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I like them as long as they do something different. GotG and CA2 in particular stand out for being superhero movies under the trappings of other more interesting genres (space opera and conspiracy thriller respectively). In contrast, Iron Man 2 and 3 are nothing but average superhero movies, ones that feel like Marvel was playing it safe. Same with Edward Norton's Hulk, Thor, Green Lantern, Amazing Spider-Man, Man of Steel etc. I think the fact that I need to find something else to latch on to is evidence of me being kind of sick of them at this point, but the last two Marvel movies I really liked so... I guess I'm conflicted.

On the other hand, in terms of what superhero movies have done to the blockbuster film industry, I can without reservation say that I fucking hate them.

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On YouTube, because the video player has never worked for me in any way that is conducive to my enjoyment.

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Does the game seem like it would be enjoyable to someone who has barely played any fighting games? I love the art style and characters, and would really love to play the story mode but is there enough there for someone like me?

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I went on to the podcast app and looked for the highest rated podcast that wasn't connected to a website (IGN or PC Gamer or whatever). I realised a few months later that they actually did have a website, but it seemed much more personality driven than the other more news focused sites I was trying to avoid. That was back in 2012, and I've been here ever since. I can actually remember the very first podcast episode I heard; it was the one when Dave was a guest and they talked about Vinny's bug-out bag and earthquake preparedness. The mix of humour, games talk and off-topic discussion was exactly what I was looking for. Still listen to that specific episode every now and again for nostalgia's sake.

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I have never been so erect. HR is one of those games that the further I've gotten away from it, I'm consistently surprised by how much I think about it. Definitely one of my top 10 games of all time.

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Then I am no longer interested

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I struggled with this guy for days, and I found my big problem was that I wasn't aggressive enough. Short sidesteps to avoid attacks should almost always be followed up with a couple swings with your weapon. The visceral attack is super important, but relying on it solely results in getting baited into his one hit kill attacks. If you're close enough to its front, a lot of attacks go right over your head. Also, learn to identify the attacks: the easiest one to parry is when it raises its right hand to do a single swipe so that's when you parry. When it raises its left, it's about to do the one hit kill. When it rises up on its hind legs, dodge right behind it and get a few hits in. I also recommend wearing full Gascoigne armor as it has the highest poison resist. My final tip might not be applicable to everyone, but when I get bosses down to their last slivers of health I get anxious and fuck it up, so I always keep some molotovs on my quick select to finish them off. Your quick select bar should only have antidotes and molotovs so you don't get confused.

Finally, just relax. Like all Souls bosses it's sometimes best to take a break and achieve something else in game, or try it again in the morning. And don't do what I did and try some gimmicky ways to beat it like blood cocktails or cheesing it with the pillars - not only is it ineffective and slow, it also won't help you to get good at the game.

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I apologise since this is partly off topic, but holy shit the enemy dwarf heroes in the first wing are so terribly cringeworthy to listen to as someone who is actually from Scotland. It was bad enough opening up the fucking game to hear the innkeeper say "Lewk hoo it iz", now I gotta listen to these shitty fucking accents during every turn. It's so awful! Damn you Tolkien for making all dwarves in every generic fantasy franchise Scottish.

I'm sorry, I had to get that off my chest.

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I've never heard of an immortal like Dan being affected by namby pamby appendicitis, but get well soon! Knowing him, he'll be back in time for the Bombcast with a jovial attitude and a stunning tirade at the pointlessness of the appendix.