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@patrickklepek: I'm not sure equating "speak honestly" with lying (seemingly not maliciously but by being uninformed about a core, publicly stated dev goal of the xbox team) about the current status of major development platforms at a developer conference with press in attendance is really a fair comparison.

It would be like saying CGI bullshots (from a 3rd party CGI studio) that claim to be "real time footage from actual gameplay", when called out, creates a silencing effect for sharing early work from games in development. The exec lied to devs, that got picked up, and later the truth was disseminated as a retraction. It could easily have happened the other way round (exec says programme is coming son, retraction is the programme was cancelled but they didn't know) with the same effect.

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I wonder how much content they're making with that cast. Maybe $40 of DLC. So pre-order now from Gamestop and you get this much game, plus (potentially) the nagging feeling you should spend $40 more on the post-launch DLC to complete the work hinted at from this announced content.

Or wait for a $20 digital sale for the GotY edition and enjoy it all, the complete package, for so much less. And this makes me want to pre-order now because?

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Would be good to see an Unfinished for this at some point (or maybe a QL).

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The Patrick J. Barrett III comments in that The Sims piece seemed very much to be rewriting the history of PC games.

No other game had facilitated same-sex relationships before...

That's a weird way to talk about a game from after the big 2000 party or even to talk about an E3 '99 showing. Here's a quote (source) from Tim Caine about the big 1998 release, Fallout 2:

We kind of liked pushing boundaries a bit. Not always with violence. We wanted a game which is full of social commentary. So [same-sex marriage] was just another thing we were doing. I don’t even think anybody in the team really argued over it. We didn’t think ‘Oh my god, this an amazing thing.’ It was just ‘We’re going to cover every possible base here.’ And then we moved on.

And then we've got the testimonials from people like Patricia Hernandez, who explained her relationship with Fallout 2 here.

But according to the interview reported by Parkin, 2 years later was when maturely handled same sex relationships came to computer games. Not to say that EA were the ones to suggest a piece about The Sims history as part of their PR offensive for the new sequel, coming soon, but it does seem like this piece could do with more research (hey, at least the piece got corrected to no longer claim The Sims came out in late 1999). It's nice to have behind-the-scenes dives into games, but I'd much rather a piece that didn't pay for that exclusive access by removing the critical eye and fact checking.

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For consideration in next week's Best of Blogs: Infinite Shelves with Consumer Protection.

I've always really liked how GiantBomb treats games, even pretty terrible FMV games or glitchy projects that reviews should basically say "don't buy". There is no hate there (unless it's @jeff talking about Dota2) so when something like Harvester comes up on Steam/GOG, people here sometimes think it'd be cool to buy it, even knowing how it looked on a Friday show. The "make Greenlight even harder to get past"/"delist everything I don't like" discussion seems completely counter to the GB style of celebrating games, and yet there are big voices (out there in games journalism) championing that stance. So in response to a good blog about why we should celebrate games, I added some notes about how we should already be legally protected (with links to actual UK law if people care about sources) from fraud and substandard products we don't see coming on services like Steam. Buying with confidence that we have a right to cancel/return seems like the actual solution to all this shouting about how stores should be curated spaces where only games you like should be sold.

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@joshwent: Agreed, I immediately thought of this documentary and how impossible it must be for something like the MPAA to claim such an objective policy considering the practicalities of how they actually rate movies.

@patrickklepek: Great article. I'd love to see a follow-up if responses from CERO or OFLC/USK/BBFC* were forthcoming.

* I think BBFC would be historical now PEGI deals with UK ratings but maybe the BBFC still provide guidance for things pending 18 ratings over here. I certainly have (Autumn) 2012 games that retain a BBFC rating so not sure what happened to that transition (announced in 2009).

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@falcomadol said:

Companies have some a legitimate interest in the products and developments created by an employee while they're paying them. Probably now more than ever. What does "on company time" and "off the clock" mean anymore? If I'm standing in a line or waiting to pick up my car at the mechanic, I'm as likely to get a few work emails dealt with as to pay a round of 2048 or Kinectimals.

In a lot of cases, 24-hour availability on at least some limited reasonable basis is an expectation that you're implicitly being paid for (or explicitly in some cases).

That doesn't mean they should claim that they own 100% of what you create on the side, but it's really hard to write a contract that makes an allowance when people don't work set schedules and are often not required to always be in the office.

I find your ideas compelling. And with an $8/hour minimum wage (adjust for your local legal requirements) it does mean the new floor on income is going to be $8 * 24 * 365 = about $70k before tax. For all employees, because their brains are going to be generating potential value at any time of the day or night.

While most tech workers are well compensated (enough to blow a few million on funding rockets aiming for space in this case), I don't think the assumption that a company owns you if you're an employee is a given or even desirable. Did Zenimax request Carmack develop VR technology for them via his position at id? If not then any ideas he had and what he did with them, on his own time, seem completely unrelated to his employment at id.

Edit: interesting response from Carmack (basically saying they can only claim to his code and not ideas developed while working at id):

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@shouldice: Nope, all looks right to me. Unless I've skipped over something I don't think you've made a mistake in any of the numbers in this thread.

@sgtsphynx: As @shouldice says, it's all just about where you put the numbers. You can look at a simple bit (0 or 1) and say how many of them you need, or how many 0-255 (256 values) sub-pixels you need, or how many pixels (made up of 3 sub-pixels for the ~16.7m combinations per pixel) and they're all the same.

2^(24*1920*1080) is conceptually a row of 24 bits with 1920 of these rows and 1080 of these slices (so think of each as the X, Y, Z and the volume of bits) - we're just counting how many 2s we multiply together.

2^8 = 256 (so if we take enough bits for a sub-pixel then we confirm it does add up to the right number of combinations) 2^(8*3) = 2^24 = ~16.7m (so it all adds up for a pixel too).

So if we want to look at that 2^(24*1920*1080) as actually a load of rows of 24 bits then we can do (2^24)^(1920*1080) which is the 16.7m raised to the power of the number of complete pixels. I used the middle point, breaking into a base unit of a sub-pixel of (2^8)^(3 subpixels per pixel * xdim of screen * ydim of screen). But that's all just different ways of writing the same value.

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Presenting, PANOPTITRON.

(I don't actually know if this works anywhere other than my computer with my browser.)


Bravo sir! That is marvellous.

Working fine in Unity for me here.

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Forgot to submit the post for this so for consideration for next week: Every possible 1080p image

Thread going into one of the questions on the Bombcast. Scroll down to find out whose mouth a tiny Mariachi band is playing inside.