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Mine has to be Skyrim. Big ass world with nothing fun to do, cookie cutter caves all over the goddamn place, incredibly unsatisfying combat and the worst way to portray story in any game in recent history. I like the Fallout series slightly better, but retro-future is a way cooler aesthetic than the most stereotypical, generic fantasy setting. It's weird, because I played like 70 hours of that game, and I don't remember any of it fondly save for a few funny bugs. Also, that glow in the dark dwarf cave area (which the game then makes you spend way too much time in).

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I really like the new cards, and it coming out at the same time I got a touch screen laptop has turned it into a complete time vampire. Got about 50 packs, which is kind of too many to organically introduce to my decks, and I don't know what to craft to make new decks. Probably wait until the meta calms down and then try something. I really want to avoid netdecking with this new stuff, because that's what sucked all my enjoyment out of pre-GvG HS.

Really want to make a pure-mech deck, but I'm not sure which hero to choose. Maybe rogue, since I really like the iron sensei

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Oh, you mean companies aren't going to put effort into content that shouldn't exist in the first place and will only be played by a fraction of half of their possible audience? Weird...

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I hope that the winner of Hottest Mess is Ubisoft. Nothing particular, just Ubisoft. It's such a weird company because they're capable of some really cool stuff (every Ubi-Art game this year for example), but they're also becoming what people used to make fun of EA for. It's gotten to the point where the only two gaming podcasts I listen to (SBF Cast and the Bombcast) have basically a weekly segment where they talk about how terrible they are.

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RIP in peace, Baer, your influence on games has been huge.

Industry vets passing away is kind of evidence of how old video games are now. This kind of stuff is commonplace in the music and movie industry, but it's only in recent years that video games are losing the pioneers of its early years. Doesn't really mean much, I guess. Just interesting.

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I'd say it was a decent keynote. Disappointed about the small number of reveals outside of ports, but all the showings were reasonably exciting.

Fuck Fat Princess though. I don't even like God of War, but when you come out on stage in a fucking GoW shirt, talk about a beloved Sony IP and then show Fat fucking Princess you deserve shit.

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I actually liked all of the satire Into Darkness did about post 9/11 America. I guess not being American might have something to do with it, but I liked the alternative view it offered instead of the "What a tragedy, rally together America fuck the terrorists" angle that most games, books, TV shows and movies have.

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Everything about the objectification in Bayonetta has been discussed to death, even by the Bombcast back when Bayonetta 1 came out, and the very fact that no one has brought it up means that no one on the crew found it troubling or distracting. If there's nothing to add to the conversation, it should be left alone. Also, someone who admits they haven't bought or played the game, or watched a lot of gameplay has nothing to add to the conversation either. You don't get to decide what the crew discusses

I love Patrick, but do you really think if he found something troubling about the objectification of a female character he wouldn't talk about it?

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Hey, you guys want to see something real gross? This video is not for the faint of heart

I swear to God I occasionally regret subscribing to Dan's YouTube channel. It's also nice to see that the whole Ryckert extended clan finds this shit as funny as he does.

And man, he wasn't kidding when he said on the podcast he's a real loud puker

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So with one of the most successful gaming Kickstarter campaigns ever, Double Fine has to split the game in half and use the profits from the first half to fund the second and then they can't even get that out in time. Oh, and they also had another Kickstartedgame while the first was being made. Oh, and Spacebase DF-9 in Early Access bombed so hard they've decided to give up all future development on it, fucking over everyone who bought into it.

When Broken Age is finally finished, it will be over 2 years later than they promised. If Tim Schafer wasn't such a lovable guy, Double Fine would have NO supporters by now. Any other company and people wouldn't stand for this.