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@helicopterspy: Invite sent! Also, I don't think I have actually seen that QL and now feel like I need to.

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@skyfire543: You can transfer servers, or alternatively you can delete all characters and then pick a new server. It is kind of a shitty option, but it is an option nonetheless.

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If this announcement has you thinking you should pick up/get back into the game, might I suggest the Giant Bomb guild, over here!

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New Expansion announced means a new Guild Thread! Also, leadership has shifted around again, so might as well make a new thread. I did copypasta some stuff from the last thread though, because laziness.

The Official Giant Bomb Guild - Lincoln Force [BOMB]

Who's in charge here?

GB NameIn-Game Name
@raiosRaios Deschain.8461
@theloopymonkeyThe Loopymonkey.5234

You can contant any of us in game, via GiantBomb, or on Mumble (see below) if you need an invite or just have any general questions.

Our Mumble

A majority of guild conversation (at least among the officers) takes place in our Mumble server. Even if we are not playing GW2, we are often just hanging out in Mumble talking about Metal Gear, bad anime, or whatever else we feel like discussing. It is a strange yet entertaining time.

If [BOMB] was an episode of MTV Cribs, Mumble would be the bedroom where the celebrity walks in and states "This is where the magic happens."

  1. Download Mumble over herrrrrrrrrrrrr
  2. (If you have a Mic) Run the Audio Wizard to calibrate your input.
  3. Open the program and under Server -> Connect choose to Add New
  4. Label: Giant Bomb - GW2 (in reality it can be whatever you want)
  5. Address:
  6. Port: 64738 (which is the default)
  7. Then your username
  8. Don't worry about certificate errors, just hit yes. If that type of error persists, just contact one of the people listed above.

Server (in short - Yaks Bend)

We are based on Yaks Bend but with the addition of guesting to the game and paid server transfers we are more lax about this. The benefit of playing on Yaks Bend would be you could join in on guild WvW events when they happen.

Yaks Bend is a North American server and folks who are in Australia, Europe, or somewhere else have said that connection rates are pretty acceptable.

Heart of Thorns you say?

Heart of Thorns is the first GW2 expansion pack, just announced at PAX South 2015. Lord knows when it is coming out, but there is a thread discussing its announcement over here.

This Guild sounds relevant to my interests and I am interested in subscribing to your newsletter. What shall I do next?

In order to join [BOMB], either post here or PM one of the people above. If you are going to post here, include your name like <name.1234> as well as tell us what piece of GiantBomb content you enjoy. We also play other games together outside of GW2 (Warframe is a recent example), so feel free to join even if GW2 is only one of many games that you enjoy playing regularly. We like to cater to all kinds of players!

Also, as a member of [BOMB], make sure you take to heart the new official guild motto, and live your life according to its teaching!

Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play

And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

Baby I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake

I shake it off, I shake it off

See you duders in-game!

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@slyspider You are correct - there is no new class. They're just making another playstyle for each existing class (and hopefully letting each class access a new weapon type. Some people are theorizing thieves getting rifles as 'assassins').

While this is still a challenge balance wise, I imagine adding a entirely new class to the pot would be even more of a headache


so dont sweat it

ummmmmmmmmmmmm. Revenant is a new class.

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I'm going to need to write up a new guild thread with all these new guild features. GUILD HALLS HYPE.

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@bollard: I mean you could always just read up on/watch the living world episodes. There actually were some really cool mechanics they used for certain episodes, and they are not super expensive, but they are by no means mandatory either. I highly doubt whatever new content comes out will penalize you for not playing the previous stuff, cause so far nothing has worked that way.

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@bobgnarly said:

I'm thinking of playing a game with a 5-8 hour length.

@baka_shinji17 said:

Persona 3 and 4.


As for my own recommendations, either of the Supergiant Games games (Bastion & Transistor) are solid picks to play through in a sitting or two.