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man three days and 5000 yen later, this thread made in a drunken haze is still going. This speaks to the quality of this community? yup it does. Also yea Japanese mayo is pretty good but so is spicy ketchup we have now.

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Thank you all for taking the time to answer my stupid drunken poll. At 100+ votes, I think I am off to collect my dinner money.

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I don't understand what exactly the conditions are for you to "win." Are you asking what is the better condiment?

yes sorry for not being clear. I have like 6 beers in me at the moment.

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Lots of good recommendations here. If you want to go a bit hardcore and watch some of the classic series here are some.

Legend of the condor heroes series - 1998 This is probably the best chinese kungfu drama ever made

Drunken Master - probably Jackie chan best movie.

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@seikenfreak said:

A lot of people here are not saying who is right or wrong, they're saying go away and argue about this some place else

In other words, "Everyone is welcome here, except for the people who want to discuss why certain people don't feel welcome here -- those people aren't welcome here."

I know this is a serious discussion but I had to laugh at that. It is such a perfect "fuck it all, burn it down" attitude.

On topic, the internet is both the greatest tool of knowledge ever created and also the most terrible mirror that reflect people's unfiltered self. People are terrible and we all deserves better from ourselves.

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Been a terrible day all around, for everyone involves. My question for these boys club mentality people in gaming is "why?" I love the fact that my gf game. I love that my sister game. Imagine if you can share a hobby as expressive and wonderful as gaming with EVERYONE you know. You can meet new people and instantly strike up a conversation about the newest gaming release that week. You can go start off a conversation with a girl with corny gaming lines and not be laugh at in a bad way but in a good way. We should want MORE women/people to get into gaming as possible. I just do not understand why, as a gamer, anyone would want to exclude anybody.

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A lot of shit is going down today. This is how the FGC feels when one rotten fish stank up the whole barrel. I am a proud member of the FGC, GB and gaming industry at large. There are a lot of angry misguided assholes out there that will try to bring you down. We as men, women, black, white, asian, gay, straight or Bi can persevere together. Love will conquers all.

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I think we should not even argue if they should hire this or that but how many people even want to enter into this type of field/positions. Look at what Patrick went through and even now he is still the subject of ignorant/unjustified hatred. That is not an attractive job offer for many. Dan is a pretty accepted duder in the community already so he is a pretty safe hire imo and Jason........well.....lets just hope the community have grown up since Patrick.

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i hate korra. that show is a disgrace to that universe. *sigh* what a pissed away opportunity...

I really love that first show back when I was in college in the states and it is comments like yours that have scared me away from watching any of the second season. A damn shame. The first show is right up there with FMA/Breaking Bad for me.

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@shinjin977 said:

@example1013 said:

@hailinel said:

@secondpersonshooter: @example1013: The "real people" are those that actually write the music and the lyrics. The actual artists that use Vocaloids as a musical medium.

This isn't a debate to say "let's just replace all singers with robots."

However the real people are not famous performers of pop music, which is the definition of being a pop star. Bieber performs music.

I am going to disagree with you here, and I don't even like vocaloid. When you listen to music studios and band label heads, they would often time refers to bands as a project as a product to be produce. That is why a lot of bands have producers. Not managers, producers because once you are produced by these labels your band is now a product. If you think about that, Vocaloid is pretty much the same.

You are perfectly free to disagree with empirical truths. Many choose to do so all the time, such as the people who don't believe in climate change or evolution. However, since your opinion has no factual basis, it is completely ignorable. Bieber is a real person who performs songs live on stage; Miku is a pre-rendered hologram.

@pr1mus: That is exactly what I've been saying this whole time. Miku is not a person.

It is funny that you think my comment is ignorable and at the same time agreeing with a comment that pretty much agree with me that pop stars are just products to be produce. He only went on to explain the different between vocaloid and a real person is growth and you are going "thats exactly what I meant". Dude me too. Also, I never disagree with Bieber being a real person. I questioned that what he performs is really music at all and that the band icon of "Justin Bieber" that band labels sells to young girls is just as produced and "fake" as any vocaloid or whatever the hell replaces this in a few years.

I think you are looking at this like people are saying vocaloid will somehow replace real musicians because some are of an opinion that it is "better". That will never happen, real music and musicians transcend generations and time. People still listen to classical pieces hundreds of years after it was first composed. An artificially created pop stars and boy bands can never compete with that. Vocaloid replacing shitty boys band/girl group that are produced rather than inspired? Yup I can see that happening and yes we all know vocaloids are not real. I have not seen one person saying it is.