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I feel like I am back in the 90s with so many people who act like they are using the internet for the first time. I guess I will be the one to say it. I condemn everyone involve in harassment and ddoxing. I feel sorry for women/minorities in the industry.I wish I could help in a real way but as I believe twitter is one of the worst thing to happen to the way we communicate with each other. I do not and will not use twitter.

With that being said, you guys think calling them out/shaming them/engaging them is going to make them somehow change their minds or make them go away? NO! The only real rule of the internet, DON'T FEED THE TROLLS. Trolls feed on other people's misery and they love it if they get ANY type of reaction out of us. I have dealt with harassment before, luckily it was in real like and I just inform the police and got that dealt with. On the internet? I don't have an answer for you. We can endure tho and we always win at the end because those trolls lost as soon as they started to congregate to ruin another person's life.

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Less bias. Less shitting on fans of certain series every time a trailer comes out just because you don't like those kind of games- preferably none, even! Less editorializing, less opinion, more facts and actual news and less "This is how I feel about things". Otherwise, don't call yourself a journalist. I don't need someone to tell me how I should feel about a story, or to decide a certain story isn't worth reporting, I just want someone to tell me what happened in as simple a manner as possible and let me make my own calls. Reviewers, for the records, are not journalists. The people here at Giant Bomb definitely aren't. They need to stop referring to themselves as such, and stop hiding behind "Well the definition of journalism is so vague these days".

I agree with this and as a weird side note. The last time I was in the US, I went to gamestop and was stuck behind this lady that was trading in her son's stuff. While waiting, I got to watching the gamestop TV advertising thing they had. They were showing games coming out soon, and new releases. I thought to myself, this obvious advertisement inside a game store told me so much more about what samurai warrior 3 actually is than the entire game "journalist" horde combine. How the fuck did it come to this? That a person like myself, who follows the industry closely, worked in the industry for a time and game constantly, thought that an actual piece 1-2min of advertisement did a better job of telling me what a game/what to expect from it than the entirety of the gaming journalist combine.

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People have way too much free time if THIS create a shit storm. If half of these people have been working on a work project 12 hours a day for the last week, none of this would happen. Cause they would be way too grateful to have the time to sit down and actually enjoy something than to see one word and go on twitter to bitch at some one who translate it. I have been called a zipper head to my face by actual racist asshole and I did not get as emotional as some of these people. The internet is the worst.

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@milkman: so whatever happen to that officer? I googled it but its a lot of here-say. "He ran out of state" "The Ferguson polices are sheltering him" stuff like that. I think when they catch up to him, they need to put some serious protection on that guy. I have seen cases like this in other countries (child molester, particularly nasty murderer) and it almost always end in an assassination.

@random45: Thank you for that link its a great listen and the perspective is very insightful.

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wow this is some shit going down huh? I will be in the US in two weeks hopefully this is over by then. Speaking about over, I am curious what you guys think would "solve" this situation?

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this is skimpy? She is wearing what women wear when they go to the gym for crying out loud. Come on people. I mean is this


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boy for a game so focus on companionship and building a team, the companions shown so far are so very unappealing. Except for my boy Varric. Lelianna is still amazing tho so there is that. I really like the new look they have for this game, evironment, gfx everything but wow the characters are ugly. Almost look like Bioware caught the fallout syndrome.

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Figured as much. So what the fuck is going on over at MS? I would like to say they are still under going major restructuring but when your major product is being boned 2:1 by the competitor. Yet another pr fuck up is really not looking good. Hey MS, see that sony conference yesterday and how they handle those exclusive/not exclusive announcement? Just fucking do that! Gaming corporations copy each other all the time about everything, just fucking copy sony pr or something.

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@mbradley1992: Seeing clarification tweets from all sides, I am going to go ahead and say this is time and not a very long one at that. We are probably looking at 6 months at worst (looking at you ryse, RD3). I am willing to bet on it.

Also, if you plan to be doing business for more than a year, you absolutely have an obligations to your customers. You DO owe your customers explanations and clarifications for ANYTHING they want to know or continues to lie/pr speak/be a dick and loose all your customers. This pertains to everything business not just this case. A new car is coming this holiday but this customer came in wanting to by last year model? She said she want the newest model, you refuse to tell her about the new model coming in 1 month because you want to sell right now? Yes, GOOD companies have the obligations to their customers.

I don't really care for this franchise but if DA3 was "exclusive for the holiday" so I bought it on ps4/X1 and it comes out like a month later on PC? Fuck all of that. They have the right to do this but people also have the right to not support it.

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I am a big fan of all types of animals internal organs. Chicken liver and heart. Pork ears, tongue, intestine and feet. Cow liver, heart, balls, etc. Part of being chinese/japanese and had lived in Thailand for a while, builds a taste for these things.