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I'm sure it can, Blizzard games scale very well to older or lower end hardware. I think they specifically make sure their games will run on Intel HD graphics since so many people have that kind of setup.

I thought the same until I tried it myself. HD 3000, Core i3, 4GB here and it's unplayable even at the lowest settings.

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At least you can turn the useless gems into trading card packs which can later be sold for some coin.

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Hahaha, no.

Hahaha, right? Only losers cry!

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Oh shit, take that Microsoft!

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So at a lower level they're actually endorsing piracy.


Well if someone doesn't let me buy a game, of course I'll pirate it... But I guess I could also order it from outside the country.

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So at a lower level they're actually endorsing piracy.

You can't pirate games for the XONE and PS4. At least not yet.

I thought we were talking about the X360 and PS3 versions of the game?

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So at a lower level they're actually endorsing piracy.

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@sweep: I agree about the engineering part - it's not that women aren't good at science, it's just that society imposes the idea that working with machines is a male profession (maybe because they're dangerous = for men). But as for programming, I've been noticing quite a lot of females in programming classes lately, almost 1:1 ratio to men. Maybe because it's not dangerous at all and the society hasn't yet made up stereotypes for this discipline.

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Can't really think of anything, the crew did a great coverage like any year.