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[Oh shit we're hanging out. I'm grabbing a good seat and will edit my question later.]

So I haven't really been following this gamer gate stuff. How much of this is just the internet being the internet? Has it spread out to real life behavior? I know the Feminist Frequency woman canceled a talk because she didn't think there was enough security for death threats she was receiving on twitter. I don't want anyone to be murder so I agree with how seriously she took it, but so far I only see it as some internet bullshit.

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I don't remember microsoft points ever 'making more sense' than they do now. It's always been that they were a stupid obfuscating way to psychology trick people

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I don't care if I never heard of the first Rugby Challenge, I need to know if the sequel is worth my purchasing dollars.

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The Zynga link and the XNA link are the same

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I would like to enter. batman batman batman 

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Like many of you, I'm trying this game out now that it's free to play. I was just wondering if there was any sort of GiantBomb group/guild thing already, and if there isn't one would you guys be interesting in starting one?

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I would like to enter

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Vincent 468

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I've been starting my matches with "glhbatman". most people have been "thanks!" or "heh", but one douchebag just responded with "is that supposed to be funny?"