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Same issue with the Wii U browser, but if you set it to Chrome, it works okay.

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Better than all of Patrick's content combined :D

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@shtinky said:

Looks like I'm a Sony Morpheus fanboy then.

I guess. But I was really looking forward to all the weird stuff people will do with OR on PC

Wait for Microsoft's one then :P

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Looks like I'm a Sony Morpheus fanboy then.

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@shtinky: Technically, the Bombcast is the flagship of Giant Bomb. I get your frustration, but even though I couldn't watch it this weekend after I missed my chance to just download it, I knew that there'd be a good reason and it sounds like there totally was. Stuff happens. They're a small staff. Give them a break.

In Giant Bomb we trust.

What was the reason? Because according to wemiblelec90, the issue was resolved by merely shifting the audio (after a certain point, according to fodigga).

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It's now Monday. This is the flagship show, that a lot of us subscribe to the site particularly to watch. I understand there are technical difficulties that need/ will be fixed, but....

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Patrick's writing has improved. I remember reading his old stuff - during the 1UP days - where he would constantly use those em dashes in sentences, and it drove me mad.

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Hopefully this helps in attracting the 3DS crowd to consider a Wii U, and hopefully Nintendo implement a cross-buy system and perhaps start releasing HD versions of their 3DS eShop exclusives for the WiiU.

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I was shocked at your 'Giant Bomb are a bunch of X Box fanboys' comment on GameSpot... You wouldn't say that here, on Giant Bomb, I bet.