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@enragedstump: I assumed dude got injured, and that he was morning the loss of family/friends...old lady was dead, assumed it was her story as she seemed to be going crazy last I talked to her. Came back, everyone's dead and I realize why he's not IN the church, safe from the beasts.

That guy sucks, I was just being helpful!

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@windir2112: I'm sure they could have called it 'Blood Soul's" or whatever. I mean, they own Demon's Souls still which is the first Souls game.

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I loved the Micolash fight, actually. Just the dialog and it seeming like a maze at first, him turning into dust and teleporting. It was just really cool. I can't wait for people to discover more about the lore, as I want to learn more about the Nightmare headstone/world and I'm incompetent when it comes to finding all the little things and piecing them together.

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When I was exploring the Hunter's Dream and noticed how to continue was via the Headstones. I was so happy for a return to a more Demon's Souls formula that I was ecstatic.

I find it interesting people can figure out how to leave the Hunter's Dream, which was the last thing I figured out, without finding their weapon. Why wouldn't you read all the tutorial messages, even if you've played other Souls games? The mechanics are different enough that they'd be helpful.

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I've been to three gamestops around here, and they're always really well organized/clean/upkept. I'm guessing the first two you went to are the average or something seeing as the hate they get seems to be pretty common. My main one makes me really like GS, I like going there.

Only once did it smell weird in one, but that's because there were so many people there because it was shortly after a holiday.

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I rotate between three different saves, switching which one I save to every time I save.

For a game like Mass Effect I'll have one or two saves on a mission/planet and one at the home base/ship/what-have-you.

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Almost lost 150k yesterday, barely managed to kill the weird witch thing in a chalice to get them back. I think the most would be around 50-ishk? Not 100% sure.

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@seikenfreak: When you leave the building behind the cannon guy, to your right as you continue you'll see paths leading up, follow them into another building and there's an elevator that takes you right next to the bell.

You missed some things in the first building, like an npc and such.

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As vet of the Souls games (platted DeS and DaS1, was working on DaS2 prior to BB's release) I found it difficult to adjust to as I always played more defensively, always had a shield but made sure I could also fast roll when needed. Not being able to tank enemies at fisrt made it difficult, especially with how many there are at first I died quite a few times at the beginning, I think after Cleric Demon and Father G I started feeling quite comfortable and have been doing better.

Screw Headstone 3 though, after I got to the second(?) lamp there I just ran through everything with how many enemies there were + how hard they were (seriously, how do you kill the 3 hunters right after the lamp? It's insane!)

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I'm really hoping that'll get patched as I can barely play it, it kills my eyes. Everything else people complain about like resolution and 30 fps being bad never bothered me, fps only when it's noticeable (happened once or twice in Unity), but crazy motion blur is my breaking point. Fable 3 and Type Zero are the only ones that I have issues with.