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#1 Posted by shozo (49 posts) -

I have to think that Destiny was given a fair chance. During the Alpha & Beta most people were generally excited. Many, including myself, thought it to be a little odd having to return to the same areas again and again. But it was forgivable as it was a early access build.

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My feelings for Destiny parallel with Jeff. Perhaps it does not help I hit the cap on both the alpha and beta so this is my 7th time playing the same sequences. But remember these are his early impressions and may still change. Personally I'm kinda bored but willing to keep pushing forward.

#3 Posted by shozo (49 posts) -

Why I'm excited:

  • I had a good time with the alpha & beta. I capped all the classes on both of 'em.
  • The shooting is fun.
  • The environments are beautiful.
  • Speed bikes, 'nuff said.
  • Some really cool looking character models and a diverse set of creatures.
  • Awesome lighting and a sense of presence with the dinkle-bot.

Why I'm hesitant:

  • Repetitive game-play/locations.
  • All the classes feel the same.
  • Not much diversity in the weapons.
  • Skill sets seem shallow and levels just boost their strength/CD.
  • No communication to other players.
  • Alpha/Beta had a very low population
  • Another, you are the last hope of the universe story lines.
  • DLC announced very early.

No one here needs to sell you on a game, or tell you why you SHOULD be excited. You have to come up with those reasons on your own. At the end of the day we had access to a small portion of the game. I'm eager to dive in and see what this game is about.

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It's ok to take a break. I have a odd habit where I'll stop reading for a while and watch more Netflix or abandon Netflix for months on end to do nothing but play games. Entertainment like diet requires variety.

Step back for a while, go soak up the sun and don't feel bad about not playing anything. I think it's nuts to simply do nothing but consume media. I need to take a break from everything quite often and do something creative. Knock out some writing, make art or learn a new skill. Although games are a major part of my life there is lots more to me or anyone else. Use this fatigue to do something to improve your life or try something you've always been curious to learn. Don't sit in front of your monitor and wonder what's wrong, go outside and play. Once you return you'll be eager to fill in the gaps of your backlog, try out some hot new title or return try something way outside your comfort zone.

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I was deep into PSO for DC. It was the only game I played for nearly a year. I was in so deep I just wanted to break the game. I started to learn how to duplicate items, crash games and delete characters (NOL'ing). This was all done using the DC game shark. Eventually other players started to learn these hacks and used their knowledge to harm other players.

I wanted to protect the new players because I loved the game. So my time spent online killing hackers, erasing their characters, restarting their DC, or prompting a BSOD on their end. It's amazing how broken that game was, but that's a crazy unique experience that should never be recreated.

#6 Posted by shozo (49 posts) -
  • Never touched Alt+F1. I love drew but I can't stand racing.
  • Spookin' with scoops, I don't get jump-scares from movies/games so the whole thing simply breaks down to annoying over-reactions.
  • The Powerbombcast. I don't watch wresting, I'd rather watch a TV series then a never ending soap opera. But wresting has a place in my heart and I understand why people love it. I just don't want to go down that hole again.

I love UPF but it's weaker without Vinny. Metal Gear Scanlon is awesome, looking forward to more Demo Derbies & the WOW 4-part series was interesting. Maybe it's too early to say, but it seems they want to focus MORE on premium content and the stuff that has come out the last few weeks is really strong and I'm curious to see more.

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Why would any developer want to build a game exclusively for this modded system? Now if you excuse me, I'm off to play my Nvidia Shield.

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I love the series! The newest ep. (4 at the time of this writing) is 2 hours long. I'd suggest to start with Demo Derby Ep. 01. That's where they came up with the concept. Metal Gear Scanlon. The promise of more eps. of Demo Derby and UPF make it a great time to be a premium member. I have to play catch-up over the weekend with all the content.

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@exfate: they review games when they are released, often prior to release so the review can be published to coincide with release.

I think that falls more along with the role of critic. All these are very different roles that in gaming media get bundled together. You'll never see a masthead from a newspaper that says Guardians of The Galaxy 5/5. It's not news, it's lives only in the review section. It's self contained personal discussion of their (the reviewers) experience. Headlines like, "The Titanic sunk" don't change over time. A review is a personal thought of that game at that very moment, and your thoughts can change over time.

A review does not even have to be current to be relevant. A review for a game or movie a year before it hits the U.S. does not make it more relevant, just as a review from a decade ago does not make it less. A review is brief capture of the zeitgeist and it can alter.Meanwhile the Titanic still sunk.

Although a story that runs and asks what kind of impact does GOTG mean for Marvel, that would be news. Most likely written by a pundit.

I think you're spot on with the use of pundits. Maybe that's why I love GB they are a rag-tag collection of pundits with varying gaming history/genres of preference.

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