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So this has been bothering me for a bit ever since I noticed it.

In the PS1 era it was super easy find items and such because they would "shine" in the background (ie it was a dark room, but the item would be as though it was in a britly lit place).

Ever since this effect has been more and more subtle but as I was playing Bloodborne and MGSV I noticed even today games still have this. It looks like the character isn't actually lit by the same light source used to light the environment he is in (in bloodblorne there is usually a faint blue light coming from the side no mater where you are, and in MSGV even though there is a red light in Snakes face when he is inside the chopper, just going near to the red light in the chopper doesn't make that light affect Snake as you'd think it would).

It looks like the environment and the characters have their own lights each, and sometimes SOMETIMES the devs emulate universal lighting by coding similar light circunstances depending in the place the character is, but that doesnt happen often and I can sometimes tell it's not reeeally the same light.

So whats up with that? Wouldn't it be easier to just have the same light affecting both player and environment?

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@fiyenyaa: I know, some of them have always been over the top and the ludicrous Moonlight Greatsword is proof of that. They have always been either fair realistic or grotesquely fantastical but DkS2 has a lot more bad taste with things like yellow quartz sword and whatnot.

I'm not against the weapons being huge, it's more like their designs in 2 are really meeh most of the time. I specially remember the staffs being very bad taste

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@dlcraddock: Yes but at what cost. Completely throwing away some very good design decisions that made gameplay and storytelling intertwine so seamlessly and in its place adding variety for variety's sake took away DkS' greatest charm. The shitty story that is totally out of sync with everything DkS tells us and rather uninspired design (in comparison) for creatures and places made me never touch the thing again after 1 playthrough I barely got to finish (while literally the only TWO games I actually made a point to get platinum are DkS and DeS)

Yes, it has variety, the newgame+ concept is cool and it has a lot of different weapons BUT AT WHAT COOOOST

I guess if people just play for the kicks of "play sharply or die repeatedly," then it's a 'great' game. But DeS/DkS is so much more and so much richer than just that.

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Shit's fucked

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error message should be something like "there was a demo here, but it's gone now"

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@hassun: I suppose, yes. If some of those lights start falling to the ground one by one I will feel personally offended.

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These dumb ass angelic wings are pissing me off. How about some subtlety in the imagery? We are not dumb.

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Human Revolution was going ok-ish for me with its half-ass stealth but by the time I got to the first boss with a stealth-build and realised you literally need a combat-build or else you can't get past the Boss in the first place, I dismissed it as a terribly designed game and just kept the good memories of that 10-minute teaser like thing they made.

And that was the last I've ever seen or feel like ever seeing of a Deus EX game.

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Demon's Souls