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I wholeheartedly agree with Jeff's beautifully written letter. Thanks for putting this up and out here. I love this site and I love you guys... also I really love video games. These past few weeks have been really heart wrending. This hate and bile and threats need to stop. there is no place for them in civil discourse, video games or not. Thanks for all you duders do!

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I've played games pretty much my entire life. Despite this, I have never once called myself a gamer.

that's the beginning and the end of it for me. this whole fiasco is so utterly ludicrous- i can't think about it for more than 90 seconds at a time without psychic pain.

i was going to write a short list of abbreviated thoughts, but in doing so my brain went numb.

instead i'll just offer this:

this is all so fucking depressing. video games are product, not a lifestyle choice to be defended. they're a pastime open to all- anyone who argues otherwise is a cretin. you don't have to agree with everyone's interpretation and/or suggestions for the medium- but you do have to respect their right to that opinion. moreover- you have to be willing to understand your opinion might be an outdated relic of a bygone era. you're entitled to it, but realize you might end up looking like a shithead the same way grandparents do when they say something incompatible with this world.

that so many have had their lives substantially and negatively impacted by "video games journalistic integrity" (whatever the FUCK that means) is fucking confounding.

never underestimate the human capacity for cruelty seems to be the universal takeaway.

Well said. I am much in the same camp. I also think that Jenn Frank leaving the industry over this is a goddamn shame. She was a wonderful voice on the topic of video games.

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So does that mean NYC = Midgar?

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cool. I can finally play reach and monaco. :)

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Is this the dude behind all those computer coding books with different animals on them?

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Gee, now I'm pretty happy that FB bought Oculus. FB has tons of money to help Oculus defend itself.

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Great article, Patrick! That was definitely a worthwhile read.

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I also hope this goes well.

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Ryan being a narc and his quick looks with Alex on Kirby's Epic Yarn and Rorie for Jerry Rice and Nidus' Dog Football. Also, Horse meet Rider! Rider meet Horse!