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Mega Man Legends 3 makes me want to get this thing so bad

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If it's a prequel it's okay, but if it is a reboot then they are taking this in the wrong direction. 
Anyway I'm sure we will see a "Cole" done to him.

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@LiquidPrince said:

" @EpicSteve said:

" @m1k3 said:
" i do P90X whenever i have the chance. I also bought The Perfect Pushup a year ago. I really dont have much time to workout though since i have other stuff getting in the way. "
I've been looking into the P90x, but it's my understanding that it's supposed to break you everytime you workout. I'm not looking for that right now. Nor do I really have the time for 60-full minutes of exercise everyday. "
It will definitely break you. It's designed in such a way that you never get used to it, thus you're always going to be struggling. If you can do it though, you get ripped. "
Anyone worried about the break you part, if you aren't in the best shape but have enough free time you can do it at your own pace and slowly build up to completing it in a hour and a half. The best thing about it is that you will rarely hit a plateau which is what really stops people from getting in shape. 
Lost 50 pounds on it in the last 4 months and still going.
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The mobile site plus I basically watch/listen to at least a good 7 hours a week of content from them (2 hours for live screened, 2 for TNT, 1 hour worth of QL, 2 for the bombcast). For the amount of entertainment I get from them, 5 dollars a month is cheap.

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Hope it comes out just so we can put this joke to bed finally

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I have a 12 month pre paid card from amazon I got cheap, and wont be using it until MvC3 comes out. 
Kinda sad that they are charging this much for those "features" since lastfm / twitter / facebook pretty much suck on XBL, and you have to pay extra for hulu and netflix.

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@Toxin066: @Toxin066 said:

" NPH in a game? SOLD.  Still curious as to why "Symbiote" is called "Ultimate". Will it be based off teenaged Parker from the Ultimate Spiderman series? The symbiote was present for a very short time in those comics. "

It's based off the ultimate spider man universe and the reason why they went with the black costume even though he wears it for like 1-2 issues is because they wanted to give it a GOW type action style of gameplay.    
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I loved DAO but not for the mechanics or the style, just for the story. I even did the unspeakable, I played it on the consoles and instead of pause and unpausing all the time I played it as much as a hack and slash as I could. 
As much as I would rather have the more open ended character creation, if it leads to an even stronger story I'm for it.

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This has got to be one of the worst E3 press conferences I have ever seen.

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