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More Jason would be nice. I find him to have very interesting views on games. I wouldn't mind him getting a permanent place on the podcast? I feel like five on the podcast wouldn't be a bad idea. Jeff, Brad, Dan, Drew and Jason. Would be like when we had Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, Brad and Patrick.

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@patrickklepek I still remember when you replied to a totally inane email I sent, and texting my friend immediately to say "OH MY GOD Patrick replied to me". I guess taking the time to even reply something as simple as I've read this, it didn't go straight in the trash, or like the guys from Skullgirls did, and have a conversation, can make a massive difference to the individuals involved.

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I swear Alex chose exactly the same options as me! I'm a little disappointed, because I was hoping he chose the opposites so I could know the other options, but I feel a little happier with my choices knowing I wasn't alone with them.

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I'm Shnippy on UPlay. Feel free to add me! Also, @rorie there is an mrorie, no millardkillmore. So I'm going to make an assumption that you're mrorie :)

@rowr My card number is 59... HEY! I'm not falling for that again!

Also I just found a social chest on the island 218 240.

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@patrickklepek The end of this article is exactly why I love Giant Bomb. You don't pretend to be above it all, and you act like real people. Obviously you're now famous, but it's still great to have an insight into the minds of you guys (that seems like terrible english), be that through Quick Looks, podcasts or articles. Anyways, thanks for the article, it was a really interesting read.

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I'm lucky I guess that I know one person in Sydney (I'm from Melbourne) who listens to Giant Bomb. It's weird that no one else has ever heard of Ryan and you say "Oh man, this guy from a website that I go to literally every day for five years has passed away. He was amazing" and they look at you like "What are you talking about? So what?". Its weirdly comforting that I'm not the only one, and I've found twitter (first time I've used it much) to be really helpful, being able to read about how everyone else is feeling. I found Brad to be the most comforting for some reason that I can't explain.

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I know that this is probably never going to be read, but I feel as though maybe Ryan has some time up there to read through these. Tuesdays are never going to be the same without you mate. Or any day for that matter. I guess we are lucky as viewers to have a chance to actually watch you or listen to you or read the things you wrote, we felt like we got to know you. I can't even imagine how hard this must be for the crew, or your family, or anyone who was fortunate enough to call you a friend.
I hope some solace can be taken in the fact that he made thousands of people laugh on a daily basis, and that thousands of people are crying now that he's gone. He truly has made an impact to so, so many people.
My housemate actually sent me a message while I was at work asking if I'd heard about Ryan Davis from Giant Bomb because I'd been talking so much about how excited I was to meet him and Jeff at PAX Aus. As soon as I read the message I prayed that it was something good, or if it was something bad that it was like "Oh he broke his leg, he won't be coming to PAX". So I typed his name into Google and my worst fears were confirmed. I got up and went into a bathroom stall and read about four articles before it fully hit me. So I've been reading about it all day, sort of whenever I had a chance, and stopping myself before the tears came. Now that I'm finally home, and I have a chance to think about it, and reflect, I'm finally able to let it out.
I've never felt particularly close to a celebrity (if you could call Ryan that) before. I've never been affected by death in my own life either. So this is pretty new to me. Anyways, rambling over, I'm just glad that we have so many hours and days of content that we can always watch when we feel the need to see or hear Ryan again. And while that doesn't ever come close to him being here, it's something I guess.
Thank you so much Ryan for everything. You will forever be missed. Heaven is lucky to have you.
R.I.P Ryan Davis.

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Slightly interesting, Nintendo really know how to make the easy money.

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