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@The_Grindilow said:
" Quit whining, she's HOT. "
Are you the one marrying her though?
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I don't really mind.  He wasn't obnoxious (and his prescence wasn't obtrusive) on the latest Bombcast.

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To me it just seemed like they were breaking the fourth wall just for the purpose of breaking the fourth wall.

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It says 12 in the name even though it's the second game in that series, it frustrates me.  It's like it is trying to be needlessly fancy in the same way most Kingdom Hearts titles do.

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I noticed that the transition to university decreases the number of idiots and increases the number of smart arse know-it-alls.

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@iam3green said:
" man what a freak. she is a weird girl with a dick. i just have to say that about her. i couldn't find the grammys. all i saw was the fashion stuff on E.
Where does this come from anyway?  Everytime she is brought up in some sort of discussion somebody feels the need to go "she haz dick yu no?".  I'm not a Lady Gaga apologist, but the rumour is horriblly juvenile and worst of all, OLD.
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@Devil240Z said:
" Being a hacker really needs a better career path, that leads to jobs where they use their skill to stop hacking.  "
Breaking/modifying something is easier than making it from scratch.  Would be interesting to see how effective the hackers are at doing something useful though.
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Surely the controls on the PS3 match up exactly to the 360 ones?  (besides swapping the triggers over, which some games do)

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Love Gears, but like every other fan I have everything already.

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It feels like every KH should just include an AMV creator, because (from the perspective of someone who just played KH1)  that's all the games are used for.