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Whoops... I must've accidentally hit the GameFAQs bookmark.

Not that this is a good topic, but please don't kid yourself into thinking the GB forums are high quality or some bullshit. Some of the responses in this topic alone prove that (see jdh5153's post for starters).

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If you're a JRPG kinda guy I'd recommend downloading Tales of Graces f.

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More articles like this and less of Patrick's political soapboxing and clickbaiting, please.

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@DeadSpace: You must not be paying much attention then, every article that mentions Dust has a comments section filled with people ripping on furries and Dodrill.

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@Terramagi said:

The game has an amazing pace*

*after you get through the 3 hour long intro

That is definitely a pain, but not only did they add some chances for you to explore the town during the intro, the skip feature lets you get through it in 10 or so minutes if you don't want to deal with it (e.g. NG+). It's not quite as bad as it was before.

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@Camsampbell said:

@Shinri: Hey dude, way to pretend to be a piece of shit! That schtick is hilarious!

Oh, I'm not pretending. :) Get over yourself, by the way, you sound like as much of a prick as me.

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More articles that have no place on this website. Keep it up Pat, reminding me why I dislike you as a journalist (and as a person, too).

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@Arx724: Simply claiming that "sexism happens both ways" completely misses the point that one side has it much worse.

Yeah, men. Men have it worse. Maybe not specifically in gaming, but overall? Yeah.

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I ordered it from an Amazon seller last week, hasn't arrived yet, but the estimated delivery date is the 28th.

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@Nightriff: I can kind of understand why you want to hear their opinions, but they're notorious for disliking everything to come out of Japan in like, the last 10 years. Expect them to be heavily biased against it.