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Rock Band might as well not exist in Australia. It's pretty much impossible to get the instruments here. I asked the guy at EBgames the other day and he was like ',,,try ebay?'
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I'll just wait for this so called tech that lets us use real instruments... 
Wait, why would i do that?
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Yeah, i believe that's the demo? No way it's coming out this week. 
Hell, the bombcast was the first time i even knew of the existence of the game.
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@natetodamax said:
"#16? Surprising to see me that high on the list.  I love stats like this. The more the better! "

I believe i probably contributed to some of that....
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I'm not too happy, having a horrible day. 
But my Angel Beats nendoroids did arrive... 
Too bad none of them balance. Especially Yusa, damn it, can't you stand for more than 2 seconds without me holding you up?
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Huh, the first one seemed like one of the few decent game movies. I'm just not into horror movies, games or silent hill. They kinda make me feel sick, but this seems like it's probably a good thing. 
Looking forward to it, even though i ain't gonna watch it.
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Huh, yeah, this thing makes no sense whatsoever. No idea how someone would've even come up with it. 
Is it trying to say that there's only 1 game in the series or that it's a spinoff or something? I just don't get it..
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Most of my losses are cause i'm messing around doing stupid crap against people who actually know what they're doing. 
Strangely enough, me and my friend actually won today when i was messing around in 2v2. 
BC rush first time, can't believe that worked... 
Second thing i did was mass vikings and snipe overlords. Such a bastard thing to do. 
But yeah, that's mostly why i lose. I do stupid crap like that.
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"Most beloved female lead ever" 
"Least favorite motion controls to be nerfed in a patch " 
"Most exciting FMV in Game Room " 
"Most beloved ending seen at the Tokyo Game Show " 
"Dumbest plot line created by Square Enix " 
Oh wow...  
"Most convoluted plot twist to be nerfed in a patch" 
Every click, never fails.
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"Worst fatality seen at E3 " 
E3 has fatalities? Man, i'm missing out...