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Pre Warning

Before you start reading I would like to tell you that I am not the best writer and that this is only the second blog I've wrote so feel free to criticize and give me advice on how to better my writing.

This would be much appreciated thank you


Hi I’m shotgunblast97 and in my blog today I am going to Discuss my opinion on the use of co-op in gaming and also things such as the games I’m playing, my most anticipated games and the books I’m reading . So let get onto the main part of this blog.

Co-op In gaming

Do you remember the first game that you played on split-screen ? I do it was streets of rage 2 which by the time I played it, it had been Released about 9 years ago but even with the game being quite old and a generation behind I still loved every minute of it. The reason for this was because of the use of co-op, which was a concept that I had not experienced yet and when I did, I found I enjoyed the game so much more than I had when I played it in single player, this game started my love of Co-op In gaming and so today I am going to write about 3 games that I think have got Co-op right.( I am keeping it to games released this generation. So that I can limit my choices and also show that there is still games doing good Co-op)


I think that borderlands is one of the few games that really understood how important co-op was for the players enjoyment of the game, this is because its characters classes seemed to work very well together and it gave the players a whole world that they could explore together. It also is one of the games that included split-screen, which unlike a lot games actually works. Also who doesn't love the idea of going all mad max with one of their friends. This game made me forget of some of the problems in the game just because of the Co-op

Gears of War 2

Gears of war 2 was one of the games that I have spent the more time online than any other but this wasn't because of the Competitive multiplayer but because of the Co-op modes, Most people will know the reason for this and that reason is horde mode this simple but addicting premise of fighting wave after wave of locust kept me playing this game for almost three years, It also made gears of war 2 the first game that I ever bought Map-packs for. The game also had a split screen mode and would allow you to play the whole campaign with a buddy all these features made me play this game far longer than I would have without it and also was the only reason why I kept paying for Xbox live.

Splinter cell Conviction

I don't thing people talk enough about how well this game done co-op since along with the multiplayer modes such as hunter and last stand it also had a complete co-op campaign which acted as a prologue to main game, which was such a cool idea and i hope that the sequel blacklist does something similar ( Even though so far Blacklist looks like it may be straying even further from its roots).

On a side note do you remember how cool conviction looked in 2007, I still kinda wish we got that game.

Closing thoughts on co-op

Even though there is many other game with good co-op I think that these 3 games show how good a modern game can included co-op if you disagree with this list please mention it in the comment section as I would like to hear what game you would included in your own list.

Also this is kinda unrelated but does anyone know how to get Neverwinter nights 1 (Diamond Edition working on windows 7 mine goes to the splash screen and then nothing happens after that. So if anyone could give me help that would be much appreciated.

Whats In the Disk tray

In this segment i am going to discuss what games I am playing and give you me first impression of them.

Red Dead Redemption

Yes I know it has being out a long time but I am just getting round to it. I am half way through the game and I'm already regretting not playing it sooner its graphic, immersion and game play are all excellent. I think rockstar have nailed the western setting, which is something i don't think has been done before or at least this good

The Witcher 2

So far I am only 3 hours into the game and it I am loving it. I thought the cinematic introduction was beautifully done and made me excited for the game. Also the prologue chapter was very well done and got me very interested into the characters I've also really enjoyed the technique of putting a timer on my making of a decision and also how the choices I make seem to affect how a event plays out.


Originally I wrote A segment on the books I am reading I will maybe later on edit this blog and put it back in. So hope you enjoyed this article and please leave any Criticisms or thoughts on the comment section as I would be interested to read them


My First Blog

Hello my name is Shotgunblast97, well its not my real name because that would be Awkward. So as the title says this is my first blog and In this blog i want to talk about the games i'm playing

The Games I'm playing

I think everyone has these type of games that at first you absolutely hate and then after a while you play the game and something just clicks and you see how good a game it is this has happened twice this month, The first game this happened with is Company of heroes when I first played the game I hated how you had to capture point to get things like resource, but after a while I seen why they did this because It means that the game always fells exciting and I also love how it isn't huge squads and it least for me that make it a lot more personal and intimate than In a game such as Supreme commander.

The other game this happened with is Europe Universailes 3 when I first played this game I was so disappointed with it and I got bored so fast but after a couple of months of not playing it, I put the game in and I just saw how good the game is I now have a better understanding of the game and enjoy the game depth instead of fearing it but I'm still not figured everything out and every time I play I learn something new.

I find it funny that while everyone I talked to was talking about Black ops 2, I was playing Cod 2. The reason I bought Cod 2 was because I had never played it before and I wanted to see what it was like and compare to the other Call of duty's. I soon realized that even though there has been so many sequel the core mechanics of the game have not really changed. Except since this is the first time I have played a Cod game on the PC It felt more fluid than it usually does.

The End

So this is the end to my first blog I hope you enjoyed and If you didn't tell my why because I am open to criticism. I plan on Writing more blogs and hoping to write one a week. Also tell me what game you have being playing this week.