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I'm hoping for classic 90's NIN The Downward Spiral The Fragile etc. ^__^

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Its not like the ps3 and 360 will commit seppuku once you get you hands on a new system, you just have to plug it in, then you can play all the Jade Empire you want, I know I will.........

Jade Empire is the bees knees ^__^

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You damn well Sony and Microsoft will "resell" last gen games digitally

Even though they'd have to rewrite the code so that it'd be compatible with the newer systems? And what about the Wii U? Isn't that backwards compatible with the Wii?

A lot of 3rd party games coming out in Fall for PS3/Xbox 360 will have PS4 versions later

I doubt the code writing is costly much less have studios been working on 2 separate versions of games for current and next gen

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You know damn well Sony and Microsoft will "resell" last gen games digitally

Your gonna see a lot of classic PS3/Xbox 360 games being sold for $10-20

Which is not bad but it's how Ea and other publishers are gonna make extra scratch cause they know people will buy em and it does not cost much on their end to do as such

Hence in a funny way next gen consoles won't play your current gen "used games"

But overall I think it's a dick move not having backwards compatibility

Here is hoping PS4's streaming GaiKai game service is kewl ^__^

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And I'm sure some fanboy over there would say that US games are all dude-bro shooters that want guns shooting guns that shoot explosions spouting idiotic one line military-esk dialog.

With ugly NPC's what's up with that anyways? LOL

The sales of COD games sadly make your statement true however sarcastic it may be :(

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Over the years being a so called vet being there since I can remember gaming on the SNES than onto the JRPG golden age of PS1 & PS2

My best memories are that of video games made from Japan

The first game which change my world was Metal Gear Solid 1 back in 98 my mind was just blown and played over 4 times in under a month

Ever since than if I had to tell what the greatest gaming series ever is? it would defiantly be whatever Hideo Kojima has made

Than there was XenoGears the greatest JRPG ever fallowed latter by the XenoSaga series the original space opera before BioWare's Mass Effect

Japanese games just have better story better characters that stick with you and stand the test of time

Especially with babes like Tifa Rinoa Yuna Bayonetta Jeanne Serah Lightning the rest of the Final Fantasy babes in general and of course Grasshopper Manufacture cast of babes

In closing the emotion that Japanese games bring out of me is something western games fail to do

From Final Fantasy VII to Persona 3 "Mitsuru Kirijo babelicious LOL" and Catherine or is Katherine?

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Enough is enough Nintendo it's okay...

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The way the Witcher 2 "later released for Xbox 360" did sex scenes classy and tasteful which was an optional sub activity

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Like nude big breasts here and their "fan service" and sexual scenes something western game seriously lack

I'm not talking about the hardcore porn stuff though much less being interactive though that would be kewl

But oddly M rated games which are supposed to be for adults are instead marketed for kids

cause you know some stupid parent who bought there kid pretty much a rated R game would flip if there was sex scenes... but it's okay that you can smash though a wall and break someones neck!

TV network have matured like FX which pretty much has sex scenes all over the place especially (The Americans) FX's latest original television drama

So video games need get more mature and stop showing a blank black screen i.e. Fable GTA when when you have "sex"

So to all the publishers pretty much stop screwing over the adults who play video games


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And much cheaper compared to what it would cost in terms of attempting to build such a custom PC rig if it's even possible...

Based off prices I've seen for super gaming PC being a few grand

The PS4 will be a "steal" assuming Sony is reasonable and does not attempt to sell their upcoming new console for no more than $400

This Blog was pretty interesting on PS4