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Log in to account and come face to face with a inbox full of people flaming me for my opening comment with replies along the lines of "ZOMG DUDE READ ARTICLE!!"

Can always count on this community to jump to assumptions, I have and did read the article and i understand its points about costs of creation and the opinions of insiders on how this pricepoint is actually a bargain.

But in the spectrum of things, 150k for a character in a game is a ridiculous sum of money to me.

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Wow 150k for 1 character thats ridiculous

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@zels said:

So basically - goodbye DmC2?

Pretty much.
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It's not necessarily offensive per se it's just incredibly mind boggling and it seems like this site, with the tone and comedic content style it has and has always had is the complete wrong venue for this discussion. It's not something that I have a problem with people discussing online by any means but it seems more suited to a different site with a different target audience and 'vibe'.

To put it in layman terms, it's like having a detailed discussion about politics within sports on lol

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And no i don't mean the statue, even though it is tasteless.

What is disgusting is that we have over 50 pages of arguments based on personal morals and ethics which are entirely subjective....on a video game site. What is the world coming to...

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@Sooty said:

Timesplitters sucked.

I second this motion

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So much rage here, not saying i shouldn't have got banned just thought the way they phrased it as if it was not a permanent ban was funny. People get so riled up and create their own sub debates that had nothing to do with what i was talking about, it's funny how they phrased the email - thats all i was getting at -_-

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Vendored an item that was selling for more than it should have been. 52 Weeks! xD

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Yeah it's great, but funny as hell since instead of saying perma ban it's a temporary 52 week ban xD

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@Delta_Ass said:

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

Ohh i'll be doin the time.

Just thought it was hilarious that it was 52 weeks lol