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@fredchuckdave: wait, Ohio is part of the midwest? really? Wouldn't it be mideast, at the most?

I'm so fucking confused now because of including Ohio, Michigan, etc... into the midwest thing. And here I thought I was done with this kind of confusion =/

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I pre-order if I know I'm going to like the game, and am going to get it on day 1 regardless. I did it with Unity, and it's my favorite AC game in terms of everything but story (have some issues with Arno's story, just things that weren't explained and the modern day stuff was garbage. I love the modern day stuff in the AC games too, and I want more of it. Not less).

Pre-ordered LBP3, and now I'm waiting for Bloodbourne.

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I know that voice.

very enjoyable, imo. 5/5

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If it's going to come to consoles (which, given the subject matter I'm doubting), and it plays well enough I might, actually. I'd be up for it. I wouldn't spend $20 on it though, maybe $10 at the most.

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I, personally, would say Video simply because you see the subtitles, you don't hear them. It's part of the picture that you see of the game. Audio should just be there to adjust different audio-related things (master volume, music, sound effects, dialog, etc...)

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When I'm buying a game I'm not sure on, or just curious of the general publics opinion on it, I go and read multiple user reviews, good or bad. If I'm curious of the game but not sure if it's my type (Bloodbourne is a day 1 buy, for example, as I know I'll enjoy it), depending on the reviews depends on if I'll look out for a deal or not. Note: I normally buy games when they're on sales/cheap, reviews just dictate when I grab them.

EDIT: I use the actual number score/stars/whatever to dictate which reviews I read/look at, I generally read a few high, and a few low, and maybe a few middling ones.

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@hh: You need to get one of the tokens for successfully helping someone as a white phantom. You can also get one in Huntsman's Copse, I believe, on the bridge towards the Executioner's Chariot you can drop down and get one there. Have one in your inventory when you talk to him.

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Demon's Souls > Dark Souls 2 > Dark Souls.

Dark Souls 2 may potentially go ahead of Demon's Souls for me.