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IV (story was the best, imo, even though it's the start of the garbage modern story =/) > Brotherhood > Unity (best gameplay mechanics, worst stories) > III > Rogue (love it, to short though. Ending to modern day made me excited for a decent one again though!) > Revelations > II > AC > Liberation

Think that's all of them.

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@theht: I'm the exact opposite on that, the modern day story is what keeps me interested in the series, as it ties everything together and without it there's no point in what you're doing. If they get rid of it for whatever reason I'd expect myself to start getting bored of the series. Get back to an animus as an actual character, not a completely random character/'you' playing a game. The story is growing stagnant because they're doing nothing with the modern day.

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@efesell: I'm right there with you, the most issues I've had with Unity (played thursday or friday on launch week as I beat Rogue fisrt) was in the MP (few times things didn't trigger properly meaning we had to restart, the tournament co-op level was just broken most of the time I did it), and the one or two times I noticed the frame rate dropping which fixed itself quickly.

I love the series, I've played (and almost have the platinum/100% trophies(including dlc) + 100% in SP, missing Unity's 100% (97% atm, almost done), Rogue's 100% + Platinum, and Black Flag's platinum) all of the ones on consoles and have enjoyed every single one. I AM hoping they start doing SOMETHING with the modern day again as it was cute in Black Flag, non-existent in Unity, and the way it ended in Rogue actually got me a bit to see what they'll do with it. I really just want a new modern day protag and not 'be' the protag.

Imo, Unity has the best gameplay yet the worst story in both fronts, modern and past. I just feel like things in Arno's story were underutilized and should've been better. Bring on Victory!

EDIT: Assuming I can afford it, I'll probably be pre-ordering Victory when I can.

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@scrappypixels: The game is actually cross platform multi, so Ps4 plays w/ vita & ps3 and so on. I play it every now and then, I really gotta get back to it =(

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@enragedstump: I assumed dude got injured, and that he was morning the loss of family/friends...old lady was dead, assumed it was her story as she seemed to be going crazy last I talked to her. Came back, everyone's dead and I realize why he's not IN the church, safe from the beasts.

That guy sucks, I was just being helpful!

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@windir2112: I'm sure they could have called it 'Blood Soul's" or whatever. I mean, they own Demon's Souls still which is the first Souls game.

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I loved the Micolash fight, actually. Just the dialog and it seeming like a maze at first, him turning into dust and teleporting. It was just really cool. I can't wait for people to discover more about the lore, as I want to learn more about the Nightmare headstone/world and I'm incompetent when it comes to finding all the little things and piecing them together.

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When I was exploring the Hunter's Dream and noticed how to continue was via the Headstones. I was so happy for a return to a more Demon's Souls formula that I was ecstatic.

I find it interesting people can figure out how to leave the Hunter's Dream, which was the last thing I figured out, without finding their weapon. Why wouldn't you read all the tutorial messages, even if you've played other Souls games? The mechanics are different enough that they'd be helpful.

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I've been to three gamestops around here, and they're always really well organized/clean/upkept. I'm guessing the first two you went to are the average or something seeing as the hate they get seems to be pretty common. My main one makes me really like GS, I like going there.

Only once did it smell weird in one, but that's because there were so many people there because it was shortly after a holiday.

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I rotate between three different saves, switching which one I save to every time I save.

For a game like Mass Effect I'll have one or two saves on a mission/planet and one at the home base/ship/what-have-you.