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@ch3burashka: @clairvoyantvibrations: Ouch, Squidix US are really going after the cash with that US PC boxed copy (did I understand correctly that they originally were only releasing that in Europe but then added the PC edition for North America after feedback?)

Currently in Europe that's available for £15, which is £12.50 when you remove the sales tax (all our prices include local taxes), which is just under $18. A much more reasonable price for a physical copy of the game and that soundtrack CD.

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I wonder if the poll will shift or if (8 hours/~150 votes in) we're seeing approximately the end result [current poll numbers: 50/50 for save vs sacrifice Chloe for players; 70/30 split for sacrificing Chloe for watchers].

After playing episode 4 I started to wonder if the extreme length of Life is Strange (whatever you say about the game, being "tightly written" is not one of its attributes) is part of what allows it to land such blows (at least for those who did find it affecting rather than being pushed away by elements of it). The spaces to just sit and think (effectively where Max chats to the player); the 3+ hour episode times; the limited scope which makes a lot of that run-time into the Max & Chloe show: I think this all contributes to what draws some people in. The choices can be hard because players have lived with the characters for enough time to form attachments. Something possible because games typically run much longer (for how much narrative they contain - they generally include far more slack time between beats, often necessarily to give space for gameplay challenges).

It's interesting to see that Dontnod's stats and this GB poll show players are split over the choice while viewers are following the clear narrative prodding of the game that promotes the sacrifice Chloe ending. Playing the game, necessarily being engaged and asked to constantly make choices (because games are choices, even if you don't think they "matter" to the story, your brain is processing these are things to choose, from which way you decide to walk to how you resolve a dialogue chain), possibly increases the chances of forming an attachment to Chloe that makes it harder to accept the story's suggestion of which option to pick at the end.

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First time through I saved Chloe. Because in the moment I couldn't make any other choice (because fuck Bury Your Gays). Even if the game heavily pushes you the other way and I didn't listen to Chloe. Unlike previously when I had listened to her in the alternate reality (now that would be an interesting stat that Dontnod don't surface: how many people flipped between Chloe asking to die at the start of episode 4 and asking to die at the end of episode 5).

I basically, upon reflection, immediately went back and completed with the other path. And that was a much more satisfying, if emotionally fraught, ending.

I didn't agree with Joel in The Last of Us (and I read that last look by Ellie as being disappointment in being lied to but the realisation that this is all there is - acceptance through Joel's Love-fueled-deceit that the world is rotten and you keep slogging through it because what else is there), so I guess my second path better reflects where I stand.

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@monkeyking1969: Ye, you're reading that the same way I've been speculating about the box as a splitter (5 cables is my expectation right now: HDMI from PS4 for that warped render; USB feed through to PS4 unless you put some bluetooth in the splitter; because USB in from headset to give you the accelerometer data you 100% need for mm accurate tracking that is essential for VR to actually work; plus HDMI to the headset to get that signal our; and finally HDMI with the de-warped display to your monitor - I see 2 cables for the headset in the front of that picture, 4 cables in the back including power for the splitter). Maybe you route the camera through the external box and do the processing there rather than on the PS4 and feed to processed mm-accurate head-tracking data straight back via bluetooth (so it's not a USB cable to the PS4 feeding back the head-tracking data) but I'm not convinced.

So that is a whole mess of different cables, plus a really basic chip (has to be low lag but we're talking phone/tablet SoC is more than powerful enough to run a de-warp shader, which is the only real processing the splitter box does - I doubt they're going to get a special chip because you can pay $3 and get a SoC that can do it with the GPU side and a generic shader just fine) in the splitter box. But anyone who is thinking there's a $100 GPU in there to give it something to compete with PC VR is really pushing it - I don't think the splitter adds more than $10 onto the sticker price.

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@cav829: Ye, I definitely located it along with crying babies and following white lines on the ground. As you say, stuff like this happens in various places. I'm still not entirely sure I've seen it done well enough that I didn't kinda wish they'd tried to express it some other way.

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I'm far more interested in how the GBEast crew react to the episode as a whole (or maybe to be precise: how they react to each section of this episode).

Forumite reactions were all over the place here. Every bit of that episode can either rub you the wrong way or feel like it was what needed to be there.

