Because I say so

I fellow gamer on another site blogged about the celebrity of website staff or mods and how getting their recognition is a form of validation despite their relative obscurity in pop culture in general. That got me thinking about the cult of celebrity and why in general we are so quick to defer to the judgement of self-appointed talking heads/avatars. What are their credentials anyway? 
In most cases, I'm pretty sure I have many more years of gaming under my widening belt (about 25 years for anyone who's counting) and certainly the education and wisdom to go along with it. I'm not suggesting that makes me better, I just find it interesting how such figures are automatically revered, on most sites anyway, simply by virtue of their website status or affiliation as opposed to industry experience for example.


Hell, for all I know they are all Mensa charter members or summa cum laude honorees or what have you. But it's funny to find out how young they sometimes are or how green behind the ears when it comes to video gaming or whatever the industry. Like talking heads on TV, they seem to be getting younger while I'm getting older, LOL. Sour grapes? Could be. After all, I am an old, cranky jackass. But that doesn't mean young folks are any smarter at that age then I was.  ; )