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August Osage County: 3/5

A fairly good melodrama, let down by some iffy elements. Given that this is a movie where everyone is shouting, it's sort of distracting that in the louder scenes everyone's natural accents get through the cracks.

This is the sort of movie that rides the line between middling and good all the way through, while you wait for a something to happen to push it to either side. Unfortunately, there is one scene in this film that pushes it towards the middling side as it turns the slightly clever subtext into glaringly, insultingly explicit text that undermines the intelligence of the whole thing.

For those of you who have seen the movie, it's when the incestuous sister runs away and shouts that there's no difference between Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep. Julia Roberts then walks in the house and stares at herself in the mirror for a long time. It's like, we get it, broken homes create broken people, but the "daughter turning into her mother" theme doesn't have to be blatantly explained.

The film also plays fast and loose with Streep's character's psyche, as she swings wildly from smart, cutting, vitriolic remarks to babbling incoherence. Really incongruous, and is obviously there to a) serve the plot and b) ensure Streep gets nominations for her performance.

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I really liked what I played, but the difficulty spikes around the boss battles were just a bit much for me. I think I stopped playing around the faerie town with the giant faerie mother?

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I mean. maybe but it's not like the numbers have any more impact on me than someone's enthused descriptions and excited language do. Getting rid of the rating wouldn't change anything, because reviewers would still like stuff. If you disregard the entire review, look at some number and then make your expectations based on that you're dumb

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People who like Code Geass, can I just ask when it gets good? 4 episodes in and nothing happening is interesting or entertaining to me. Just wondering if I should bother to keep going. Like, does it have a Gurren/Kill la Kill moment of "this is a whole new, way better show"?

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I'd leave a friendly note in each mailbox politely requesting whoever is smoking to crack a window, for the reasons you just mentioned. Chances are the smokers aren't dicks, they just don't realise that the smell makes it so far into other apartments. Hell, you could even be more specific and just leave notes in the apartments above/below/next to yours. That doesn't work, just get your landlord to do something building-wide, like a notice or something.

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I agree, the wrestling discussions are a bit too frequent on the podcast and I wish they'd cut down on it. Brad doesn't squash it anywhere near fast enough, he jokes about it but then does nothing. Dan needs to stop comparing everything to fucking wrestling.

It's especially annoying because the Powerbombcast exists. There is already an avenue to talk about wrestling!

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It's unbelievable it's as consistent as it is. There are some weak episodes, but every one is filled with a lot of laughs, a lot of memorable quotes and I don't think I've disliked a single episode.

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People arguing about whether or not it's done with purpose or whether or not it's adding anything to the experience are sort of missing the point. Say, for example, in the next AAA game there's a rape scene that has no bearing on the plot and is never mentioned again. That would be completely unnecessary and gross, and the ratings board people should mention that and thinkpieces should be published, informing the consumer that "Hey, this is super fucking gross, maybe avoid it?" What the ratings board should not do is then not allow legal adults to make that decision by themselves. This is obviously a ridiculous example, but the point stands.

And besides, the scene doesn't even feel like it is gleefully pointless. Hotline Miami is incredibly gruesome, and the dirty aesthetic and pounding, gritty soundtrack are designed to both get you super hyped and uncomfortable at the same time about the excessive violence on screen. No ones played the game yet, but this seems to fit that goal. It's also worth mentioning that the rape in the game isn't even real, it's a film set (of a film designed to evoke pulpy, grindhouse cinema where rape scenes are just part of the genre.)

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@liquiddragon: Yeah Redline's kick-ass! Mother fucker skims his car on a lake like a stone!

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Hey, maybe be a bit more gracious when asking people for advice? People are just trying to help, no need to be shitty about it.

As for mature anime, not sure. You mentioned specifically you don't like supernatural elements, so why not a sports anime? Hajime no Ippo is generally considered one of the best. It has a tendency to go for some silly, broad jokes, but nothing about it seemed particularly immature. I guess.