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Lots of good iOS titles in the last few days. Hearthstone, Hitman Go, Monument Valley.

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I guess it's hard to say specifically what to recommend without knowing what they want. Premium content, reviews, video editing, web-design. Quite a number of very specialized skills with moderate to little cross-over. In front of the camera I'd love to see some more diversity. Keza Macdonald would come to mind. I respect her opinion as she is good at articulating what she loves/hates about a specific title.

Is this person going solely cover games or things under the vague umbrella of tech & entertainment culture? I don't jump on board to the wresting or movie coverage as done by Alex and Rorie but I'm sure they are great. I simply have other sites that I prefer that focus and create regular content for those mediums. I go to GB for some great personalities, and Patricks also on the site. (just kidding!)

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Ok, I had to re-write this a couple of times so here is the condensed response down from nearly a full written page of text:

You'll never to able to catch up.

This is not the answer anyone wants to hear but if all video games stopped production today you'd still have a lifetime of material to wade though. Go fire up that Turbo Graphics 16, check out the classics on GOG, go buy a Dreamcast. The more games you play the more you realize your ignorance. There is no shame in ignorance but there should be shame in shameless ignorance.

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@mildmolasses: For me the reviews on GB are not that important. It seems if they are putting out reviews it's simply because a title resonated with a staff member and they want others to check it out. A discussion on the Bombcast where a handful of staff members who are experiencing the game simultaneously and can get excited about some elements of a game is loads more interesting than a star rating. I'm way more willing to throw money at a game that gets the team talking than seeing a 5/5 on the front page.

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I'm still reeling from the news, this is difficult to take in. My deepest condolences to him and the GB crew.

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Rogue legacy was just green lighted, get the demo and give it a shot, I love it.

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In regards to Nintendo, let me just leave this here...

A society that has made 'nostalgia' a marketable commodity on the cultural exchange quickly repudiates the suggestion that life in the past was in any important way better than life today.

Christopher Lasch

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Maj. Eaton: We have top men working on it now.

Indiana: Who? Maj.

Eaton: Top. Men.