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I just don't see BC as being that big of a deal, honestly. It's great, sure, but people seem to be making it out as if it's the best thing ever. Isn't the WiiU fully backwards compatible with Wii games?

I personally think Ubisoft and Sony had the strongest showings, in terms of things I'm interested in. Microsoft had that game by the people behind Metroid Prime though, that looked good!

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Nier 2


For Honor


Recore would be there but it's an X1 exclusive and I have no intention of getting one =/

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I was hoping they would do it right, but it seem they aren't. They really fucked the dialog options because of it, and now there won't be as many options because of it. Real shame.

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As someone that has a plat for Demon's Souls up to Bloodborne, I feel no excitement. I've always felt the Souls games should NEVER have a number after them, and I still feel that way. Maybe I'll be excited when we see a non-cg trailer and some gameplay.

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I am much more interested in it than any other Bethesda game since it seems they actually made a competent looking game, but I'm excited to see the post-release news on that!

I'll probably grab the GOTY edition once it's cheaper.

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I have never been so hyped before, those last few moments of the trailer, along with the Metal Gear (Rex?), an AI core from Peace Walker, Zero, etc.

Is that David Hayter at around 30 seconds in?

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Don't be a dick, don't spoil something new, give it at least two weeks. Anybody uppity over spoilers of things that are 1+ years old are crazy.

As for people saying that spoilers don't ruin anything, they do for me. I enjoy being taken surprised by a twist, especially if it's a story that I really really like. Playing a Souls game or Bloodborne and knowing what was coming would seriously hinder my enjoyment, playing them completely blind for my first playthrough is the time when I enjoy them the most. Some things though where I just don't really care, like Fallout 3's story, I don't care about spoilers. It all just depends, really.

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the Infamous games, especially First Light and Second Son had very good traversal. I only wish that Delsin had a flying power as Cole did in the Vampire DLC for 2 when you used his smoke powers =/

Gravity Rush, after getting used to it it just felt completely natural the whole time and incredibly fun.

As others have said, the THPS games (and underground), for what I assume are obvious reasons.

The Arkham games, just feels incredibly good gliding. Running around doesn't feel as good though, especially in Origins MP.

I'll happily say the Assassin's Creed series too, especially Unity. It just felt so good!

That's all I can think of for now.

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This makes me sad, actually. I found Rampage to be surprisingly good, and I will always love the Postal movie.

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Used this name ever since I first got XBL way back on the original xbox, used it near everywhere since and it feels wrong if I don't have it.

Avatar is just some Holo, because Holo is obviously one of the best girls.