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 What I'm digging is the combat system an how it feels like a real time combat system. Like I'm actual hitting that foe when I press the command button sense the the ATB bar feels up so fast as well how characters move about an get behind foes an the fact that you can rotate the camera. It's kinda of a fusion of FF10 + FF12 combat systems the more I think about it.

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 I don't get the complaints there is no 1 true style when it comes to a Final Fantasy game
Ever installment changes the setup an rules of how the game plays
For example
FF9 The last "True" Old School Setup much like the first 6 chapter of the series
FF10 Liner Character Driven Story
FF11 MMO Online only game pay to play per month
FF12 Offline version of a MMO dungeon crawler basic bland story rarely any cut scenes or character development
F13 returns back to Liner Character Driven Story setup but is more of a action adventure

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Uh are you saying you would like more of a darker gothic story + characters for a Final Fantasy? 
I'd like see that as well an actual M rated FF! 
However to mention FF8 got pretty dark when you hit the 3rd disk if I recall ^_^

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Oh an FF-X2 was the shit! 
girls with guns does not get any better then that

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G4TV X-Play 
4 out of 5
So case closed 
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This is not popularity contest  
completely different style games

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What the hell is the official review?
There are dozens of game mags an websites out there that review games ^_^

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I have Qore so I should be good to go for Beta ^_^