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Great! I wonder where they've set it. I'm really hoping for political intrigue instead of "The Walking...White Walkers".

Aaand now I really hope one of the chapters will be titled like that

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YEEEAAAAHHHHH Best of luck to you, Vinny!!

(Also, you have a heart of gold. Don't them take it from you)

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that said "We're into x, y, and viewers like you"

Where is it? Just realised it's not there anymore, and now I really miss it :(

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Welcome to the (sun)club, mate! :D

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Maybe I'm wrong but it looks like there are so few of them lately. They're my favorite part of GB so I am sad. That is all.

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So back in the day we had pretty much something new every so often and quick looks showed up in a nearly daily basis.

Nowadays there's a fairly good quantity of premium videos, podcasts and other nicey features but very little of the (back then) normal content and there's only a couple quick looks every week.

Might as well be entirely unrelated but still a bummer.

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Just got in, but no idea how to join corporations or anything like that. :(