Watchmen; not just for fanboys

I am sick to death of all the elitist fanboys wining about Watchmen. So many complaints are about how they cut out some insignificant part or the sad look in somebody's face. Well you know what; Peter Parker was suppose to be with Gwen Stacy first, Constantine wasn’t suppose to be some emo wannabe American, Wolverine should have been a short burly man. But we don’t always get what we want, and what we want doesn’t always make a good movie.

Now I’ve never read the comic, but from what I know; the main story was left intact. Doomsday clock, unknown villain, questionable morals and gritty truths. fans need to stop comparing the movie to the mind altering book they read when they were at an impressionable age. You will come up short every time. You can only experience a story for the first time once.

A lot of the fans want you to believe that if you have never read the book, then you will have no chance of understanding the story and will not like this movie. This could not be farther from the truth. The movie was so well executed that I felt by the end, I new each and every character intimately. Some of the original heroes may be a bit of a mystery, but the opening credits I thought did an excellent job of telling their story and setting up the altered reality in which the story takes place.

Many complain that the identity of the assassin is too obvious. No, it is not. It never showed that character fight, so I had no idea he could do something like that. And at the time, there was no reason to suspect him either. Some also complain that the ending has changed. I don’t know what the original ending was, but I thought the ending was great. (except for the snow leopard with horns)

My point is; the book may be better, but the movie is total badass. So if a fanboy starts talking to you, just plug your ears and walk away.

This by the way, is now one of my favorite movies of all time. Can’t wait for the Blueray.