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I've been using steam for a little over 2 years. I'm at 283. Traded lots of my physical games to gamestop for PC versions, humble bundles and my family only gives amazon cards or steam cards for any celebratory event.

Personally I hate physical goods. I don't want a collectors box or shirt, or poster. I want the game nothing more. I've spent years living a pretty minimum life-style. Most of my books, all my movies and the vast majority of games exist solely in digital form.

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just reporting doom and gloom on the console without any real basis

  • Nintendo just reported a loss of $456 million.
  • Their projected world wide sales were $9 they only hit $5.6
  • Projected sales of the WiiU were 9 million and they hit less than a third of that goal.
  • Nintendo is trying new sales models including free-to-play & season passes.

There is a real basis for concern. Even the Nintendo investors are afraid of casual players that are being consumed by the mobile market. That's why we're seeing Mario Kart TV.

It just feels like the news media is talking about the doom & or gloom because the financial loss is a news story that will be picked up by news sites. Forbes, Business Weekly and other sites will only talk about games when there is a business story at the core. And they would do the same if business is good.

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I prefer a flippant, disinterested or bored attitude that may be evoked by what they have to sit though vs. a hollow quick look as advert. I'm more willing to explore a game that gets them excited and gets them talking then anything that may be getting praise from another site let's say IGN.

That being said if I were to criticize GB for anything? Encyclopedia bombastica updates are rare spontaneous padding and would serve the community better if they were tied with an upcoming release. Child of light is out based on the new Rayman engine let's talk about Rayman 1 and it's historical importance. Rayman was a hard game and they abonded the story from part one in all future sequels. Why is that?

Beyond the scope of individual titles it would be great to talk about a certain genre and how it evolved. Mario golf just came out let's talk about the history of golf games. What are the highs/lows, are the games better received with hyper realism or cartoon graphics? Is there a citizen kane of golf games?

Anyways, I prefer the honesty at GB and excitement at E3 will kill this discussion.

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Lots of good iOS titles in the last few days. Hearthstone, Hitman Go, Monument Valley.

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I guess it's hard to say specifically what to recommend without knowing what they want. Premium content, reviews, video editing, web-design. Quite a number of very specialized skills with moderate to little cross-over. In front of the camera I'd love to see some more diversity. Keza Macdonald would come to mind. I respect her opinion as she is good at articulating what she loves/hates about a specific title.

Is this person going solely cover games or things under the vague umbrella of tech & entertainment culture? I don't jump on board to the wresting or movie coverage as done by Alex and Rorie but I'm sure they are great. I simply have other sites that I prefer that focus and create regular content for those mediums. I go to GB for some great personalities, and Patricks also on the site. (just kidding!)

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Ok, I had to re-write this a couple of times so here is the condensed response down from nearly a full written page of text:

You'll never to able to catch up.

This is not the answer anyone wants to hear but if all video games stopped production today you'd still have a lifetime of material to wade though. Go fire up that Turbo Graphics 16, check out the classics on GOG, go buy a Dreamcast. The more games you play the more you realize your ignorance. There is no shame in ignorance but there should be shame in shameless ignorance.

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@mildmolasses: For me the reviews on GB are not that important. It seems if they are putting out reviews it's simply because a title resonated with a staff member and they want others to check it out. A discussion on the Bombcast where a handful of staff members who are experiencing the game simultaneously and can get excited about some elements of a game is loads more interesting than a star rating. I'm way more willing to throw money at a game that gets the team talking than seeing a 5/5 on the front page.

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I'm still reeling from the news, this is difficult to take in. My deepest condolences to him and the GB crew.

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Rogue legacy was just green lighted, get the demo and give it a shot, I love it.

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