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Depending on what type of mmo you want there are different choices. For a pretty standard one WoW is a pretty good choice, you can even try out the starter thing up to level 20 for free. Wildstar feels like WoW with a more involved combat system, which isn't always a good thing. Also supposedly you can buy your monthly sub with ingame money if you earn enough. FFXIV is the one i'm currently playing right now, while it's somewhat of a standard hotkey style mmo it does have a pretty strong focus on story, which is a very classic FF story, so if you like FF that's something to keep in mind. Oh right, there's also a free trial available, or if you want one of the people in the guild right now can refer you as a friend for a trial.

Also whatever you decide to play you may want to check if there're GB guilds. FFXIV currently has a pretty active guild and i believe some people are restarting the WoW ones recently, couldn't tell you about the other mmos though.

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So, if I've got a PS4, a Vita, and a 360, is there any way for me to play the original MGS?

You can buy the original MGS on PSN and play it on your Vita since it's a PS1 classic.

If you have a Gamecube I highly recommend getting the Twin Snakes remake for that instead.

Not really recommending this but just saying that the MGS collection is available on PS NOW. Don't do that though, seriously.

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Man i remember when i beat titan ex, screw that guy!

Though if you need to try it again in can come along.

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Mmm, Mario theme park that sells edible red/white shrooms, yeah that sounds like a great idea.

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Fringe changes the type of show it is completely past like the 2nd or so season or something like that. It turns more into a crazy sci-fi thing that focuses a lot on alternate universes/timetravel/stuff like that rather than the strange mystery weird detective thingo it was. The ending seemed pretty good and i remember that they tie up most if not all of the loose ends and answer almost everything. Also a bunch of pretty awesome stuff happens in the later episodes that you might want to see. There were a few twists that were kinda dumb though.

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I'm really not sure how i'd answer this one. Techinically i'm pretty sure 2 is the better game, but there's a part of me that still lilkes 1 more. Some of changes and stuff are just not to my liking. Also, i miss the old backstab/parrys. It's sad when the backstab animation for swords doesn't actually involve a stab.

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Maybe i should sign up, but Mace plays I-No, and that means i might have to play against I-No, and i hate I-No, so...I don't know.

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Bitterblack being as big as a whole souls game? That's crazy. At best i'd say it's maybe double or triple the Artorias DLC, depending on whether you're counting size of the are or how long it takes to play through.

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Wait, I got a microphone? I don't think I had one packed in.

It's one of those earbud things that you get with phones. In fact, it's probably is the exact same, maybe they changed the logo a bit or something, but it looks the same as the one i got with my xperia.

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I assume these are just going to be in the PC version as soon as it comes out huh? Those NPC summons buffs are greatly appreciated, since that's probably the version i'll actually put effort into doing that stuff in. Dunno about the other changes, i was planning on using some of that stuff when the PC version came out, but didn't bother with them in the console one, so i'm not sure how those changes will actually change things.

That nerf to magic greatsword i'm not sure about, i never saw that used much and even then it didn't seem that strong. Also while we're on the topic of that, anybody else feel that animation is take straight out of Armored Core? That's totally the laser sword animation from those games.