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@hh: You need to get one of the tokens for successfully helping someone as a white phantom. You can also get one in Huntsman's Copse, I believe, on the bridge towards the Executioner's Chariot you can drop down and get one there. Have one in your inventory when you talk to him.

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Demon's Souls > Dark Souls 2 > Dark Souls.

Dark Souls 2 may potentially go ahead of Demon's Souls for me.

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All four old ones actually drop the Lord's Souls in NG+, IIRC. Also note the Chaos Witch, I think that was her name, crawls into the Lost SInner's eye in the boss cutscene.

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@bnutz2k: There's more than one path? I just went slow and moved to whatever platform I could see...the part by the bridges and the dumb not-suiciding splodey guys I did get a tad turned around on, but a bit of backtracking and going across the other way worked fine.

No idea wtf this 'cockroach' thing people are talking about is. I missed a lot of stuff there, it seems.

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I was fighting the Sentinel's and was getting frustrated to where I had to stop playing for a bit, then decided to go explore more and found other places before returning. I'm currently in the Undead Crypts and having a blast. Stuck on the boss though....should beat him tomorrow! I like it a LOT more than DaS, which because of the community I grew to not like. I love Demon's Souls and glad DaS2 brought back some things from it =D

EDIT: As Petiew said, the leveling seems a bit weird. I'm level 115 now with roughly 35 hours. seems a bit fast.

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@sterling: I've had people be able to heal when they come and play with me in my playground, so you can definitely heal as a grey. Before I joined the covenant I got kidnapped and was allowed to heal too, as a grey.

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@yummylee: Character tendency, actually. You need it to be pure black, IIRC, and have killed Yurt, then she hires you to take his place.

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For Demon's and Dark Souls I went with a Knight class and focused on Vit, Str, and End for my stats. I'm most likely going to mix it up and rock it out as a mage to mix things up.

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@kishinfoulux: Wedge is the guy that let you gave the Sneaking-In Ticket too, you'll meet Biggs shortly after you finish Wedge's quest.