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There is another possiblity here. Both are true. In the song that she sings, the older sister drowns the younger blonde sister cause she was jealous of her. Possible that one of them died there and the other then proceeded to pretend to be her from there on out, as well as being herself.

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Secondary quests actually have an effect on the main story and what happens in it. So try to do them if you care about that. It's real nice having stuff happen or npcs saying stuff about things that happened in a totally unrealted quest.

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Don't worry about losing insight. That stuff is easily replenished through chalice dungeons. Also which area are you talking about? You probably mean Upper Cathedral Ward right, and not the workshop, cause there's like 1 squid guy in the workshop.

Also if you're using the katana, you should know that one of the best attacks with the katana is to transform, but in the middle of the transformation, while it's in the sheathe, do a light attack. This will cause you to do the transformation attack witohut needing to do another attack before it.

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There's a huge spider that crawls over the book on the left hand side of the table around when Alex mentions it, for once he's not being crazy.

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@damodar: @kasaioni: I'm just gonna point out here that there was one boss, one of only 2 bosses that doesn't get cut up into a thousand tiny pieces.

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When i think about it, having Ishin localized and released at launch might have made people buy it and play it just because of the lack of games at the time. But then again, it was japanese launch, which was way after the rest of the world wasn't it?

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@golguin: Yeap I play with a controller on PC. Wouldn't have it any other way. Just feels more like a game and fun getting the muscle memory down with a controller.

Played FFXI on PC with controller as well.

Edit: Oh, didnt see the last sentence about active combat. Yea this doesn't really have that sort of combat. Its a more traditional tab-targeting system. It's active in the sense that you might need to move around a lot for later content, but that is just for positional attacks and dodging AoEs.

I'm an archer so I've been moving around quite a bit during combat, but I'm curious to know if facing the enemy or standing still while performing my action has any impact on the damage or accuracy, because it seems like I can just keep running backwards while performing my actions.

On a side note the auto attack on the bows seems slow. Are you meant to constantly cycle between special attacks? What's the point of auto attacking with a bow?

Auto attacking does extra damage but it shouldn't be leaned on. Your skills are you're damage. Specifically with Archer/Bard its mostly about your DoT's or Damage over Time skills and later on after you unlock Bard at level 30 it turns into much more of a support class. And as far as moving/positioning and accuracy go you're only going to really have to worry about that kind of stuff as you approach the end game. Accuracy isn't even really a factor until end game but it is also governed by its own stat.

Actually, as a Bard, along with Monk, Ninja and probably Dragoon as well auto-attacks are a fairly large portion of your damage. Especially with the buffs you get to either you speed or for archers, the 2 additional hits per auto-attack buff. As a mage though, it's pretty much worthless.

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I'm not entirely sure how i feel about playing this game without an arcade stick, since i don't have one for ps4, so i guess i'll wait until i try it until i can decide whether i want to participate in this.

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The twist is that Dan is going to play most of the game instead of Drew.

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Solidus, cause those controls, whoah, i guarantee he'll struggle with them.