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@zevvion: Probably deleted it because of how cheesy that video is.

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@dudeglove: Yep.

From some wiki summarizing chapter 25 from the first book:

When Ned suggests that Jon Arryn could have been poisoned, the Grand Maester rebuffs him, asking who would do such a thing. Ned replies that he has heard poison is a woman’s weapon. Pycelle replies that poison is the preferred weapon of women, cravens, and eunuchs. He continues by telling Ned that Varys was born a slave in Lys, and that Ned shouldn’t trust him. Ned scarcely needs reminding, as he already has a bad feeling about Varys.

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They've said on the show before that poison is a woman's weapon. My bet is Queen of Thorns.

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@naru_joe93: Yeah I've heard of that, though I use that merchant every now and again to buy firebombs. Maybe if I can find an alternate supply I'll go kill him and get the sword.

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So I just started today, I've played for about three hours and I've reached the bonfire inside the Undead parish. I've freed Lautrec and taken a couple attempts to kill him with no luck (thanks Brad).

I'm a level 18 pyromacer and I'm trying to decide on a weapon to start upgrading. So far I've been using a morning star that's worked out pretty well. Are there any early game weapons that you guys recommend to upgrade? Does it really matter outside of animation preference?

Also, any tips on improving framerate? I've installed dsfix but I still get pretty regular framerate drops.

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This seems pretty cool but all of the "gameplay" animations look canned as fuck

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Grown up life means either playing on easy or never finishing games.

That said I played Infinite on Hard and it was a huge mistake.

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The lack of 3DS game deals is a huge bummer. I picked up the $150 XL deal at target and was hoping to get some games on the cheap.

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I've committed to picking one of these up on black Friday so long as target's stock holds up. I've held out fora long time but Zelda looks too good.