SC2 Beta Key

As stated in my last blog, i have an SC2 beta key from preordering that i'm not goign to use. Now i've decided to give it to someone. 
Comment if you're interested and i'll choose someone sometime over the weekend. 
Apologies to anyone who doesn't get a key, i only have one. I don't work at Blizzard...Yet. 
Also, apologies to the one that gets it for stealing away the next few weeks if your life. 
UPDATE: Well, the great RNG has spoken. Best unbiased way i could think of to give everyone a fairshot at the key.  
Key has been PMed.

Starcraft 2 Beta Key What to do?

So, i gave in to temtation and preordered the StarCraft 2 Collectors a while back, and today got sent a beta key. Now i know i probably won't put more than 3 hours into the beta, if that. So i'm trying to decide what to do with it. Use it myself for that small amount of entertainment? Or give it to someone else? Hmm... 
Also, we're so not getting the community quest challenge.

DSi XL: Natural or unnatural size?

At Melbourne Central today nintendo had DSi XLs on display. Just like they had Wiis back whenever it was they had them. So i decided to sit down and have a little play around with one. And maybe decide which colour to get if i got one, which i'm on the verge of doing right now, somebody please stop me. 
So, the first thing i noticed before sitting down was... 
XL means XL, that thing is BIG. Buttons are still small though. It's not particularly thick though, unlike the original ds, or the phat as people know it. But it is large, which is a bit weird. Can't say it's particularly heavy though, about the same as the DSi or Lite i'd say? But i didn't do a direct comparision. Still, not heavy enough to be an issue.
Second thing, it's shiny. At least, on the front. The Bronze one is essentially a glossy black on the front, and the sides and back have a matte bronze finish. Kinda nice. The burgandy one is the same, except with the burgandy colour and a glossy reddish colour on front. Personally, if there was a burgandy with a shiny black front, that would be nice. Fingerprints all over the glossy front part though. 
Now for the actual DSi itself. It comes with a whole bunch of stuff preinstalled, including a brain training thing, some camera stuff, clock thing, internet browser, among other stuff. Quite nice compared to the DS/Lite, which had pictochat. The sound was quite good, even with all the crowd noise in MC, i could hear the sounds quite clearly, although i'm going to assume it was on full volume. As they didn't have any games in the slots, i couldn't try them out to see the difference in resolution, but the preinstalled stuff looked quite nice, no crazy pixelation there. Didn't get to use the internet properly, but the browser seems usable. I'd assume having a larger screen means it's much better than the DSi. The large pen stylus that the XL comes with seems really shoddy. It's just a poor plastic stylus in the shape of a pen. Fake clip too. You could probably buy better 3rd party styluses/stylii/whatever the plural is. 
My overall opinion is that the XL is quite a decent upgrade from the Lite, and even the DSi. The slight price increase over the DSi is somewhat warranted, with the larger screen, and some preinstalled stuff. However, the increase over the Lite seems somewhat too much, with what it offers, and what it takes away (GBA slot). That said, i've yet to try out DSiWare. The XL is quite large however, when looking at pictures you can't really tell that it's that much larger than the older iterations, but once you see one and hold it in your hands, you'll instantly feel how much larger it is. 
So after all that, i'm in a bit of trouble. Should i get an XL? If so which colour? If i do, should i get pokemon? Hmm... 
Time to flip a few coins.

Forza 3 Limited Edition

So, as i mentioned in a thread, the EBgames near me had a copy of Forza 3 Limited edition for the same price as the standard. So i went and bought it, as i've wanted forza for whilenow.

Now that i have it, brand new, still wrapped in the original wrapping, with the sticker that say it can't be sold before 23rd October, 2009 on it, i don't have the will to open it... 


Yakuza Revealed!

Right, so I played through Yakuza 3 recently and finished it. Quite enjoyed the game. 
Found that a lot of people on here have been deciding whether or not to play it or not, and all the quick looks of it have shown some parts, but not the awesome parts: 
Mack's Revelations. 
Therefore i've taken the effort of Youtubing these. These are essentially hilarious scenes full of Japanese craziness and randomness, and are essentially some of the best parts of the game that weren't cut. 
The vids are from the Jap version, but having english doesn't really add a lot, for most of them. 
  Revelation 1 - The introductions to revelations, nothing to say here, just watch it. 
  Revelation 2 - This one's in the demo, and the first quick look on here. 
  Revelation 3 - Drunk guy pole dancing, appears when you get out of a pole dance show. 
  Revelation 4 - The one revelation i havn't gotten myself yet. Baseball in the nuts, hilarity ensues. 
  Revelation 5 - Human bowling ball. Defies physics. 
  Revelation 6 - Ramen Delivery guy on a scooter, trying to carry too much stuff while riding a scooter with one hand = bad. 
  Revelation 7 - This is the one where you need some translation. Essentially the kid is asking for toys from his dad from this 'toy store'. Thing is, it's an Adult Toy store... 
  Revelation 8 - This one is in the demo, if you want to see it yourself. Ninja lady handing out pocket tissues. On the english version, the bottom comment says something about those moves making you the star of the ninja village... 
  Revelation 9 - Dude starts fight with drunk guy, gets owned. The drunk guy says 'Hey bro, what are you doing sleeping there? You'll catch a cold...' at the end. 
  Revelation 10 - Final revelation. Poor guy, having a bad day. Good for Kazuma though, he gets one of the most awesome and useful Heat Finishers from this, to use on bosses. 
So, those are some of the best parts of Yakuza 3, that weren't cut out of the English release by Sega. Now you don't have to play the game anymore!

Starcraft Ghost Bag 
Oh i so want to buy this thing, the ghost looks awesome, and the inside flap with the battle on it...grrr. 
I just got a new laptop, and i need a new bag for it as well. There's also the Zerg version, which my friend likes more, but i like the terran one. 
Want to wait and check out the protoss one...Wonder if there will be one. 
Oh so tempted...

Finally got Mass Effect on 360

So I finally managed to get my hands on Mass Effect on 360. My PC can't handle it, so i never got very far. It was on sale for $20, the normal price for a preowned copy is 42, so yeah, i figured i'd get it. 
Hopefully this one doesn't give me headaches in 10 seconds. 
We'll find out after i finish listening to the bombcast i guess...