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RPGs are always better on handhelds..

Depends on the person and the game. Guy I was replying to didn't play his 3DS that much, so whether he is much of a portable gamer who wants to grind on the go is debatable. I think the average person would get a better appreciation for this games graphics, huge draw distances and long cutscenes on a Television, over a small screen.

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Because some of us already did purchase an XL and are now pissed off that we waited to do that only for a new console essentially to be announced, meaning that we just spent hundreds of dollars on something that was supposed to be new but is now being rendered in some way obsolete and won't let us play a stable of new games. That is bullshit, however you look at it. The 3DS hardware is still new, and this decision isn't just a flashier 3DS, it's a new console that will support different games. That's why the negativity. Not all of us can just drop hundreds of dollars on a whim, and I myself waited for "the right moment" to pick up an XL, which was my first 3DS. I now feel cheated, because clearly buying the XL was a very stupid decision. Had I known this was coming, I never would have, and my impulse now is to just dump the thing, which of course I'll have to do at a major loss, which sucks for me because that loss isn't worth the time I spent enjoying it. I haven't had it for more than a couple months, and haven't been able to devote a ton of time to playing it.

Where are you getting this "stable of new games" from? There's only 1 game announced so far exclusive to it, and it's a port of a Wii game that's better played on a Wii and TV.

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It could be great.... But it depends on GBSF and GBNY hiring more people. Also, Rorie should replace Vinny on the Bombcast and become more active in video content.

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Aw, I'll miss Vinny on the Bombcast most of all. I hope him and Alex will still produce hilarious content together, Quick Looks and things.

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Same issue with the Wii U browser, but if you set it to Chrome, it works okay.

Why on earth would you want to browse the internet on your Wii U?

Same reason if I wanted to browse the Internet on my tablet, except the Wii U's browser is smoother and more reliable than any tablet browser I've used.

The Wii U browser is the best way to view internet video (HTML5 in particular), such as Giant Bomb HD, on a TV. It also supports live Twitch and you can access the Giant Bomb chatroom though it. Overall, the Wii U GamePad and its browser make for the perfect couch buddy. It's more reliable than having a Tablet, that's dependent on wi-fi.

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Same issue with the Wii U browser, but if you set it to Chrome, it works okay.

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Better than all of Patrick's content combined :D

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Looks like I'm a Sony Morpheus fanboy then.

I guess. But I was really looking forward to all the weird stuff people will do with OR on PC

Wait for Microsoft's one then :P

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Looks like I'm a Sony Morpheus fanboy then.

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@shtinky: Technically, the Bombcast is the flagship of Giant Bomb. I get your frustration, but even though I couldn't watch it this weekend after I missed my chance to just download it, I knew that there'd be a good reason and it sounds like there totally was. Stuff happens. They're a small staff. Give them a break.

In Giant Bomb we trust.

What was the reason? Because according to wemiblelec90, the issue was resolved by merely shifting the audio (after a certain point, according to fodigga).