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It's a weak and deeply flawed movie. If it was not for the controversy it would of been forgotten by the end of the year. Glad I watched it, and bought a copy but it's not an enjoyable enough production to revisit or quote with friends. The polygon title…"The Interview is the most disappointing movie of 2014" is nothing more than a click-bate title. It was never meant to be high art, it's just a dumb comedy and I'll defend that any day.

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#TeamBoneless. Wait what was the question?

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I came and went with max and Adam. The others were fine but they had no energy. They needed to bounce their thoughts off others. Yet over time they ran out of people and started to talk to non gamers with ideas like the coffee talks. It was fine in concept, but I can't hold interest for discussions for those not familiar with the topics and hand. It's rough out there and I hope the best for all of them.

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The curator feature is only interesting when a couple of people that I follow are all jumping onboard a single title that may be slightly out of my radar. It's more about volume than anything. As such I would find the curator feature more interesting if it would be made for each member of the GB crew. They all have unique tastes and have earned a respectable knowledge in their genre of choice over the years. If 2-3 guys from GB say "Check this out" I'll hop onboard ASAP. But if the game simply gets a GB sticker of approval it does not sell me. I don't know who played it, it's vague, inarticulate and it's usage and lacks any personality that would drive me to check it out.

If Rorie would recommend a couple of classic PC RPG's I'd jump in simply because I know his taste and I'd like to learn more about which games are worth my time. If Drew would recommend a space sim or racing game I'd be eager to throw my money at his suggestions. At the end GB is a personality driven site and as the current curator page lacks any I don't bother checking it out.

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I love clock tower. Game center cx does an awesome play though, if you can find it online. Or just buy the DVD's the whole show is great.

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No love for Second Son? The neon lighting, the particle/smoke effects it was a joy to watch. Gameplay certainly lacked diversity but the rapid traversal systems encouraged me to explore every corner of the map and give it a bit of flair with the spray paint mini game.

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Does anyone want to play some multi-player games on Sat? I was thinking about some Borderlands: The pre sequel, CS:Go,Payday 2, or whatever tickles your fancy. Message me on GB or add me on steam: My id is "Massive_Backlog"

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Circus peanuts. *Mic drop*

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The whole time I'm thinking, "this is crazy, this is crazy". Yet, at the end, my thoughts were..."Hmm I kinda wanna try that."

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I'd like to see Rorie go back and show off some older PC titles. Things that you can get on GOG that may have influenced the big games of today. Every once in a while a vintage PC game may pop up in UPF but I'd like to take a deeper look into the best PC games of yesteryear.