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The Dark Pit Rises 1

I played this game not really knowing anything about the Kid Icarus franchise other than for years it was one of the most requested sequels from Nintendo fans. There were even talks of a potential "Man Icarus" game that took the franchise into darker, mature, territory. Thankfully that did not happen - insteand we have "Kid Icarus: Uprising", a funny, exciting, and weird game that is the most original game to come from Nintendo since Pikmin.The game's story is being marketed as a battle to save ...

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Great Game, but an even Greater Story 0

 SPOILER-FREE REVIEW This is a text-based adventure game, similar to games like Phoenix Wright or Hotel Dusk. So you will be reading 75% of the time. A game like this would not work if the story and the writing weren't excellent. Thankfully, 999 has some of the best writing and the most mind-blowing story in any video game you will ever play. It seamlessly combines elements mystery, thriller, and science-fiction into one truly compelling experience from start to finish to start to finish to star...

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An Old-School RPG with a Great Storyline 0

I would not recommend Dragon Quest V if it wasn't for the game's absolutely epic and emotionally driven storyline. Bottom-line, if you want an RPG with a strong, gripping narrative, check this game out.Superficially, the story resembles a lot of other JRPGs, in that you play a male hero with the ultimate task of saving the world from destruction. But Dragon Quest V has a few twists on this narrative, in that it's not really about the hero's mission and what he needs to do, but how the world chan...

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Professor Layton is a compelling experience for puzzle lovers. 0

What surprised me the most about Professor Layton was how it managed to successfully combine two seemingly unrelated subjects: an interesting mystery story, and a collection of brainteaser puzzles. But it manages to work and not feel forced at all.Professor Layton's storyline kept me hooked from start to finish, due to its undeniable charm, easy to love characters, and a genuinely intriguing mystery. The main story took me about 10 hours to complete, but take into account that I made it a priori...

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Amazing, but not Perfect... 0

33 hours, okami is finally finished for me. I liked it a lot overall, it had it's issues but overall its an excellent title that Wii owners all need to take a look at. My favorite aspect of the game is the story and its characters, whom all are very memorable and likable. This is one of the most epic games I've played simply due to the massive scope of the world needed to be traveled, and by how lively the world is filled with so many great characters. It easily beats Twilight Princess in the O...

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A Fantastic, yet familiar, Metroid game 0

Metroid Prime 3 is very similar to the previous two entries by Retro Studios, but it feels like the final product of many adjustments and tweaks to the Metroid Prime formula. Overall, this is perhaps the most well-designed and finely polished Metroid Prime game. Once again the art direction remains in the top of it's class, with Prime 3 having some of the most fantastic alien environments the series has ever seen. You really get a sense that there is a history and culture from every stone in ev...

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