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@nightriff: I wouldn't say it's fucking garbage, but every side story is so hokey and poorly done. Everything except for Frank Underwood and his shenanigans in the White House is fucking garbage, is what I'm saying. Jesus Christ the cyberterrorist is so bad

As for an HBO series, something about a struggling blues singer in segregated America, and how he deals with suddenly being popular with a white crowd, would be something I (but I feel like no one else) would love to see.

Or a dark sci-fi series. I feel like there hasn't been a good sci-fi show since Firefly which is upsetting.

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@legion_: I can see where you're coming from. Maybe it's just because I think Marley and Me is completely deserving of middling praise

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I'm just gonna join in with a bunch of people before, and say Grave of the Fireflies. Oh, and Iron Giant. And American Splendor for some reason, hit home in a lot of ways.

Also, critics aren't "pretentious" for not liking Marley and Me. I'm glad you liked it, but come on.

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All of the big "discussion piece" games you mention came out in the second half of the year. Just be patient, E3 should bring out some stuff to be excited for!

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I don't get the whole "you're meant to look out for your family and love them unconditionally" thing. If you don't like people, you don't make an effort to hang out with them and stuff. I place more importance in my friends, and people who I choose to spend time with over people I was thrown together with through no choice of my own. People who claim people that don't get along with their family are douches or are in some way assholes clearly come from a family made up of people who all get along. And that's perfectly fine, but don't be dicks to people who don't come from families like that.

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Two Best Friends are the shit. Really funny, not irritating, high quality stuff which they genuinely care about. It also doesn't hurt that they're very knowledgeable about old games. I think they're best series are their Silent Hill Downpour and Homecoming LPs, because it's great hearing Pat articulate why they're terrible and what makes the old ones great. Their LPs of the David Cage games (Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls) are also great because they point out exactly why I hate them.

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Ratchet and Clank 3. It's probably because it came out when I was the age I could enjoy it, but everything about that game is great. It controls like a dream, Insomniac finally perfected their carrot-on-a-stick weapon upgrade system, the characters are enjoyable, it's funny and the gameplay is varied start to finish.

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Not as much as I hate my parents!

Hahahaha oh god I have issues

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I rarely play games with my friends, but whenever we decide to play a new game I'm always disappointed that the majority of modern games don't have local play.

It also paints a bad future for preserving video games - while I love to break out old consoles when my friends and I are in the mood for retro gaming, once online services stop being supported a lot of games will be worthless in the future.