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@gaff Thanks man, and yeah that's what I thought. It's driving me crazy because I'd like to pre order and get the bonuses but I really want to get the best version. Ah well. Might have to wait it out and miss out on that stuff.

That said anyone think the pre order stuff is worth it?

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This is great! Thanks for posting this. I've been looking for more information on the game. I just don't know what platform to get it on. :S Have you heard anything that would say one version is better than another?

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@eternalvigil: You said exactly what I felt man. Thanks for writing that.

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...damn ...I'm just stunned. My condolences to his family, wife, and the Giant Bomb team.

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This is very awesome, Thanks! Looking forward to the update to "Unbeat" games. I wanna move a bunch into the blacklist because their multiplayer only etc.

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Picked up a Deluxe Wii U with ZombiU & "New" Super Mario Bros U. I also picked up a Pro controller... which I currently have no idea what to do with it.

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Damn! This is awesome! I regretted buying Uncharted in store and I wanted a digital version Now I'm getting one. :D Time to take the plunge and buy that big old 32GB memory card.

My Xbox is looking less and less appealing... too bad all my friends still play it non-stop.

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This is sick! So happy I stumbled on this.

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I hope they offer a sweet bundle for people getting both the Ps3 and PsV versions. I still have my fingers crossed for crash making the cut.

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Ah man this is painful to read about. It hurts to see people go through this sort of thing. Especially when they did such great work.