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@brodehouse: Yeah, for sure. All this stuff was around when WWE had Trish, Lita, Victoria, Molly Holly, etc. in the women's division, and while they used their sexuality to appeal to people (or disdain for it to get heat, in the case of Molly), they also had fun matches and feuds and connected with the crowd on a character and wrestling level, as well. There's a history of WWE fans enjoying women's wrestling with a good enough roster and actual effort put into it.

I'm through Survivor Series '94 right now. Owen Hart manipulating his mom to throw in the towel for Bret Hart during his I Quit match against Bob Backlund is beautiful. Owen and Mr. Backlund are both amazing. It's a shame the Mr. Backlund character doesn't do all that much after getting fed to Diesel a few days later.

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AJ and Paige are going "we get 3 minutes of work and have to lez out on each other, you give the Bellas a 10 minute segment and a storyline".

And thus we have the reason why the title is the "Diva's" title and no longer the Women's Title. It's sad that even when they seem to be getting a lot of talented women wrestlers WWE continues to put "Diva" drama before the actual wrestling.

The sad thing is is that Paige is legitimately good and Natalya hasn't been terrible lately, but Paige wrapped that match up to absolute stone fucking silence. Because the crowd has been inured to Divas matches, they've had 10 years to learn to not care about women wrestling. I bet you the only reason Lana is over right now is because she's never had to put on wrestling boots and get the -50 Care Penalty that the crowd gives lady wrestlers. They react pretty well to Lana and Steph, but Paige and AJ get CM Punk chants.

I'm also no longer buying the CM Punk chants are a tribute to AJ. They could chant 'AJ Punk' but they don't.

If or when Rusev splits from Lana and turns face, I'd like to see Lana replace him with a new Russian monster (or two), because I prefer the idea that Lana manages Rusev for her own interests than managing him for his interests. I'd like Lana to be a Sunny-type character, a bad lady who constantly lures other bad people in to achieve her goals. Sunny basically was the tag team storyline for 2 years. That's relatively impressive.

If you want more evidence of how the WWE audience views the women wrestlers: Some loud "We want puppies!" chants in my section during the AJ/Paige and Bella Twins segments. I was sitting next to a mom who brought her two sons to the show, and she asked me why they were chanting that. I could not have possibly changed the subject quicker. "Um I'm not sure what they're talking about HEY THE ROMAN REIGNS MATCH IS NEXT." Mortifying.

The crowd was a good deal more energetic than it seems to have come across on TV, but yeah, while there were cheers/boos for Paige and AJ, the "CM Punk!" and "We want puppies!" bullshit was louder. It'll take a while to undo the damage WWE has done to that division if they're really committed to it.

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So.. people didn't like the Cena stuff tonight? I thought it was quite effective and served a purpose in the storyline for Cena to run over people and start German Suplexing dudes.

I like the idea in theory, even to the point where he has to steamroll someone held in relatively high esteem or else it will mean nothing. I just wish there had been someone around better for the role than Wyatt since Cena has gotten the better of him the entire year. But I guess it's still sort of effective since even when he loses, Wyatt tends to be competitive. I like the idea of vicious killer Cena more than corny ass Cena, at least.

I was at Raw in person tonight, and ... it was definitely mediocre, with some fun spots. The eulogy was good fun, and this feud should be good for both Seth and Roman. Those two should mesh well together. Excited for Dust Brothers stuff, too, though if they are turning heel, I wonder who will boo them. I heard scattered boos, but the crowd still cheered them even after they attacked the Usos (whom the crowd also liked a lot). Bella Twins segment was hilarious. The winner of this feud should devour the other twin and absorb her power. Damien Mizdow was also funny. For whatever reason, seeing Sandow in Miz's wrestling gear was the funniest part to me. I also love that scenes from Miz's movies are in his Titantron video.

But yeah, the six-man tag at the end was the only fun match. Everything else either ended in a crappy way to set up an angle (which I don't mind) or was a whole lot of nothing. I feel like making even one other match satisfying would have helped a lot. Then again, it was worth attending the show to get one of my "I want to see this entrance in person at least once in my life" experiences scratched off when Shawn Michaels came out at the start. Maybe one day I'll get lucky enough to be in attendance for a random Stone Cold Steve Austin or Undertaker appearance.

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So I started watching G1 Climax, it's the first real Japanese wrestling event I've ever watched and I'm loving it so far, I love how respectful the crowd is, reminds me of the old wrestling that happened here in the UK with Big Daddy and so on. Whilst the crowd in the US might be more 'lively' I actually appreciate that the Japanese crowds show some respect for the actual wrestling rather than the cartoon characters. I don't know that many of the wrestlers though which is quite refreshing.

Also Shelton X Benjamin, I'd forgotten he was wrestling over there and hearing him say FU on there made me laugh. Whose the small guy with Shelton by the way? He looks super familiar from WWE in the past but I can't remember his name.

That's probably Taka Michinoku. He's in the same stable as Shelton over in New Japan and wrestled in WWF in the late '90s-early 2000s.

EDIT: And here's another 1994 WWF jobber who would go on to better things later in his career:


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Watched the Raw with the well-known Bret Hart vs. 1-2-3 Kid match, which I hadn't seen since I was a kid. That holds up quite well. It's cool to see Bret wrestle a more heel-like power wrestling style against the skinnier, quicker Kid. The Kid comes out of this looking like a million bucks even though he ends up tapping to the Sharpshooter at the end.

