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@walkertr77 said:

We really need a weekly Vinny catch up/call in segment for the Bombcast. Seriously, even him calling into the studio for 20 minutes a week would be utterly fantastic.

I want this so much. I just learned he had a second kid a few weeks ago. IT SEEMED LIKE ONLY YESTERDAY HE WAS TALKING ABOUT HOW MUCH NEWBORN MAX POOPED.

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Everyone on GB puts heart and soul into their work. And Jeff's got a lot of at least one of those things. Maybe both. Depends on what mood he's in it seems.

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That guy doesn't look a day over 30. LIES.

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We need more stories like this. Things that show exactly why games cost so much. Education, people!

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As a male, I can't hope to know what sexism feels like from the other side.

That's why I'm glad things like this get brought to my attention. It may not be what I'm looking for from a gaming site, but I like to know when my favorite hobby suffers from problems like this.

Keep up what you're doing. Keep people informed. That's what journalists are for, aren't they?

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Wat o.o

EDIT: Woo, achievement get. No one is surprised though. Although evil George Washington sounds like the perfect nemesis to the Lincoln Force.

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Seems a bit premature to react like this. I'm sure the Dawnguard get some cool magical buffs or something. You don't fight vampires with just a crossbow.

If nothing else, I'll just join the Dawnguard to kick some vampire ass. Those dicks have had it coming for a while.

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Is it me, or is that Rich Gallup in that picture of three people?

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Not a bad idea, but I'm not sure what would be gained from it.

The uncut GOTY podcasts are already fairly dry, I'm sure uncut bombcasts would go similarly.

That being said though, we really don't know what we're missing, so I say go for it and try it out.

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