Okay so basically after getting my new Samsung HDTV lately ive been loving the video quality my games have been giving me, this leads me to wanting to get the same quality from my Movies/TV-Shows and as a result im thinking of investing in a Blu-Ray player. My question to anyone willing to give an insight into the facets of Blu-ray's and if they are really as expensive as people are telling me?

Also i dont know whether to get a PS3 or a standard Blu-Ray player. I mean im not stoked about many PS3 games although i wouldnt mind trying MGS4 i suppose...

Bleh poor blog i know, just wanted to get some viewpoints.


Just finished Dead Space...

Wow!. Thats all I can really say at the moment, this is one of the finest survival horror games In recent memory and probably the one I have enjoyed most since the release of  Resident Evil 4 back on the Gamecube. From a story perspective, it was very competent and involving with enough room for the users own thought process rather than beating you over the head with the story like some similar titles do.
  The graphics were utterly stunning and after recently purchasing a HDTV I was amazed at just how good this title looked, my only gripe being the menu system which can be very difficult to read on standard defininition television sets.

Full Review coming in a day or two, i'll probably talk about it more in Friday's V-Log in which ill discuss other projects im working on and games ive been playing etc.


Digital Distribution: The way of the future?

"Digital distribution (Also known as digital delivery and Electronic software distribution) is the principle of providing digital information and content over the Internet in the form of products or services." - Wiki

Digital distribution has been a vital part of this current generation of consoles, each home console boasts its own medium with which it sells content (wether this be full games, downloadable content. Etc.). Thus far these online transactions have been, for the most part, very successful as a stream of revenue for the respective platforms.

In my opinion the success story of this generation in terms of original game development and the reintroduction of titles from previous generations is undoubtably the Xbox360. Xbox Live Arcade boasts a variety of amazing titles both new and old and is the indie developers playground (although admittedly with certain limitations) for distributing their content to a mass market.

The success of Xbox Live Arcade and other digital means made me wonder wether or not the distribution of Full retail games will eventually follow suit and be distributed directly from an online store of sorts within the console itself. This would of course increase profits for the developers and producers of games as well as the parent company themselves but does raise several questions and effects:

  • If certain titles were exclusively distributed this way through one medium only the companies involved would not be under any pressure to reduce prices due to the increased profit margins and lack of distributive competition.
  • What of people who have no internet connection, should they be denied access to certain titles simply because of lacking access to the web?
  • Advertising. If stores worldwide to not sell many of these titles then all advertising will have to be self imployed through the medium of television,print and the internet. This could cut harshly into the profits of a game and thus take away from the viability of this distributional method for many smaller companies.
  • Gamespot and the pre-owned market. If eventually all content is distributed entirely through digital mediums then stores like Gamespot would go out of business costing thousands of jobs worldwide and further limiting the access of cheaper games to the public due to the subequent death of the pre-owned games market.

Anyway, just some things ive been thinking about. All comments welcome.

- Shin