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cool. I can finally play reach and monaco. :)

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Is this the dude behind all those computer coding books with different animals on them?

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Gee, now I'm pretty happy that FB bought Oculus. FB has tons of money to help Oculus defend itself.

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Great article, Patrick! That was definitely a worthwhile read.

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I also hope this goes well.

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Ryan being a narc and his quick looks with Alex on Kirby's Epic Yarn and Rorie for Jerry Rice and Nidus' Dog Football. Also, Horse meet Rider! Rider meet Horse!

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Amazing article! This makes me miss EvE.

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I remember watching that movie in theaters with a few of my friends when I was 17. It scared the bejesus out of all three of us. I didn't sleep easily that night. Thanks for the interview! :)

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My favorite game of all time. I'm so glad to see it get some love here. Just hearing the music floods back memories from 12 year old Chris. It hit at a time in a kid's life when he starts wondering what's outside the front door and pushing his boundaries. Like the game though, you can't go too far at that age without the help of your family and friends. Now that I'm knocking on 30 and have a family of my own and live on the opposite side of the state from the one that raised me, I still think about curing 'homesickness' like in Earthbound, but this age it's with my mom over Skype while we play Animal Crossing. Such a deep influence on my perception of what it means to make it through life, and to remember those important to you at the end of the day.

That's cool! I wish I could play Animal Crossing with my mom over Skype.