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242222 Truck Racer Game Overview Was played on an UPF [unprofessional-fridays-10-18-2013/2300-8097/ - 16 ins in] but dev (Kylotonn) has now gone on to make WRC5 so filling in their shovelware past efforts seems like it would be good for wiki completeness. 04/08/16 11:09AM 10 Approved
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6029 Frozen Synapse Game Overview As with iPad, these are announced and in development version of the game (Android is pending but as it hasn't started development I'm not adding it to the list). Official statement: http://www.mode7games.com/blog/2013/02/03/what-mode-7-is-working-on-right-now/ 02/19/13 08:24PM 6 Approved