Here we go again.

Another Blog

   I've tried starting blogs on my own, on other sites, you name it and I always forget to update it etc. I just find that I don't think of it due to all the craziness of life. I gotta hand it to the people out there that blog all the time. (Or at least everyday.) That takes some commitment, which who knows maybe I'll show some of that with this one. Since a friend of mine linked me a "Quick Look" video I've been drawn to the humor of the site, and the ecstatics. (It's a damn fine site.) Plus it has all the info I could dream of in regards to games. Granted there's much more here then I'd ever need but it's still cool. 

  Gah! I'm tired...

 The quest thing is a huge pull for me. I mean I've played a crap ton of Wow (and almost every other bloody MMO out there.) So questing is defiantly my digital crack. Which isn't a bad thing. It's just instead of playing Minecraft with my friends in QA I quested all over this site during my lunch break. Again not a bad thing, I just missed the setup for the weekly grieving we do to Joel. I wonder what's in store for him this week... Another move his entire house brick by brick? Or how about lacing the walls with TNT and proclaiming there's a party at his house and once he steps in... you get the idea.

Kudos to Notch for making that game. I've had a ton of fun and I'm happy to support an Indie Dev. 

Well it's late and I need to get some proper sleep.