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So a while ago I bought the fallout Collection ( 1 Disk version off Amazon) and reccently tried playing Fallout Tatics but when I try to, the computer says "Please insert a fallout Tatics cd" even if I have my Fallout Cd in the disk drive. So I would be grateful if anyone could give me help to get this game working.

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@jacdg: that looks like an Interesting game do you know if it will be full retail or a Downloadable one.

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@irvandus: I think the new X-Com looks quite good it seems that its retaining some of the strategy of the X-com games while also being a third person shooter. also any game set in the 60s makes me want to buy it.

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So what games do you thing has not had a lot of hype around it but you are excited for. For me it would have to be murdered soul suspect which if I had to describe, I would say it was a mix between La Noire and ghost tricks.

So what would be your choices ?.

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Can you recommend me a game where moral choices play a big part in the game and where things such as story,characters and environment play a big role compared to combat. So Far I am thinking that I have no mouth and I must scream would be a good game for me to play as it seems to have what am looking for and Its based on a Harlen elision Book. So if anyone could give me a recommendation that would be appreciated.

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@Darji Have you ever watched Paranoia agent.

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@Darji that sound like a really intresting show.

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So recently I've started watching death note (Which is the first anime I've watched) and I'm wondering what other shows to try, I'm looking for anime that are quite dark simmilar to the death note so maybe something with a sort of horror aspect to it. Also would anyone recommend I watch the show darker than black I've you have watched it.

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So can you reccomend a game where you play multiple charcters that all have a connected story or is one that is set during a similar time frame with different characters.