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Moon. Moon. Everyone needs to watch Moon. Maybe 12 Monkeys? Might not be dark enough though

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Best Friends Play is the only gaming related channel I watch.

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I'm from Scotland, but I moved around a lot as a kid so I got to visit countries near where I lived


-Ireland (North and South)














-New Zealand



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I was foolish enough to be convinced by Brink's marketing

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Dijon mustard with visible seeds on a roast beef sandwich and some black pepper is the best sandwich in terms of effort to taste ratio, so dijon mustard

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I was just wondering if anyone else has had any issues with their computer fans when watching GB videos? I don't have a great PC, but videos on the site make my computer fan run louder than it does at any other time, even playing games. It's ridiculously loud, to the point where I'm scared my computer might overheat but then I pause the video and it's suddenly silent again. So, anyone else noticed this or is this problem specific to my computer?

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I listen to mostly older music. Not because I necessarily dislike modern music, it's just that the genres of music I like (blues, folk, soul, 60's rock) aren't being made too much anymore.

I've found some success in neofolk music, such as Barren Harvest, but if anyone has any other suggestions for other folk artists I'd appreciate it!

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Binary Domain is way better than it should be

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What does it matter? The guy asked for 10 dollars, people found it funny. Just because the people who found it funny gave money to a dumb joke, doesn't mean they were going to give money to cancer research, or a new video game or some amazing new technology.

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Room 237

This is a documentary which features interviews from a bunch of cinephiles who have watched Stanley Kubrick's The Shining hundreds of times and have developed some crazy theories. One guy thinks it's an allegory for WWII and the dangers of not learning from history, someone thinks it's a metaphor for the slaughter of Native Americans when the British first colonised, one guy thinks it's evidence that Kubrick faked the Apollo 11 moon landing, etc. I saw this right after watching The Shining for the first time (5/5 - Kubrick's directing and Nicholson's acting overcome any problems I may have with it) and the arguments are interesting if not convincing. I more took the film as a commentary on film analysis rather than actual arguments, but every now and again a piece of evidence is pointed out that makes you go "huh, why else would it be like that?" The biggest problem is the way it's directed; none of the interviewees are shown, it's all voiceover with shots of The Shining and (weirdly) other Kubrick films. Makes it kind of confusing to keep track of. 3/5.