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I finished it. It was stupid. Stop making it out to be something special.
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A samurai game, sort of mix between Skyrim and Red Dead Redemption only styled after movies like Yojimbo and Seven Samurai. Just walking into towns and doing random quests with really good sword fighting gameplay could be amazing.

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I don't want to believe it, but it looks just like him...

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A Mass Effect game set outside of the Shepard story could be really cool. Unfortunately it seems like Bioware isn't the same company it was when they made their most beloved and respected games.

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I'd rather have a remake of Grim Fandango. I'm happy with Double Fine working on original ideas, like the Kickstarter adventure game.

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Thanks for posting that article, my days is going to be much better because I got to see it.

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This is one of my favourite parts of Youtube, all the weird people you can find. I remember seeing a video awhile ago where this woman bought four copies of final fantasy XIII. She had two of the standard editions for 360 and PS3 along with the special editions for both systems. Then, in the end of the video she said she wouldn't have time to play them for a few months, it was crazy.

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I watch Die Hard on Christmas Eve.

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I really hope you're trolling and if you are it's quiet well put together.

They're two completely unrelated kickstarters. The second one seems to appeal to the sort of people who probably watch vlogs on youtube, it's completely unrelated to standards in sexism.

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I don't see the necessity of it, like with 3D. It doesn't add anything to the movie and I'm fine with how they look now, but obviously I'll have to wait to see the actual finished product.