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I feel the need to finally comment somewhere. DARPA is a real thing, Kojima didn't make it up, as dumb as it sounds. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

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Mmm, makes me think that this game is just like the sequel to Dark Souls set billions of years later. At some point we're gonna link a fire right?

I'm not entirely convinced all 4 races are part of the Darkness, the Cabal especially. Also those Cabal guys are like 100% 40K Space Marines, Imperial stuff and all.

As for the whole time travel thing. I'm pretty sure the game implies that the Strange is from the future or something, if you read the description of the gun you get given.

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@corruptedevil: That seems pretty consistent with what most people say, although Dan has claimed multiple times that 2 is considerably better.

He also thinks Peace Walker is bad and that MGS ISN'T just like one of his japanese animes, he's fucking insane.

I'm glad he stood up for Majora's Mask today, but dissing on Peace Walker while saying MGS3 is one of his favorites? That's just madness.

I question whether Dan even likes Big Boss.

If @danryckert hates Peacewalker he need not apply for Metal Gear Solid V as its a LOT of just that. Which is also a shame because Peacewalker is a GREAT game. I can see people skipping it when it was only on the PSP but like c'mon it plays GREAT on the Vita and PS3.

Also to answer the inital post. Metal Gear Solid is still in my top 5 of all time and I have a fun time every time with the game play and story. I just find its brand of quirk really fun. Its not that the Metal Gear Solid games control poorly its that they are just very different and non-conventional or at least were until the re-release of Metal Gear Solid 3 when it had a straight up 3rd person camera put in.

Plays great? What...that game plays TERRIBLY, i couldn't even bring myself to finish that piece of crap! While i agree that Dan is insane, this is one of the times he's right, Peacewalker is terrible. Urgh, am i really agreeing with Dan on something, everything he says is crazy, this is a bad sign.

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I remember playing a whole bunch of Supaplex when i was young. Spent a lot of time on that game. Also Bubble Bobble

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How about..Diablo 3 instead? I mean, it's practically an MMO, and it's practically 2D.

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This is actually kinda ironic in a way. The internet reacting to something that is basically a parody of something like this. If you look at that part in context, it totally looks like what it's supposed to be, a fake twitter-like feed.

No i take that back, this is completely ironic.

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@shirogane: Does the MGS Collection actually include MGS? I thought it was a product code.

It is a code actually, so i'm not sure how the NOW thing would handle that. That's...interesting.

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Depending on what type of mmo you want there are different choices. For a pretty standard one WoW is a pretty good choice, you can even try out the starter thing up to level 20 for free. Wildstar feels like WoW with a more involved combat system, which isn't always a good thing. Also supposedly you can buy your monthly sub with ingame money if you earn enough. FFXIV is the one i'm currently playing right now, while it's somewhat of a standard hotkey style mmo it does have a pretty strong focus on story, which is a very classic FF story, so if you like FF that's something to keep in mind. Oh right, there's also a free trial available, or if you want one of the people in the guild right now can refer you as a friend for a trial.

Also whatever you decide to play you may want to check if there're GB guilds. FFXIV currently has a pretty active guild and i believe some people are restarting the WoW ones recently, couldn't tell you about the other mmos though.

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So, if I've got a PS4, a Vita, and a 360, is there any way for me to play the original MGS?

You can buy the original MGS on PSN and play it on your Vita since it's a PS1 classic.

If you have a Gamecube I highly recommend getting the Twin Snakes remake for that instead.

Not really recommending this but just saying that the MGS collection is available on PS NOW. Don't do that though, seriously.

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Man i remember when i beat titan ex, screw that guy!

Though if you need to try it again in can come along.