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@hassun: So it takes 5 years till people see the two top dogs fighting it out? Doesn't boxing have some sort of season / league setting? Or are those two guys from different leagues which prevents them from fighting eachother on a regular basis?

thats not how boxing works (but it should). Boxing is an event more so than a sport. 99% of the time promoters, coach and the boxer themselves need to come to an agreement whether or not this or that fight should happen. Then they sign papers and agree on money splits. Which is why mayweather was/is never a champion in many people's eyes. This guy show a pretty consistent record of picking fights he can win and ONLY ones he can win. Actually he said so as much himself. 5 years ago when pacman have all the fire and ferocity of youth, mayweather turn the offer to fight him down because of obvious reasons. He was too fast and his punch too powerful. 5 years later an in fighter like pacman lost a lot of his fire and his growing age does not help a brawler like him. Compare to Mayweather's defensive style that is possible to be maintain even with growing age. Mayweather sign the deal, again for obvious reasons.

People are saying regardless of his character mayweather is a smart boxer. That is true and also he clearly win this fight but he will NEVER be a true champ in a lot of people's eyes. As a champion you dont dodge fighting tough enemies and pick on ones you can beat then proclaim yourself champion. That is what a villian does. Compare to Mike Tyson (brawler) or Ali (technician) in their youth, same questionable characters but those men fought like champions.

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That won't be an issue with a system that is in place at the launch of a game (Fallout 4?).

If only I could have an ounce of your optimism. ;)

I'm not saying their won't be issues or that everyone will accept it immediately, but at the very least we won't have a bunch of mods that were free one day and behind a paywall the next. I think people will generally be more accepting if they don't feel like things are being taken away from them.

the problem with paid modding is the way the modding community works. The reliance of one mod on another and the collaboration between the community's modders. Unless the next game that support this come prepackage with all the possible support system in place so that modders did not have to build their own tool like skyui and skes etc. This thing was live for a weekend and as soon as monetary value was injected into the equation the community almost tear itself apart. As long as the culture of tool collaboration exist in the modding community(imo is what made that community amazing), I have a REAL hard time seeing this take off for any game really but I fully expect this to come back at some point.

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With the level of quality control steam have, this is no where NEAR a good idea. Already there are 20+ of the exact same sword mod going for anything from .99$ - 39.99$ and did I mention that NONE of those sellers and the actual mod creators? Some of them have been deleted but looking at steam green-light, lets not fool ourselves into thinking this is going to get "better".

This might be a noble idea to help modders get something in return but boy the implementation is amateur hour.

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I really like Cara. it is sad to see her go. As to moving out of writing for video games, I think it is a brilliant idea. Long form writing is on its last leg in this industry and I would not be surprise to see it go in a few more years. Cara is amazing on the mic/camera tho, it is a shame (and border on the criminal?) that no one have offered or she have not found a job she like enough to settle on yet. GB East, I know you guys are going through some moving pains right now but HIRE HER. Damn.

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Souls games are not made for everyone. If you are not having fun just drop it, you will by no means get "cred" for beating these games. Considering most souls fan will tell you, these games are not that hard. If you want bragging rights for beating a game go play Ninja Gaiden 1/2 on master ninja. Those games are fucking brutal.

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@ragingflower: I am sorry you are having a hard time adjusting duder. You can technically still play a slow, methodical style in this game. The answer to that is to use the spear weapon. Yes you do not have a shield anymore but you can absolutely use the guns as a shield replacement. No, I am not talking about using the parry. Most enemies get stagger from a single shot from the gun, so you can use it to replace the stagger after they hit the shield and then go in with the long range of your spear. This method works. A bit scarier than using a shield and rely pretty heavily on your good sense of distance but this is pretty much DS with a shield play style. And once you get the rune that regen you bullet after a parry, you pretty much have unlimited bullets.

And yes it is absolutely possible to go gun spec in this game or even arcane. Make use of your runes and instead of using shot gun try repeater or flame thrower.

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You must have a certain mind set for these games. You have to realize that dying is not a failure. If you are the type of player that rages every time you die in a video game, I urges you to try playing this game. It will almost be like the game giving you an intervention. You will die and you will rage but if you stick with it and when it finally click, you will be in almost a Zen state and dying in video games will never bother you again.

Don't be afraid of death in these games and learn from them. When you conquer your first boss, you will recall your first kiss. Clumsy, sloppy, probably not very pretty but you know you wanted more.

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This is quite a premature conclusion to come to the first week the game came out, considering people were discovering builds in Demon/DS/DS2 years after release. And yes there are less "skin" for weapons but the word variety is wrong for this, seeing as the unique move set from weapons found in the first 10 hour probably suppresses DS2.

Quick tip. did you know that a quick tap of R1 after a quick step launch a unique animation?

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best way to kill almost all big enemies in the game, get them stuck in the game geometry (get big/fat/tall enemies stuck on the other side of a small door is my advice.) and charge your longest range weapon. yes this is considered strategy in souls game.

On Father G's fight, if you have the music box from the little girl, you can use it when he transform to make the fight a bit easier.

Don't be too hung up on getting a parry on every enemy. It is often just as effective to wait for that attack and quick step behind them for some easy hits and back away.

Against really big bosses, the lock on camera often work against you. Might want to considered going lock on free and see if you manage better.

Get molotov, they never stop being good imo.

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i feel you but you know making sure you are not trapped (in this case backed up against the wall, surrounded) is like one of the first thing you learn to watch out for in fight in real life. For example, getting flank in war or making sure your escape route is open etc.

Here is a quick and dirty tip, if you see an enemy charging, there is no reason you should just stand there n brave an attack just to get a parry in. Quick step to the side or behind the guy and get a quick shot off. If you anticipate it quick enough u can get a parry n just quick step back in-front of him for the crit. In this way, even if u fail to parry, you are still save from the attack.

@zevvion: another quick one. certain enemies are weak to certain dmg types, which in turn dictates if they will get stun lock or not. Example, I hit a demon pig with the kirkhammer big form for 100dmg it does not stagger. I switch to a "sword" (weapon spoiler) n hit it for 80 and that stagger it. At the same time the quick form of said sword hit it for 60 = does not stagger. In conclusion, stagger conditions = right weapon type + enough dmg.