EDIT: Just watched the next Powerbombcast homework assignment, WCW World War 3 1995 ... it's actually a surprisingly fun show! Johnny B. Badd vs. Diamond Dallas Page is decent, even if the angle is kind of sketchy. (Kim Page puts herself on the line in the match because she's tired of DDP's shit ... so I guess her status as a wife is on the line?? They never really make it clear whether she's up for grabs as a manager (which is slightly sketchy, but normal-ish for wrestling) or as a wife (which is SUPER sketchy). The whole thing is really weird.) Big Bubba vs. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan is an OK brawl. Then, because WCW was trying whatever at this stage, there's a joshi tag match in the middle of the show, and it's the best match on the card. I bet next to nobody knew who any of them were except maybe Bull Nakano, and they totally won the crowd over. That'll happen when you double stomp folks off the top rope like four times in a row and do high-risk moves many people wouldn't see until the cruiserweights started doing their thing.

Next match is He Who Shall Not Be Tagged against young Kensuke Sasaki, and they have a cool match. (Also, almost nobody in WCW knows how to pronounce Kensuke's name. They keep saying it "Ken-Sue-Key." The man works for you; get his name correct!) Savage/Luger is more an angle than a match, but it's worth it for the flashback to the Yeti's debut from Halloween Havoc a month earlier. Flair/Sting is Flair/Sting, except with Flair being extra great and stalling by darting to each of the three rings in succession. And the actual World War 3 match ... a hot, hilarious mess. The best part is easily Gary Michael Cappetta introducing all 60 wrestlers one-by-one in rapid fire succession. WCW had a way more colorful cast of jobbers than WWF did!

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I feel like there's still time for Roman to grow both in the ring and on the mic. Remember, he's not just working on TV and on pay per views -- presumably, he's also working the house show circuit, where he can hopefully try out new shit and see what sticks. I'm not super into his singles run yet, but I also think it's way too early to throw in the towel on him. I mean, Seth Rollins was just as bad -- if not worse -- as Roman on the mic, and I think he's improved to the point where he can speak well enough to get the point across.

Seth is way better at cutting "I'm a scumbag who gets whatever I want" promos than he is cutting "we're a bunch of holy hell asskickers, brother!" In the hands of someone else, the "New Symbol of Excellence" promos might have really took off. I buy Seth as an intelligent opportunist with way more talent than is reasonable, but I don't buy him as a force of nature who is going to bring fire and leave ashes.

Reigns should be a force of nature who brings fire and leaves ashes, but instead he's been revolving around "I'm Roman Reigns and I'm like, cool you guys. I'm like, so cool and strong. Heh heh heh." He sounds like someone trying to impress girls having a smoke outside of a nightclub. "Yeaaaah, baby gurl."

Yeah, I can agree with all that. There's definitely a clear difference between how Roman carries himself in the ring and on the mic. In the ring, even if it's not totally perfect in a one-on-one scenario yet, he is that force of nature. He can believably wreck people. But trying to be a cool catchphrase machine on the mic doesn't work at all for him. Yet, anyway ... maybe he'd get good at it with time? Or maybe he'd always suck at it and just needs to find a different approach.

EDIT: Also want to make it clear that I'm not arguing that Bryan and Roman are on the same level or anything like that. I just think arguments about movesets mostly miss the point. Like Oldirtybearon says above me, it's not the moveset itself that matters as much as what you do with it to push forward the specific story being told in the ring. Stone Cold Steve Austin, post-neck injury, was just "punch, kick, Lou Thesz press, Stone Cold Stunner" in his matches, and he still had plenty of good ones because he was a vicious dude. In time, Roman can learn to use his moves to tell interesting, exciting stories in the ring. I hope it comes while he has his time on top and not after WWE gives up on him (if they do).

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Daniel Bryan: Kick, kick, kick...some more kicks. Here's a headbutt from the top...kick, kick, kick. Bryan is also not very good on the mic. I think Roman could be good on the mic, but his issue is he obviously has his shit written for him and it's not great, but also he tries to be all suave and cool when he should just keep it short, sweet, and badass.

So it was okay when Bryan was made to look invincible at Mania? Also that's what all main event baby faces do...they get beat up, bust out their moves and win. This has almost always been the case. I hardly think he's green in the ring either. He can take a beating well, bumps/sells well, etc. He just needs to add like a spinebuster or a powerbomb to his arsenal or something. Also the complaint about the superman punch is silly. It's pro wrestling. I love the move BECAUSE of the buildup he gives it.

I actually agree with most of your post except Bryan being bad on the mic. Just like Roman Reigns, he was good when given something he could excel at -- in Bryan's case, the jerkoff abusive boyfriend/holier than thou vegan character in 2012 and the dude with the chip on his shoulder in 2013. He was very good on the mic then because it was something interesting and entertaining, just like Roman was when he was the guy who added that extra bit of oomph to those Shield trio intimidation promos. The problem, just like with Roman, comes when he has to be that super broad, appeal to everyone WWE babyface. However, I do think Roman's babyface shtick is slightly more tolerable than Bryan's god awful sarcasm. Remember, even CM Punk mostly spouted nonsense in that role; he was just FAR better at presenting it.

I feel like there's still time for Roman to grow both in the ring and on the mic. Remember, he's not just working on TV and on pay per views -- presumably, he's also working the house show circuit, where he can hopefully try out new shit and see what sticks. I'm not super into his singles run yet, but I also think it's way too early to throw in the towel on him. I mean, Seth Rollins was just as bad -- if not worse -- as Roman on the mic, and I think he's improved to the point where he can speak well enough to get the point across.

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On the Raw before the 1994 King of the Ring, we have a spry fella named "Keith Davis" wrestling Razor Ramon. Who could it be?

Why, it's 1994 Jeff Hardy! I might enjoy his outfit more than Matt's. It's pretty great.

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Nope, Cena didn't show up at all.

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Today on Before They Were Famous:

1994 Matt Hardy! Those pants are amazing. That is Nikolai Volkoff in the "property of the Million Dollar Man" trunks, in case you were curious.