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@HaltIamReptar said:
" What?  Either this is a copy-cat of the other asshole, or the same asshole.  Either way, you're an asshole. "

This, you asshole!
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There's no need to defend this game. If your a fan of JRPG's this should be an awesome game for you. If your not, well then why the hell would you rag on a game you know you wont like...

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Ok so i'm now around 4 hours into Final Fantasy 13 and I must say that it is everything I had hoped for. The voice acting is spot on and the characters are really likable and relate-able, the battle system is fluid and puts the emphasis on tactical decisions as to your characters class roles a lot. From a graphical perspective the game is one of the finest this generation and the storyline is really gripping. I am really enjoying it thus far.

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@TheHBK said:
" @Cross_Marian said:
" @EchoForge: And sorry but no. Selling games is very hard in Japan, so for a game to sell 2 million copies is a lot. It got huge media attention because it sold ruffly 2 million that was just in the 1st week.  "
It sold two million copies because has Final Fantasy in the title.  What else do you want?  Here in the Americas, where RPGs are actually being developed with the technology and ideas of 2010, not the tech of 2006 and mindset of 1995. "

I'd check this out if I were you if your worried about sales.... Some concepts are timeless, and to be honest. The design perspective of 2009 from a traditional rpg standpoint were very questionable to say the very least.

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Cant WAIT for this game!

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@Yukoei said:
" @xyzygy said:
" The game has been getting review averaging around 80. 80 is not bad at all. "
But KaosAngle said Japan hated the game. "

Yeah Japan "hates" the game so much Famitsu gave it 39/40 and Dengeki gave it 120/100. Gief break plz >.>

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You know i am!

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You better believe i'm getting it GOTY for sure! (Waits to see trolls who came specifically to the sub forum to slant the game to rage)

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If your interested in the game buy it. Honestly, i havent played it and can't tell you wether it's great or terrible or somewhere inbetween but what I can say for certain is that you should give it a chance. Obviously you interested in the product and I feel you should follow through with that interest, I've noticed on this sub-forum that posters will come here specifically to make snarky comments about a game they haven't played and bash it at any given opportunity and take great pride (strangely) in doing so, don't let these people sway you, or by the same token dont let people who are overly positve sway you. Make up your own mind.

As for the game itself, the major gripe that people seem to have with it is it's Linearity. Which is a staple of most JRPG's of this generation, so if you were a fan of those you'll probably at least find this title interesting. If you would prefer the most western role playing game openworld approach then this might not be the best fit for you. It's all down to your design preferences on this issue.

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The PS3 Version seems to look slightly better. Although it's nothing that noticeable.