kind of bad.

Did you play it on brave or legendary?

Brave. I don't think the difficulty setting was really the issue, more the encounter design.