  • I don't like anything about the dialogue at the start. I could see the crew being so-so about it but could easily go either way.
  • I love SF and how that concludes. Really glad they built out that whole section only to point out that's not what motivates Max. Doubt crew will like it as much as me but hopefully positive.
  • Think the game is great in the escape and diner disaster bits, just solid gameplay. The music in the car (ok, the answer-machine call is maybe the one negative), the way it doesn't go on too long but is sizeable. Austin will give another "awww, Warren!" nod of this-kid-is-a-mess-but-note-hateable-for-it at the end of the diner.
  • Moving scene with Chloe where the episode feels like it peaks the urgency from the last section, the rush to a conclusion is coming and...
  • Long dream sequence. I liked it... to start with (while that rush of urgency is still flowing). Some fun puzzles and some really nice touches if you look for them. I could see the crew being as negative about the stuff here as I am about the opening dialogue. Also maybe brute-force the door puzzle or not realise it's a puzzle to start with.
  • The stealth section in the dream is over-long and the references back aren't worth it. Can't see that getting anything other than criticism (the only bit everyone who talks about LiS hates in this ep?).
  • I really liked walking through the memories, I think it's important for the game to have it, I wonder if the crew will be too busy talking or rush it and so get very little out of it.
  • And then obviously the dream ends and we get the ending that everyone is already discussing.
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@jonny_anonymous: I think everyone can agree that one ending was a stronger emotional hit, thematically more tied to the story, and had a lot more effort put into it. I think that's the "right" choice if we're talking how they might be popularly described. I super wasn't ready to make the "right" choice at the end of my first playthrough. Nope.jpg; give me the flatter ending and everyone (ok, super not everyone) is ok.

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While, I'd like to pay less I would pay $550 without whining about it. Its not the most I could afford; but I just wouldn't buy it, at this time, if it is above $550.

After listing to a few podcast (PS I love you XoXo, PlayerOne, etc) answering PS fans questions, I am a little shocked at what some people are expecting the PS VR price to be $250 to $300. That is just an insanely low price, given that Sony said "cost of a console" which is still $400 to $500 range last time I looked. Given Oculus is the first to really have to drop the flag on what it is costing them and what they need to break-even, I think $500 is a firm possibility.

Sony isn't talking but I assume Playstation VR will need to include the following: goggles, supplementary pre-processing box, PS Camera, and PS Wand. Someone tell me I'm wrong? I'm assuming the camera and wand are needed, right? They have talked or hinted at about a supplementary processing unit if I'm not mistaken, at the very least industry people seem to be whispering about that.

I won't even break down the costs because we don't know what it needs or must be packed on. We cans assume that Sony might consider some people have PS Camera and wand, so they might have a pack that doesn't include those things for less. I will say this, "if" it just needs googles, camera, and wand I can see it being $450+. If it needs it own box to do some magic, then I easily see the package price as $550 ($500 without camera and wand). Again these are all wild-ass guesses. Don't get mad if I seem to be saying a price above or below what you think.

Although the prices can seem low (especially vs Rift retail), remember that Oculus have sold a 1080p OLED-panelled, IR camera + VR headset for $350 already. They sold them primarily to developers and that phone screen could only be consistently clocked to 90Hz (while PS VR is 120Hz) but they did have to buy in those screens from Samsung while Sony make their own so should have an easier time getting that refresh rate.

So the real question to me is how much of the non-headset stuff is Sony putting in a box (and how cheaply did they get those Move controllers before the end of their product life? Are those sorts of things going to be easy for Sony to add without ballooning cost) and did they end up having to push more cost into the headset outside of the screen (I know some of the Rift price increase was moving to better optics than the DK2) to hit quality bars.

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I just want more DnD Unplugged, preferably from the east coast crew. Don't get to play anymore myself so I must enjoy the game vicariously through internet peoples.

That holiday podcast was just... ye, if GBEast can find some time (and Austin isn't worn out from Friends at the Table) then Unplugged content would be pretty much ideal for me.

Loving all the stuff we already get but if there was one thing I'd really love to see this year, that would be it.

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Teens suck ass. You're not supposed to like them, but you are supposed to sympathize with them because you were there once, and you sucked just as much.