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A fashionably late GotY 2014 blog post (although it could also be a timely mini-review for this month's PS+ offering of First Light) [Just too last for last week's round-up].

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After just over a year, and some price corrections in my region that mean it's not just early adopters buying $60 games playing current gen stuff, I gave the Killzone: Shadow Fall (look for it in the $10-15 bargain bins) campaign a look over from a PC shooter perspective. Meandering thoughts emerged on the challenges we set ourselves, visible influences, and so a review: (the WYSIWYG editor is attaching a trailing "/" to the url, which breaks the link to the review and sends it tot he review index page)

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With closed and open betas, I'd be shocked if someone (on PC or console) wasn't getting the chance to play the first few hours of this for themself before deciding if they want to buy it.

PC: online worked months ago; PS4: me and several friends had no luck getting connected into Crews during the last beta but there's the open beta in a few days to test it again.

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It's almost as if some KickStarters attach the words "DRM free" to their pitch to get more backers rather than having any interest in examining the ideas behind what such a pledge means (ownership of the game being sold by the people buying it, or backing it in this case), discarding it at a moment's notice because they really only want to rent you time in their not-MMO, where any non-authorised use of "their" software is a ToS violation and DLC is the only "mod" you have a right to.

Hopefully I'm wrong, but it's never a good sign when someone gives up on DRM-free and decides people really want always-on DRM. Remember back when DRM was some rotten check when you installed a game and people said, "it's not that bad". Now we have to ask someone's permission (assuming they've still got their server on) every time we start a game, just to make sure we've still got authorisation to use what we apparently paid for. What. A. Mess.

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@nardak said:


This isnt only in uk or usa. I live in scandinavia and it is also unavailable on steam in here.

Either this is a mistake or Ubisoft has decided to stop selling their games on steam from now on. That is of course if they dont lose too many sales as a result.

Are they back for you? It looks (from looking at Steam regional price trackers) like there are Russian and European prices back up for things like Far Cry 4. No Sterling prices, because this isn't a short-term issue for the UK: this is our normal.

The story was updated to note they came back a day later for the US but the UK, as I noted being part of a long long history of this precise behaviour, still does not have any of these games available to pre-purchase on the UK Steam store. It's almost as if there's a much bigger story there that no one has reported.

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Is the fix incoming for both (white text with shadow & today's update having incorrect depth for pop-up) or just one of them? If both then just ignore me, just wanted to make sure.

Getting both issues here too.

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@patrickklepek: This is unprecedented, except for all the other times games have been unavailable for pre-purchase on Steam in the UK before (often up to release date, occasionally just being several weeks behind the rest of Europe or the US pre-purchase availability date) while they were added to all the other regional stores. This is a known issue that some have speculated was a retailer paying to not have pre-purchase option added to Steam but was probably just publisher experiments. I'd love it if someone did a deep dive and actually found all the previous instances of this rather than assuming this is the first time it ever happened.

It's interesting that they've now expanded this experiment to the US store but the original PCGamesN article that triggered this seems to lack the historical context under which this is happening.

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That added detail does make it a lot more reasonable to push the camera up against the textures. Some of the cockpit detailing looks a bit low-poly but I guess that's just because we're all used to really detailed modelling of that stuff in dedicated titles and we'll have to lower expectations.

After dumping 60 hours into closing the campaign last year, I was going to wait for this to become a budget release but I might just have to get this sooner rather than later. The first person means I'll definitely be waiting for 2015 and the PC release, time to exercise those Battlefield reflexes and jump between mouse/keyboard for walking and controller for vehicles.

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"Something we didn't do, even once, between 1989 and 2009 would take a lot of effort and solving of problems to reverse now."

Erm, that's not something you can justify. Region locking mobile platforms is wrong and anti-consumer and should not be implemented by Nintendo. They didn't do it from the GB to the DS, reversing direction now and going back to the official policy implemented 1989 to 2009 does not require radical problem solving, it simply requires them to back down on their recent anti-consumer stance.

As to why this matters, guess when 999 came out in PAL regions for the DS... never. I've played and enjoyed it and then moved on to the sequel (which was released here in 2012) but could only do this due to legally purchasing a copy of the game, paying to import it, and having the freedom to play the game I purchased on the device I owned that played the game. This is not true of any 3DS games.