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Finding it really hard to care about Telltale after the shit show that was Walking Dead Season 2. Hope this is better though!

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More Jason everywhere, forever.

Let's just strap a Go Pro to his head and livestream his whole life.

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I have honestly no idea. There is no developer who I equal parts love and am irritated by like the Pokemon team.

It might just be that it's such a huge team that not all ideas get shared between teams (would certainly make sense for a remake as opposed to a full fledged title).

What's more likely (and more insidious) is that the Pokemon team knows that all of their games are really similar, so as a way of faking innovation they remove features and replace them. It makes the differences between the games much more obvious, and is less work than consistently advancing the franchise.

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I know it's selfish and petty, but I hope this doesn't mean that Insomniac will become an Xbox only brand. Ratchet and Clank remains my favorite game series of all time, and I need me some Insomniac games. Just don't know if I love them enough to buy a whole other console.

Glad it's doing well for them though

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Wow, they look like absolute garbage.

The prototype defense doesn't work either, because the "prototypes" were what was on fucking Amazon. Glad I didn't buy any of those.

I don't even have a Wii U, I just thought about collecting them

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I am hyped for all 3, but in order I'm probably most excited for Persona, then Bloodborne and then FFXV.

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It's not the future until I can order perfectly cylindrical bottles of Pepsi through pneumatic tubes connected to my table.

Also, holy shit. I saw the video and it looks like it actually works

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Currently playing Middle-Earth: SoM. I only stopped playing today because my controller ran out of battery, so... guess I'm enjoying it! It's a really, really neat game and I'm having a good time with it.

Feels good to be playing a game, to be honest. I haven't been in a position financially to buy games recently (last one I bought was Watch Dogs in May, which was... ugh) so I kind of just play Hearthstone which I can't put down regardless of how garbage the meta has become. Sort of soul destroying to play a game you're getting bored of because it's just sitting right there on your desktop. So yeah, feels great to sit down, put a disk in my PS4, sit down and play a goddamn new game and have fun doing it. It's been way too long.

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Thank you! I feel like this is a conversation that people are too busy to have when discussing GamerGate: why do ethics in game journalism matter? At all?

The people championing this shit act like they're uncovering some huge plot or making a big difference. It's not like EA and Kotaku are teaming up to poison the oceans or something. The worst case scenario for this stuff is someone buys a game they end up disliking based on a stranger's lie. And it's kind of "boo hoo", you know? So what?

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I recently had some real problems with this guy called Ugakuga Rabble Rowser. He was this bodybuilder, shirtless guy and was just a real asshole. I killed him once with a drain or something, so he had these glowing bright blue eyes and blue veins and pale skin. Which he never shut up about. The issue was that every time I fought him, I wouldn't be careful and Ugakuga would always have something else going on, whether it was another captain walking around or a pack of Caragors. So I died about 4 times, and none of it was because of him, it was all the ancillary bullshit. So I took him basically from power level 6 to 15, and he just got tougher and tougher every time to the point where he was invulnerable to nearly everything.

But when I finally cut off that guy's head... talk about satisfying.