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These guys know what's up. It's actually kind of a bummer nobody at Giant Bomb seems to be playing it.

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Life is Strange. Without a doubt, Life is Strange is my choice.

I'm with this so far as well. Life Is Strange is super interesting, and I'm glad Dontnod has found another use for their rewind tech from Remember Me.

The only other thing I've really played from this year that I can think of is Hotline Miami 2, and its levels are just really inconsistent like the devs don't actually understand what was enjoyable about playing the first game.

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meh, AAA games just ship broken now and there's really no going back to before. They'll patch it at some point and all will be right with the world. So it goes.

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Will Smith just beat Olmec on his 1,074th Spelunky run and it was amazing.

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looks like we're waiting until Monday for the archive, oh well.

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sorry, I'm too busy living in the future.

(real talk, I don't understand the question)

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The entirety of Rapelay and the torture stuff in GTA V.

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I'm what most would consider a hardcore gamer and I still went with the Xbox One at least to start for this generation. I wanted the box that plays Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 and while my PC isn't great it's still more than capable of running quirky indie games.

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I for one hope it's Molly because I really don't care for Kenny.

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like everyone else said, it hitches here and there... but gameplay isn't affected.

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@rafaelfc: I think it's pretty screwed on Xbox too, I haven't been able to get in.