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@shinjin977: I have to strongly disagree about not going to the south of Thailand. I spent about 2 weeks on the isles of koh samui, koh pangan and koh tao and I never felt safer. It certainly felt safer than Bangkok. Of course you should stay safe but it's not like it's dangerous just to be there.

Also, I had the best food of my 2 month trip around Vietnam and Thailand on those isles.

You went to 3 tourist trap island. ("Koh" in thai means island) and yes south of thailand is some crazy shit. It is on multiple country's dangerous to travel list and when I was 6, riding in my dad's car going down there on business, I saw 2 guys in get a fender bender and it ended with one guy shooting another guy right in the face (no punches were throw before hand btw). My dad told me to get down and we quickly drove away. This is not some crazy story btw, shit like that happen more than thai police like to admit. The sex slave market/capital of the world is also located down there. Just recently a British couple were brutally raped and murdered. Not saying bad things will adsolutely happen but like I said before, 2 hours south of bangkok shit gets risky and bangkok is no haven. The lesson here is be very careful travelling anywhere and for the love of god DO NOT GO TO ISOLATED PLACES.

Another good tip is, do what the locals do, in Thailand for example, good honest people considered going out to night clubs/drinking places to be kind of shady. Why is that? Because asian night clubs and bars are fucking shady as oppose to the western world where people go to chill and that is considered normal. You will see local people drinking in local favorite restaurant on the side of the road instead. Have fun, asia is a blast and do not trust people coming up to you to tell you about bars/hotel/tourist locations. At best those are terribly expensive tourist traps, at worst those are actual financial/physical/sex traps.

Oh I almost forgot and this is VERY important, when in Thailand DO NOT speak badly or preferably don't speak at all about the royal family. because of le majeste law, you can go to jail for the rest of your life if you drunkenly joke about doing the queen or something.

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Didn't we have this topic a while back? or am I finally completely fucking insane? Well try to eat street food. Ask locals about clean trust worthy ones tho don't just walk up to one and go ham. I grew up in Thailand for half of my childhood, so here are some tips. Do not go to the south of Thailand! About 2 hours south of Bangkok is your cut off point any further than that and it will get risky. Try thai sweet, thai food is known for the spiciness but the sweets are the most delicate things.

Some local favorite food to keep an eye out for: Mussels pancake, all types of noodle, if you get up early enough you will catch rice porridge stands that only sell from 4am-8am, chinese food in Thailand are BANGING (second only to maybe going to hong kong itself). Watch your wallet where ever you go. DO NOT FOLLOW PEOPLE YOU DO NOT KNOW, even if they are hotel employee or something. Good luck and have fun.

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As of this moment bayonetta 2 is easily goty 2014 base on the crew reaction to the game.

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You are the best rorie and also secretly evil. You are no merlin sir.

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Well, excuse my french (haHAH) but fuck that. If i buy a car I don't want my damn navigator to bother me with buying more maps or something. This is super gross and I will go out of my way to tell anyone that I know that play game to not buy this shit and spread the word. In an age where even EA's origin adopted a digital games return policy, this shit is not ok.

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A lot of people don't like a lot of things. I do not like watching sports because I feel like I enjoy it better when I play sports instead of watching people do it. I lot of people don't like Hollywood movies because a lot of times they lack originality, I don't think that is necessarily true but they think so. At this point I will fall back on my favorite American saying "Haters gonna hate".

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@tajasaurus: say that to sleeping dog's face. I dare you.

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@voysa_reezun: yup, I mean we still have gladiatorial combat today. Of cause we mask it with a sports banner and no one really get kill but then again record shows that back in the day a lot of gladiators are actually protected from getting killed, since they are like WWE stars. So.....I guess I am saying MMA is almost exactly like the old Roman Galdiator and you know it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Humans are drawn to violence. There is no use denying it, I personally think it is a great outlet for most people.

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@dokaka: 770 is still good for any game until maybe witcher 3 and if you really want to upgrade radeon 290 is the best bang for the buck right now. I just build a new desktop for witcher 3/dragon age and got a 290 for about 200s USD. Otherwise I would say ps4.

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@kishinfoulux: So I have been in the US for about 2 months working and I thought that my Japanese had dissipated when I could not understand what the man was saying. Then I realize he was being translated into french.

On the Video, this game still look amazing.