Things I bought in 2008

I never knew how to fill out those surveys. How much do you spend a year on games? How many games do you buy a year? So naturally, I'm starting a list. The prices don't include tax. 
This list also doesn't include gifts I bought for other people, or video games that people bought for me. I don't think people buy me video games anymore, since I usually get the ones I want. (Maybe they'll start looking at my wishlist, though. :)
Things not on this list:

  • Rock Band wireless guitar (5/29) $60
  • 7000 Microsoft points ($87.50) 
  • Rock Band DLC - the remainder of the points ($77)
  • Three PS3 controllers ($180)
All told, I spent almost $1300 on video game stuff in 2008. Ouch!
I think they had it figured out when they started selling DLC. It's amazing how quickly you can spend your money/points...

List items

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