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The thing about X1 is that more than half of their "exclusives", I can play it right now on PC and it perform better there too. Hell even Halo on pc perform better than the MCC counterpart. If sony did the same with even one of their flagship exclusive I would agree with you. With that said, get a damn Wii U people.

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First, people need to try to understand what sexism, sexist, misogynist, feminism, feminist and whatever bullshit social study 101 taught you last week actually means before pointing fingers.

Second, yes there are a lot of problem with the representation of minorities and women in gaming. Same with any other format really, except maybe not as bad as sports. And yes we can do better but if history have taught us anything. Getting on your high horse, pointing finger at people, do not solve problem. Hell it worsen it. Imagine if MLK Jr. got to washington and start his speech with "I have a dream about how the white man is keeping me down, FUCKING STOP IT." The point is don't preach, inspire.

Third, what we need is more games that cater to women. I am of a mind that we should just objectify everything. Companies clearly cant stop catering to the lowest common denominator so.....don't. Just cater to ALL the lowest common denominator.

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If Atlus goes this way instead of getting pickup by another gaming company, after sega inevitable miss manage them. I will quit gaming. Also, FUCK this earth, no more Valkyrie Profile.

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The Answer was never about reviving the MC.

Nyx CAN NOT be truly defeated unless of cause mankind as a whole stop the feeling of anger and hatred. Nyx is the manifestation of malevolent feelings of mankind, she will continues to revive. Which is why we needed a "lock" to seal her and as to why it has to be the MC, it is because he/she was/is the most powerful persona user to ever exist in the persona universe. The MC is the only person in that universe, to this date, that can control more than one persona at once and can even combine powers of persona together to create a new power. He/she was the true wild card.

Without him/her the persona series as a whole would have ended at 3 simply because Nyx would revive again at some point, this time without someone with the connection to the death arcana and access to bonds strong enough to stop her. Unless you are suggesting MC and crew should spend their entire lives as well as their descendent lives monitoring/waiting for Nyx revival for all eternity.

"The Journey" told you about why the dark hour happen, the cause and how you can solve it. "The Answer", show that you(MC) successfully saved the world/solve the dark hour and your friends but the price, was you (your life and all your bonds).

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Gawker media is run by a dude that have gone on record as saying he wants his sites too run MORE like a tabloid magazine. How anyone still try to give them any type of credibility is beyond me and you know this is not the first nor the worst thing they have done collectively. Patrick moving over to kotaku is kind of a slap to the face for me as someone who thought him a pretty impressive voice in the industry and even patrick's articles over there have been getting the typical kotaku click-bait headlines.

IMO while they cause nowhere near the level of destructiveness to their industry as coke have to the soda industry. Gawker media is still a disease to the tech/gaming/geek culture/industry. Stop giving them money.

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@rafaelfc said:

I don't think this game is coming out in the west in 2015, guys.

Japan is getting it this year if we don't get delay so I have not been keeping up but Atlus USA have confirmed at least twice this was going west in 2015. At least once at PSX. Also more info. coming in the next Famitsu.

P.S. was never called in japan. It was more something along the line of "community" instead. I assume "cooperation" menu is what replaces it.

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mobage! come on guys there is only one correct answer.

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Unfortunately, I will never support Gawker media sites but best of luck to scoops.

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The best compliment I can give is that you are a rare talent in the industry and I am actually really sad to see an internet man walk away from a dumb internet thing i like to watch. Good Bye scoops, it is good to know this will not be the last we see of you.

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it is 3 days until 2015 and people still do not realize you can not defend against ddos? What the hell year is this? Also these guys have beef with Sony for some unknown reason. they have claim responsibility for hitting various aspect of sony business for the last year. Hell they even hit Xbox Live for daring to stream sony's The Interveiw. If they are out to prove they are some godly "hackers" (btw ddos can be done by anyone with any type of setup after about 5 minute of youtube tutorial) they should try to hit Amazon. Amazon is a fucking rock.