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Hey guys,

I'm a new player (5 days into the game), would love for some of you to add me. I have no idea how most of this works, so forgive me in advance. ;)

Name: Shpad

FC: 3797-6804-7695

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Frame rate is still uneven (though better), there is still no surround sound, lip sync is still ... not synced. Patch sucks, stay away from this.

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@dropabombonit: Shawn McGrath has stated on NeoGAF that it will take "at least a month" to make the game Europe compatible. This is somehow connected to Sony's insane QA process. My guess is this will be the next Closure / Pinball Arcade... *sigh*

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Just when I thought I was out... they PULL me back in!

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I can't wait for this. Painkiller ruled, finally these guys make another game...

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@Red said:
" For some reason I always thought that with a last name like Gerstmann, Jeff knew a little bit of German. I guess I was wrong. "
That's really sad, you know. Irish Americans celebrate Christopher Street Day every year and many Asian Americans still practice Karate as their main religion, but German Americans? Aren't you aware of your cultural heritage, Herr Gerstmann? Achtung, mein Leben!
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The most idiotic thing about the PS3: you get the same controller as with the PS2, but the idiots at Sony FORGOT THE CABLE!! This is a scandal! But you can play BluBräu-Discs on the PS3, yay!
Now let me tell you about the XBOX360: you get every game that you get for PS3 (except for Little Big Planet), but it's running 10% faster, it's loud enough to know it's powered on and you now get an achievement for ten red rings of death. It makes a $1000-a-night-hooker blush like a nun.

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Does this all mean that Orson Scott Card is not gay?

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Also available in 2010:
Call of Duty 7: Modern Warfare 2, Part II: Serpent Isle