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Always remember Nintendo's attempt never forget lol ^__^

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I guess they changed her model in the upcoming PS4 version of the game?

She looks more natural and hot on PS3 but on PS4 she looks awkward and fake

I'll stick with the PS3 version

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There will come a day when the PS4 will be worth getting like when it's $50-100 less and is bundled with a game or two as well has original next gen only video games

Unlike now where pretty much the heavy hitters are "ports" COD Battlefield Assassins Creed etc.

PS4 titles that will also be available on PS3

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn (already available PS3/PC)

Need for Speed Rivals

Watch Dogs

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zero


Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain

The Evil Within


PS3 an or current gen only titles coming next year

Gran Turismo 6 (early December 2013)

Assassins Creed Liberation HD

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns

Dark Souls 2

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2

Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix

Tales JRPG series 2 title confirmed

Telltale Games Walking Dead Season 2 & The Wolf Among Us (on going series)

With that overall these are the video games I'm actually interested in

especially Lightning Returns an of course MGS V

an with GTA V to play again ^__^

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@jarmahead said:

GTA V on the 360 feels latent and slow and sluggish.

30fps is fine as long as it can stay there... hence why GTA V can suffer on "dated hardware specifications" and not having the horsepower to keep everything loaded up in real time for that smooth lag free 30fps

The opening scenes of GTA V had pop ups which made me laugh and cry

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There is big hype about 60fps being the norm on next gen console to which it will not

most games will be running at smooth 30fps thanks to more than enough RAM which is more important above all else

You ever notice when you play COD or RAGE which run at 60fps but after awhile it just looks weird almost "cartoon like" that's cause your vision or realty does not run at 60 or more FPS instead your brain has a lot RAM if you will to keep every thing loaded up with no hiccups

Basically people forget that PS3/Xbox 360 barley peek at 30fps dropping down to 20 here and there which will not be an issue on next gen again thanks to RAM

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@lord_xp said:

I tried doing Passive Mode and pay the $100, but it told me I had insufficient funds in my PlayStation Wallet. I hope I don't pay that out of pocket. That would be terrible.

LOL what?

You need the $100 on you...

You can't draw from your bank to do passive mode

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@mrxakarebel said:

I tried runnin over some guy who started a bunch of crap and went into passive mode, could not harm him. Did more damage to my car than I did to him. Thoroughly ran back and forth over him, pinned him between my car and the building, nothing. Maybe it not working sometimes is just another bug that needs to be fixed.

Interesting... that's weird I guess I'll need to do some testing of that while in passive mode

Plus I'm sure your not supposed be shot while using a vehicle in passive mode

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@pie said:

I put on passive mode and got ran over by some guy straight away. I turned it off after that

Yea that's another flaw since players can just randomly run over you

Only thing I can think of is to somehow make it so your invincible to being ran over?

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The online experience would be so much funnier and balanced if it actually worked!

For some reason you can be shot by other players while using a vehicle in passive mode?

I was trying to act as a get away driver for a guy robbing a store but he shot me like the immature kid he is

Evan Narcisse - Kotaku

"Passive Mode is a great option for people who just want to be voyeurs but it’s actually a little too inactive. I wanted Passive Mode to let me do all of the game’s stealing and shooting without having to worry about other players but it doesn’t. It essentially turns you into another pedestrian but one driven by a human not AI programming. For better or worse, if I wanted to see the best of GTA Online had to offer, I was going to have to submit myself to the occasional random assault."

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I hate the heritage part "it makes no sense" everything else is fine though...