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@eternalvigil: You said exactly what I felt man. Thanks for writing that.

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...damn ...I'm just stunned. My condolences to his family, wife, and the Giant Bomb team.

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This is very awesome, Thanks! Looking forward to the update to "Unbeat" games. I wanna move a bunch into the blacklist because their multiplayer only etc.

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Picked up a Deluxe Wii U with ZombiU & "New" Super Mario Bros U. I also picked up a Pro controller... which I currently have no idea what to do with it.

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Damn! This is awesome! I regretted buying Uncharted in store and I wanted a digital version Now I'm getting one. :D Time to take the plunge and buy that big old 32GB memory card.

My Xbox is looking less and less appealing... too bad all my friends still play it non-stop.

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This is sick! So happy I stumbled on this.

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I hope they offer a sweet bundle for people getting both the Ps3 and PsV versions. I still have my fingers crossed for crash making the cut.

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Ah man this is painful to read about. It hurts to see people go through this sort of thing. Especially when they did such great work.

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...Damn, that's rough. I hope they pull outta this. I love KOA, and not that'll it help that much, but I'm gonna go pick up the DLC right now as a sign of good faith. :(

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Awh man! Well I guess that's ok, because I've got too many games to play right now.

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