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$93.5 mllion

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Cool beans!

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A friend linked me to a TechinAsia article (I hadn't even heard of the site before) written about Pyongyang Racer, North Korea's first ever video game, supposedly to highlight some of the best tourist attractions in the country. Maybe Drew would be able to fact-check a little...

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It's free to play, in-browser, and here's the game itself. I haven't been able to get the page to load yet, any luck guys? What do you think?

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A little serious criticism here.

The character art was good, very Limbo-esque. Aside from that, the music was middling, the "mysterious" text ended up asking the same questions over and over again and got really boring, and I found the abrupt ending with literally no payoff kinda (very) awful.

Also, can I ask you something? From a gameplay perspective, what in the world motivated you to make an entire game that involves ice platforming, a frustrating mechanic disliked (hated?) pretty openly by gamers?

All of this being said, can't say I've ever made a game, so it's better than anything I could come up with. Just wanted to go back to my Newgrounds reviews days and give a little criticism! Don't take it too much to heart, it's your first game and there's always room for improvement. Maybe make a sequel and answer some of those darn questions... just an idea. :)

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@mosespippy: @xeno1053: I totally should have known that, thanks!

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I know I link to a bunch of external websites here, but I'm just doing my best to share the news with anybody who might not have read anything on this yet :)

So, a thread on Reddit became pretty popular yesterday after Go Daddy released a statement regarding their support for the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act that's making its way through congress at the moment. The press release caused somewhat of an uproar amongst internet users, especially website owners, some of whom made it clear they'd be switching domain hosts (as shown in the first link) as part of a boycott of Go Daddy due to the company's backing of SOPA.

A quick Whois lookup of shows they too use Go Daddy as a domain host. I'm curious, what are your guys' thoughts on this? Any reason for politics to get involved in something like a website domain provider, and is it any reason for Dave, or Jeff, or whoever else has control over the matter to consider switching to another one?

Edit: Nevermind, Giant Bomb actually uses Amazon, which I've totally heard them say before but it slipped my mind. Thanks to mosespippy and xeno1053 for the clarification.

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@Gamer_152: We don't want this thing to work out the kinks. We don't want it to understand.

What we need to be thinking about as a society right now is when to pull the plug before this gets out of hand. How many more chats will we let it participate in and "learn" from, before we're fighting off an ultra-intelligent, liquid-regenerating Cleverbot with a shotgun from the back of a motorcycle?

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I was able to play one game on the day it came out, and then it froze at the pre-game loading after three or four sequential attempts/restarting the console.
Booted it up about half an hour ago, same thing happening.. I uninstalled then reinstalled the demo and deleted the saved data off the hard drive, and tried again.. with the exact same result. Dude...

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Dude, uninspiring.

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@AlwaysAngry said:

I think Rogue Warrior is a close second, and Noby Noby Boy is in 1st. "

Watching the Noby Noby Boy QL, with Jeff saying 
"I wanna choke 'em..."
"There's no escape!"
while wrapping around and strangling the people with the snake-thing was what cemented Giantbomb as my favourite site on the internet. 
Probably one of my favourite lines in a QL ever though, which I still think to this day should be printed on a t-shirt or something, is during the ChuChu Rocket QL, when Vinny, Ryan and Brad are playing at once, trying to collect the mice, and Vinny says
"Sometimes you just gotta eat a cat, you know?"
Wiser words have never been spoken.