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80% Caucasian(specifically German and Irish)

20% native american

Honestly based on looks I'm definitely just Caucasian (although I tan easily) but I still always have to fill out the native american portion whenever I'm applying for anything(even though it genuinely wouldn't matter considering I don't live on a reservation...) or when I'd take exams in high school.

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Me as Sir Bling the Black Knight in my school's Madrigal Dinner

It's a bit of an older pic, my hair's a bit longer now but still it's my personal favorite costume for a role I've ever had so I like showing it off.

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Idk, I'm often considered a hipster with my fashion and music choices. You like what you like, just because my interest happen to be off the cusp of what some others enjoy should have nothing to do with what kind of a person I am.

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Final Fantasy 7(which is strange because I've played many other games in the series)

Super Metroid

Wolfenstein 3D

those are the only three I can currently think of honestly.

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Black, although I just accidentally voted for white.

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Not particularly, even if life is shit you only get one. I'd rather not waste it.

Hell, if nobody in your life gives a damn then why should you? It's always better to just stop caring and have fun than to simply off yourself.

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@BestUsernameEver I know they were fairly popular at a time, but their popularity has certainly waned in recent years and up until this point the only discussion I've ever seen of them was in a completely sarcastic or condescending sense. Either way the point is moot, I'm still saddened by the loss of another musician.

Although looking at it I guess Hot Sauce Committee part 2 was received very well, I'm probably just being dumb here...

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Although it does amuse me that whenever an artist dies people seem to automatically like them, no matter how much they were disliked in life.

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I like their top five skyrim mods of the week, but that's about it. The only thing about that site that really stands out for me is the high amount of activity on their forums and the Unions, although the latter's kind of dying off.

I almost never use my account over there anymore anyways tbh.